How to Apply for Best Buy credit card ? | Benefits and its Customer Services

You must have heard about credit card and you may be using credit cards for very long. But have you ever heard of Best Buy’s credit card? If no then we are going to tell you everything about the Best Buy credit card. So let’s start about it from its meaning and types

What is best to buy a credit card and its types?

Best Buy credit card is a type of credit card which is offered by companies. These credit cards are very famous and useful because they offer a large number of services and benefits to their customers. One can use these cards at stores or online transactions or in place of other credit cards. It is named a Best Buy credit card because it gives the best buy experience for its customers.

Types of best buy credit cards

Best Buy credit cards are of two types:

  • Store only credit card

Store only credit cards can be used only and only in stores. You can shop from any store and can pay from a best buy credit card. You cannot use this card for online transactions or any other transactions. It offers great discounts and benefits at stores to its customers.

  • Visa cards

The second type is the Visa cards. This card can be used at online stores as well as any other transactions. In short, we can say that you can use a visa Best Buy credit card in place of other credit cards. It is accepted at every store and at every transaction because the Visa card is an official and accepted method of payment.

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Benefits of best buy credit cards and its customer services

Now the next thing comes what are the benefits of Best Buy credit cards? And why you have to buy this card instead of other credit cards. Read the given points to know the benefits and customer services of Best Buy credit cards:

  • It offers no-interest financing for six months over the purchase of $199 and for twelve months, it offers no-interest financing with the purchase of $399. Note that this is only for the store only best buy credit cards.
  • It gives 18 months financial on the purchase of $599 for major appliance purchases.
  • Best buy credit cards give financial for purchase of home theater over the expense of $799.
  • No interest is taken by this card if the billing amount is paid under the given time period. The grace time period is 25 days after the closing of the billing cycle.
  • Both types of credit cards give reward points which cost a total of 5% of the expense. 2% of the total purchase of reward points are given on food and grocery purchase. 1% of reward points are given at other expense.

These are the benefits and customer services of both the type of best buy credit cards to its users.

How to apply for best buy credit cards?

If you have made your mind and want to apply for a best buy credit card then there are two methods for applying. The first one is an online application and the second one is the in-store application. let’s talk briefly about both the methods.

  • Online application

Applying online for a best buy credit card is the best option because it takes almost nothing to apply online. You just have to open the official website of Best Buy cards and then sign-in by filling your information like name and email. After that, you’ll see a button to applying now. You need to click that button. Once you have clicked, you have to fill some personal information like name, age, gender, annual income, photo ID provided by the government, home address, office address, etc. Once you have filled all the information, two options will appear on the screen. You have to choose which type of best buy credit card you want. After that press on approval and it takes almost 1 second to approve. After that, your card will be delivered to the address is given by you after 7 to 14 days.

  • In-store application

To apply for the best buy credit card by in-store application method, firstly open the website of Best Buy credit card and locate the nearest store of Best Buy credit card. Visit it, then you have to do all the formalities which you have done online on application. You have to fill all the information in paper or in the forms provided by them. The only difference between the online application and the in-store application method is that the in-store application method may take more time. Because they need to confirm that the information you have provided is true or not. However, all other procedure is the same. So in the case of in-store application, it may take 20 to 25 working days.

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The meaning of Best Buy’s credit card along with the benefits and customer services are given above. Read them carefully and if you like their services then the methods of applying to Best Buy credit card are also given. You can choose the online method as well as the in-store methods according to your convenience.

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