Top 5 Best Credit Cards in India

There are varieties of credit cards available in the world. Choosing the best one is always difficult. People mostly ask their banks for credit cards. But when you are buying a credit card, then only you have to think about the best one. In the end, you will pay for it, therefore, choose a credit card according to your budget, lifestyle, etc. If you are thinking to select one credit card by yourself and finding it confusing then, you are on the right platform. We are going to tell you about the best credit cards with their customer services and how you can apply for one. Firstly, let us talk about the best credit cards with the best customer services.

Top 5 Best Credit Cards in India

We will give a vivid description of each card like their rates and benefits. The name of the cards are given below:

1. HDFC Regalia Credit Card

The minimum income required to apply for this credit card is Rs90,000 per month. The annual fee of the HDFC credit card is Rs25,000. The joining fees are also Rs25,000 but if one spends Rs40,000 within the first 90 days of the card. It is the most popular and beneficial card of HDFC. It gives a huge number of benefits to its customers. Some of its customer services are given as follow:

Customer services

  • It provides many benefits to its customers. These benefits are related to health, dining, and many rewards.
  • HDFC celebrates its anniversary every year. Therefore, if any customer spends Rs8,00,000 per year then it gives 15,000 reward points to that customer.
  • It also gives a welcome 25,00 reward points.
  • With every spend of Rs150 HDFC gives 4 reward points.
  • The values of 1reward point = Rs 0.50.
  • One can redeem these reward points to book an airline ticket or any hotel booking. Thus it also provides a travel package.
  • In case of accidental death in flight, the package covers Rs1 crore.

These are the services provided by the HDFC Regalia Credit card to its customers.

2. Indian Oil Citi Platinum Credit Card

If you use a personal vehicle on regular basis and worried about the rising cost of petrol and diesel then this credit is best for you. It will save some bucks for you. India oil Citi platinum credit card is ranked among the top 10 credit cards according to the list of 2020. It costs an annual fee of Rs1000+ GST. Joining fee is again Rs1000 but it will be completely waived off on the spending of 30,000 or more. The best part about this credit card is that the minimum income required to apply for this card is, only Rs30,000 per month. It offers turbo points to its customers and one can redeem these points when required. The more customer services of this credit card are given below:

Customer services

  • One can get up to 71% free fuel per year from this credit card.
  • If someone has booked this card before 30 September then it gives benefit Rs250 to the customers.
  • It charges annual fees of Rs1000 but if any customer spends more than Rs30,000 in membership year then he/she doesn’t have to pay the annual fees.
  • It gives 4 turbo points with the spend of every Rs150 at Indian oil stations or any partner outlets.
  • This credit card gave 2 turbo points on the spend of Rs150 at a grocery shop and 1 turbo point for normal spends of Rs150.
  • For fuel redemption 1 turbo point= Rs1
  • For other use 1 turbo point = Rs0.30
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These are the services provide by the Indian Oil Citi Platinum credit card. It charges very low as compare to others and gives a huge discount for fuel.

3. The American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card

It is also known as MRCC. If you want to collect points on every single purchase then this card is made only for you. It is one of the best credit cards available in India which gives uncountable redeemable points to its users. The annual charge of this credit card is Rs1000 + GST. The joining fees are Rs45000 + GST. But if someone spends Rs1.5 lakh or more then the joining fees are waived off for that user. It also waived off 50% of the fees on spending between Rs90,000 and Rs1,49,999. The minimum annual income required to apply for this card is divided into two sections. Rs40,000 is required for the candidates below 32 years and Rs 50,000 is required for the candidates above 32 years. These amounts are based on per month.

Customer services

  • It gives bonus points to its customers on transactions more than four times above Rs1000 per month.
  • Provide a welcome gift on spending Rs 2000 in the first 60 days.
  • It organizes gold programs of 24 Karat and 18 Karat. Provides lifestyle benefits under these programs.
  • This card gives fuel convenience at the HPCL fuel station.
  • 1 membership point on the spent of Rs50 minimum.
  • If any cardholder pays the first year annual fee then he/she will get 5000 reward points.
  • These rewards points can be redeemed in gold programs. These are divided into two parts.

The first one is the 24 Karat gold program. One can get a domestic travel e-voucher worth almost Rs11,000. Also, it gives Bluetooth speaker and statement credit worth Rs11,000 in this program.

The second program is the 18 Karat gold program. It gives amazon gift card of Rs8,000 and Tanishq gift voucher of Rs7,500 and statement credit of Rs7,500 under this program. You can get all these benefits only if you have collected enough rewards points the whole year.

4. Standard Chartered Super Value Credit Card

This card is made for those users who like to take any return gift with every spending. This credit card offers cashback and many more rewards every time you made a transaction. It even gives a cashback in fuel transactions. The annual fee of this credit card is only Rs750+ GST. But it will be waived off the minimum spend of Rs90,000 in the year. The joining fee is also Rs750.

Customer services

  • Each cardholder will get one 100% cashback on the minimum spend of Rs1500 on fuel within the first 90 days od the card.
  • It offers 5% cashback ob the minimum spend of Rs250 on all fuel stations.
  • It gives 1 credit point on the purchase of Rs150 in all other expenses.
  • It gives complimentary pass membership to all the cardholders.
  • This card offers a discount on shopping, booking, travel, dining, etc.
  • It allows us to transfer up to Rs 5 lakh from other cards at a very low-interest rate.
  • If one member of the family gets this card then any other family member (spouse, siblings, and children above 18 years) can get another credit card free of cost.

These are the services offers by Standard Charactered Super Value Titanium Credit Card to its all the customers.

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5. Amazon Pay ICIC Bank Credit card

This is the last card on our list of the top 5 best credit cards. It is specially made for those customers who often shop regularly from amazon. You can get a discount and cashback with your every purchase from amazon. It gives cashback on almost every expense apart from amazon. the best part of using this credit card is that it takes no annual charge and no joining fees. You can apply free of cost for this card and don’t have to pay the annual bill like you have to pay for other credit cards.

Customer services

  • It gives 5% cash back on every purchase from amazon prime.
  • 3% cashback for those customers who are not using amazon prime and 2% cashback on the gift card purchase from amazon.
  • It gives one percent of the relaxation from the fuel expense in fuel stations all over India.
  • It gives many reward points to its customers. 1 reward point = Rs1
  • All the reward points will be transferred to the amazon pay balance instantly.

Those were the top 5 credit cards given along with their customer services. Now the question arrives on how to apply to get these cards? Methods to apply for these cards are given below. Only online methods are given below to get these cards. If you want to apply in offline mode then you may take the advice of your bank.

How to apply for these credit cards?

There are so many methods available from which you can apply for these cards. Nowadays so many secure apps come in the market for this purpose. Some of the apps are given below, you can easily download these apps from google play store.

  • Go to the online web portal of the bank

This method is applied when you want to get any bank’s credit cards. You can go to the web portals of the different banks and you will find an option of credit card there. Click on it and follow all the instructions given on the screen. You just have to upload information with proof like your annual income, pan card, aadhar number, etc.

Every bank has its procedures. Some transfer the cards directly to your home and in some cases, you have to go to the nearest bank branch to get the card. This process may take some business days.

  • Paisa Bazar

Paisa Bazar covers almost all the important credit credits. it also allows you to compare the different credit cards and then choose the one for you. Once you have downloaded and sign up on this app you need to do the following steps:

Firstly it will ask you for your occupation mobile number and monthly income, then Pincode. Then your name, email address, and fill if you have used any credit card before or not. Select yes if you have any active loan and if you don’t have then select no, press proceed. It will ask you for information in the same way. You have to keep on filling this information. Once you are done press confirm. After a few days, the credit card will be given to your home.

So these are the two methods from which you can apply online for any credit card. You will find many apps like paisa Bazar e.g. policy Bazar, Indian Bazar, etc. you can use one according to your ease. The best credit cards are also given above to you. Read them carefully, compare them, and choose the best one with the best services for you.

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