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15 Amazing Phone Functions you had no Idea Existed

The phone has become an additional body part of the human being. In today’s era, you will find a very less percentage of people having this disability. Am I wrong? I hope not so. But the other truth is that people don’t know that it has some facts and amazing ideas. So here is presented some of those ideas:-

1. #31# “phone number”

By using this phone number you can hide your number while calling people.

2. *#06# is the code used when the phone is stolen as it shows the IMEI number when your phone gets stolen. It is found in the invoice or the original box of the phone.

3. *#43# This code is used to show the status of waiting calls.
For using this enable call waiting by *43# and for disabling it press the code #43#.

4. *3370#:- this code is used to improve communication and gsm conversation but the negative effects are that it also reduces battery life.

5. *#*#4636#*#*:- this code is very useful. It is used for statistics and a secret menu. Various details related to battery etc is known.

6. *#5005*7672#: this code is used to show the contact of the service center who is the current provider for you.

7. *#67#:- this code is used in the case when you want to check call forwarding. It is a carrier voice mail service that is transferred to another contact such as home contact or an official contact.

8. ##7594## is used for switching off the phone instantly without showing other options as in general switching off( airplane mode, restart, etc).

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9. ##7780## is used for instant factory settings

10. *2767*3855# is used for performing the re-installation of all the things. This code functions generally in android phone only

11. ##8351## is used for recording your voice of the last 20 phone calls.

12. 3001#12345#:- this code is used to get the signal information

13. *#0011# is used for a quick service menu. It helps to do research on extra services and get the other information in detail.

14. *#61# This code is used to know when the call was forwarded to the message center.

15. #0# is used for general test mode that helps to provide permission for various functions in the android phone.

Hope this idea is going to be fun for you.

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