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Top 47 Atdhe Alternatives

Atdhe is a famous website when it comes to live streaming various sports. Sports across the globe are live-streamed on Atdhe. Sports such as baseball, tennis, Moto GP, racing, US football, rugby, handball etc are live-streamed on Atdhe. As Atdhe is a website and is not provided Atdhe application people would think that it must be difficult to use, problems would occur while using it. But this is not true, Atdhe is used by people all over the world. Users have given many positive reviews about Atdhe and also said that it is really easy to use. When it comes to sources, Atdhe doesn’t have its source but does have third party sources.

Atdhe doesn’t provide direct streaming and Atdhe is not an independent streaming website. Atdhe provides links to various sports channels. Atdhe also provides links to various sports websites. Although Atdhe is easy to use, Atdhe does have so many positive reviews.

Some people do search for Atdhe alternatives. There can be various reasons to search for an Atdhe alternative. Like Atdhe not supporting their devices, facing some kind of network issues while using Atdhe, need something better than Atdhe etc.

Nowadays if we want to know something we just simply use the internet, search on google. People have done the same while searching for Atdhe alternatives. But we all know the internet, it provides correct information and fake information as well. The same thing happened while searching for Atdhe alternatives. There were hundreds of Atdhe alternatives available, some real, some fake, some worked and some didn’t.

I have tried to solve this problem of Atdhe alternatives, and have mentioned the top Atdhe alternatives below.

Top 47 Atdhe Alternatives

Top Atdhe Alternatives are:

1. Stream2Watch


Stream2Watch is known as one of the best sports websites. It allows its users to watch live sports in HD quality, for free wherever they like. There are different sports and different sports channels streamed on Stream2Watch. Sports such as cricket, tennis, badminton, football, wrestling, motorsport, golf, baseball, hockey, rugby, NBA etc are streamed on Stream2Watch. Sports channels such as Discovery, CNN, MTV are streamed on Stream2Watch.

2. Batman Stream

Batman Stream

Batman Stream is another website to view different sports online in HD quality. Users just have to create an account or download the extension to Batman Stream matches and they can watch sports without any problem. Various sports such as baseball, racing, football, rugby, tennis, basketball, volleyball are streamed live on Batman Stream. Batman Stream also provides a chat facility, through which its users can chat among themselves.

3. WizWigF

WizWig is also a different sports website, to watch live sports and various sports events in HD quality. WizWig is a famous sports website in America. WizWig live streams different sports such as football, basketball, rugby, cricket, baseball etc. Other than that WizWig also provides sports highlights, information about various sports events, sports news, live radio, TV channels etc. WizWig also offers a chat facility to its users, by which its users can chat with each other easily. WizWig has also created a WizWig app to make people use WizWig easily.

4. VIP League

VIP League can be said as one of the best alternatives for Atdhe. VIP League gives high-quality online streaming of sports, interviews, TV channels, TV shows etc. Almost all sports and sports- related programs, shows are telecasted on VIP League. The best thing about VIP League website is it has its server. Any live match can be streamed on VIP League at any time. Sports and events offered by VIP League are also updated regularly.

5. CricFree


When it comes to naming, the name CricFree makes people think that it is an application/website for cricket. Which is not the truth, no doubt CricFree is famous to live stream cricket. But it also streams various other sports, sports events, sports channels, TV channels etc. CricFree is free to use at any corner of the world. It also offers a chat facility to its users by which they can communicate with each other.

6. SportStream


Sport Streaming is an online sports streaming platform that live streams ongoing sports matches and sports events. Sports Stream doesn’t have any kind of geographical restrictions it can be used by anyone at any time all over the world. Sports Stream can be considered as one of the best websites for sports lovers. People who always want to remain updated about various sports can do the same using SportStream.

7. Live TV

Live TV is a web portal or website that provides live streaming of various sports and sport- related events. Various sports matches, sports tournaments, sports events across the world are live-streamed on Live TV. Live TV is free to use, no subscription fees or any other fees is required. People just have to create an account on Live TV to use the same. Live TV fixes its channels by third party hosts and streaming providers, but this doesn’t affect its working.

8. 12th Player

12th Player is one of the best websites for sports lovers to enjoy sports at any place. 12th Player is created by an expert team and is easy to use. 12th Player is famous for football but it live streams various other sports as well. Sports such as football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, rugby and tennis are streamed in HD quality by 12th player. One and the only problem with 12th player is that it does not provide any American Sports link. Other than that it can be said as one-stop for sports all over the world.

9. New Soccer

New Soccer is completely dedicated to football. It can be said as one-stop for all football lovers, to watch live stream football online whenever they want. Almost all football tournaments, football matches and information related to football are streamed on New Soccer. Links for various football tournaments and football channels are provided by New Soccer. It covers premier league, La Liga, Bundesliga, Seria A, Champion league, the Europe league, League 1 and Liga 1.

10. Sport P2P


As the usage of the internet is increasing day-by-day. People prefer watching TV programs on their own devices, people don’t have time to sit and watch TV in their homes. Many TV channels are providing their channel platform online. Sport P2P is one of them. Sport P2P is focused on football and considered one of the best websites to watch football online. But it also covers many other sports such as basketball, tennis, hockey, motorsports etc.

11. Fubo TV


Fubo TV is one of the top portals for internet TV servicing. Fubo TV is focused on soccer but it also streams various other sports as well. Other than sports Fubo TV is also known for streaming news and various other TV channels as well. Fubo TV is available in the form of a website which is very easy to use. The one and the only problem with Fubo TV is, it is a US- based website so it might not work in some of the other locations.

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12. goATDee

goATDee cannot be said as the best website for sports. But is said as one of the best online portals for the people of the USA. There are chances that people outside the USA don’t like goATDee, or don’t get their requirements fulfilled by goATDee. goATDee is mainly known for sports but it also features various other TV channels, news, TV programs etc. goATDee is very easy to use, is not confusing and don’t have so many options.


BossCast is known as one of the best websites to watch live sports online whenever required. BossCast streams almost all sports such as football, WWE, boxing, hockey, soccer etc. covers around 130 sports channels, that includes all the best sports channels inside it. When it comes to safety, BossCast can be counted in one of the safest websites. It has a username, password, email id to register. also provides a chat facility to chat, share images, share links etc.

14. LAOLA1

LAOLA1 is one of the best websites/platforms to watch all sports in one place. LAOLA1 covers various sports, sports tournaments, sports channels, sports highlights, sports news and many more. Sports and sports channels from all over the world are covered by LAOLA1. Sports such as hockey, basketball, baseball, cricket, boxing, badminton and many others.

15. StopStream

StopStream is a completely free website to access various sports. It is counted in one of the best websites for sports, as it covers almost all sports channels. StopStream provides a black coloured clean interface which makes users use it easily. StopStream is available for users all around the world. It also provides a chat facility by which sports lovers/users can chat and stay connected to each other. StopStream also provides a facility usually not provided by another website which is categorizing sports channels under various headings.

16. Sport Lemon

Sport Lemon is a website that offers real-time sports streaming. It offers streaming of various sports matches without downloading them, using any surveys or any other things. Sport Lemon is known as one of the top websites for the best 3D and HD effects. Sport Lemon is one of the best websites but doesn’t inform about its resources. When it comes to streaming Sport Lemon depends on various other sports websites.

17. Feed2All

Feed2All is a sports website based on WizWig live football streaming. Other than WizWig Feed2All is also in collaboration with many other sports streaming websites. Feed2All covers almost all sports, sports channels and brings a lot of live matches online for free. On the main page of Feed2All, all the live matches are mentioned that be watched just by clicking on the links.

18. Strike Out

Strike Out is one of the best websites to stream live sports online in HD quality. Strike Out is available for free, its users just have to install the adobe flash player to use it. Strike Out can be on all platforms such as PC, laptop, tablet, android, iOS devices etc. Sports programs such as College Football Stream, Premier League Stream, MLB Stream and many more. Strike Out is also known as one of the best platforms to watch competitive physical activities, games and improve them.

19. MaMa HD

MaMa HD is said as one of the best websites to enjoy live sports streaming all over the world. It can be used on PC and various other mobile devices. Various sports events, sports matches, sports highlights, sports schedules can be viewed on MaMa HD. Almost all sports channels and various sports are covered by MaMa HD. Sports such as football, hockey, MotoGP, soccer, boxing, cricket etc are covered by MaMa HD.

20. Fox Sports GO

Fox Sports GO

Fox Sports GO is a sports website that offers free and subscription-based services as well. Fox Sports GO is a channel streaming service of Fox Sports but doesn’t work completely under Fox Sports. Fox Sports GO is available on an international level and can be used by anyone all over the world. Various sports events and sports channels covered by Fox Sports GO are NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, UFC etc.

21. VIP Box TV

VIP Box TV is the fastest growing website in the sports categorised websites. There are various sports and sports channels covered by VIP Box TV. Sports such as football, baseball, cricket, ice hockey, basketball etc are covered by VIP Box TV. VIP Box TV offers more than 33 sports categories. It also offers various other facilities such as admin tool section, adjustable video quality, watching two channels at the same time, chat section and many more.

22. is a website known for offering a great amount of live stream to its users. It covers almost all sports channels. Various channels can be searched on and live matches on the same can be easily watched. Users can watch any sports matches, sports events, sports programs just by clicking on the links and without downloading anything.

23. is a website/platform offering the service to watch live sports streaming online. doesn’t ask for any kind of subscription fees and provides free access to dozens of sports. Sports such as football, basketball, baseball, tennis etc are streamed. Sports channels such as ABC, ESPN, ESPN America, Eurosport etc are streamed on is available on various smart devices such as smartphones, smart TV, PCs etc.

24. My p2p

My P2P

My p2p is a live streaming free website for sports. By which all kinds of sports can be watched online wherever required. My p2p is easy to use and can be accessed easily by everyone for free. Sports such as tennis, football, soccer, basketball, baseball, boxing, MotoGP etc. are streamed on My p2p. My p2p guide also provides a chat facility to its users, by which they can chat with each other and stay connected.

25. Redstream Sport

Redstream Sport is a service that offers various sports events, sports programs, TV channels, matches live. Redstream Sport provides streaming links from other sport streaming websites. As Redstream Sport provides a link from various websites, it provides various links for each event. Users can use whichever link support on their device and whichever link they are comfortable with. Redstream is known to provide the best sports content, real streaming all over the internet.

26. Stream Commando

Stream Commando is free to use, a platform for watching sports online. Stream Commando is free to use but comes with various ads, but that can be stopped using various apps and software. Stream Commando doesn’t offer direct links but does offer links to other sports websites and TV channels. Stream Commando is focused on football and soccer. But sports such as ice hockey, basketball, golf etc can also be watched on Stream Commando.

27. First Row Sport

First Row Sports

First Row Sport is a website that provides live streaming of various sports live. First Row Sport focuses on soccer and football but it also streams various other sports as well. First Row Sport provides easy and free access to almost all sports channels. Two things required to work First Row Sport are Adobe Flash Player and Sky fire web browser. Users can see some ads while using First Row Sport, but this is not a very big problem.

28. Stream Hunter

Stream Hunter is a streaming service that live streams sports at various devices online. Stream Hunter provides sport programs, sports matches, sports news, highlights in the best quality. Sports such as boxing, soccer, cricket, football, handball etc are live-streamed on Stream Hunter. Each sports category has its channel to watch the same. Stream Hunter can be easily used, without following any registration process.

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29. Stream Woop

Stream Woop is one of the best sports websites that provide all sports TV channels online. Users can watch their favourite sports wherever and whenever required. Stream Woop provides various sports links, some of which are free and some are paid. Stream Woop also provides many other services such as live score, highlights, news, streams and much more.

30. Sony LIV

Sony LIV is known as one of the best online platforms to watch TV channels online on various smart devices. Sony LIV is famous for watching various TV shows, news, sports, web series, movies, sports highlights and much more. Live football matches, cricket matches, ICC tournaments, world-cups, champions trophy, BBC News etc. Sony LIV is easy and free to use and can be used by anyone easily.

31. Jio TV

Jio TV

Jio TV is a platform exclusively for Jio users. It is another platform to watch various TV channels, TV shows, entertainment shows, news, sports etc online. Jio TV can be operated in various smart devices, PCs, Tablets etc. Jio users can easily use Jio TV, for free, whenever required. Almost all channels in different languages are covered by Jio TV.

32. Hotstar


Hotstar is one of the reputed online platforms. It can be used to view various TV channels, movies, web series, news, sports news, sports events, various sports matches etc. Some of the Hotstar application services are available for free and some require Hotstar subscription. Hotstar provides entertainment services in 17 different languages. Sports events such as ICC world-cup champions trophy, football world-cup matches and leagues are streamed on Hotstar.

33. Live Football TV Streaming HD

As the name says Live Football TV Streaming HD, it is a website, especially for sports football. It provides various live football matches, football highlights, football-related news, football tournaments online. Various football leagues such as UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, English Premier League, FA club, LA Liga are streamed on Live Football TV. Live Football TV updates its content regularly and provides content in HD quality.

34. Red Stream

Red Stream is a live sports streaming website available for free. Various sports such as football, hockey, cricket, baseball, basketball etc. are covered by Red Stream. Red Stream is developed by an expert team, is easy to use and can be easily accessed by everyone. Red Stream doesn’t only streams live matches but also streams various sports highlights, sports news, sports tournaments and much more.

35. Rojadirecta

Rojadirecta is known as the world’s most prominent sports index platform. Various sports, sports events, highlights, news are streamed on Rojadirecta. When it comes to information related to sports, Rojadirecta provides every minute update. It is a real-time website for live and previous sports events as well. Rojadirecta streams in various languages so its users can use it in whichever language they want.

36. WiziWig


WiziWig is an online source for getting all sports TV channels in one place. It covers various sports-related information, live sports matches, highlights, sports tournaments schedule etc. Sports such as football, volleyball, baseball, basketball, soccer, handball, tennis, motor race, hockey, rugby and many more are covered by WiziWig. WiziWig provides several options, sports highlights for all its users.

37. Sport365

Sport365 is one of the best sports websites, as it covers all sports channels in it. All sports channels, live streaming, live matches, live sports events are available at one place. Sports such as football, cricket, baseball, basketball, hockey, WWE, MotoGP etc are covered by Sport 365. Sport 365 all offers chat facilities, to keep its users connected and communicate with each other. It is known as one of the best places for true sports lovers.

38. Offside Streams

Offside Stream is a paid platform for sports. It charges £13.97, for which it provides various TV channels, sports events, sports tournaments, highlights, news and much more. Offside Streams is available on all smart devices and can be easily accessed by anyone. Offside Stream is known for providing hundreds of sports channels, TV shows, entertainment shows etc.

39. Ronaldo 7

As the name says Ronaldo 7, is mostly focused on Ronaldo. It streams all the matches of Ranaldo. Many pictures of Ranaldo can be found on the Ranaldo 7 website. But that doesn’t mean it’s only about Ranaldo, various sports are live-streamed on the Ronaldo 7. Sports such as football, soccer, cricket, tennis, badminton and many more can be viewed live on Ronaldo 7.

40. Scores In LIVE

Scores In LIVE, as the name says one-stop for getting live scores of various sports. Nowadays sports lovers or other people, don’t have enough time to sit and watch their favourite sports for hours. People cannot keep their work aside and watch matches, tournaments etc. They just need something to give them scores, in every few minutes on their own devices, Scores In LIVE does the same.

41. From Hots

From Hots

From Hots is also a website that live streams various sports. It is known as a champion website, one of the best websites to live stream various sports. Other than live stream From Hots also provides various sports highlights, sports news, information about sports tournaments etc. Sports such as cricket, badminton, basketball, baseball, hockey etc are featured on From Hots.

42. Stream Sports

It can be easily understood by the name Stream Sports, that it is a website to stream various sports, sports channels etc. Sports such as baseball, boxing, basketball, cricket, hockey, badminton and many more. Stream Sports is easy to use and can be accessed by anyone easily.

43. Live Sport 24

Live Sport 24 is also a website that provides live score 24/7 wherever and whenever required. Various sports such as baseball, hockey, cricket, boxing, WWE, ice hockey and many more are streamed on Live Sport 24.

44. Hulu

Hulu is a free platform or a free website to watch various TV channels and entertainment shows online. Hulu can be accessed to almost all smart devices such as smart TV, mobile phones, PC, tablets and much more. Hulu website is known to watch primetime TV shows, sports videos, video clips from movies, full movies etc.

45. Channel Surfing

Channel Surfing is a website to watch TV channels, entertainment shows online. Channel Surfing is a website that is usually used by Europeans, people of France etc. But it can also be used by people from various other countries.

46. Zatto

Zatto is known as a real TV on PC and various other smart devices. Zatto is a TV when people don’t have an actual TV. All TV channels can be watched live on Zatto for free. It is very easy to use, created by an expert team and is also safe to use.

47. From Sport

From Sport is also a sports website that live streams various sports. Almost all sports are live- streamed on From Sport such as cricket, hockey, badminton, baseball, basketball, wrestling, boxing and many more. Various sports TV channels, sports news, sports highlights etc.

As mentioned earlier, Atdhe is a famous sport streaming website, Atdhe has so many positive reviews and there are so many people using Atdhe. But some people don’t like Atdhe, people face various problems while using Atdhe. Due to which they search for Atdhe alternatives, but are not able to find the correct Atdhe alternatives. Instead, find a lot of fake Atdhe alternatives, not so proper Atdhe alternatives. To solve the same issue, I have mentioned the top Atdhe alternatives above.

There were many other Atdhe alternatives also available but I have only mentioned the top Atdhe alternatives.

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