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Best SEO tools for Small Business

With the small businesses moving online find it impossible to analyse competitors, track rankings, identify technical problems and implement effective SEO marketing for small bsuiness and you want a solution to it. You might be knowing one of the most common words of digital industry Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is the key to success on the online platform. While small business owners develop an online business to expand its traffic source and to get genuine traffic to your online store or business is done by SEO tools. Though most of the small business owners find it difficult and expensive so they don’t even try to grow.

But let me tell you that there are many SEO tools that help small businesses to grow without even investing. SEO might sound you difficult but these tools have really made quite simple for growing your business online and increasing your organic ranking. These tools have really helped those also who do even have much technical knowledge. Many Seo business started for small business.  If you are also a non- technical person and thinking to expand your business online you are reading the correct article. Here are some inexpensive and easy to use SEO tools or say best online SEO software for your small business which you can implement for your digital problem.

Best SEO Tools for your Small Business

We have covered all the best tools, though there are many other tools also. These are free tools so you can grow your small business in an inexpensive way. These tools will surely help owners to make the most out of your small business.

1. Google My Business

Since 2014 google business is used to rank a business higher and let people know about the business. Every small business needs to maintain a good profile on Google My Business to not only rank your business higher online but also it provides a piece of catchy information to the customers. So it is important to maintain google business in a perfect way with listings, location on google maps, testimonial forms.

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This tool is one of the most important and free to use if you want to expand your small business online. It will help you to rank better and more viewers know about your business with google-integrated location information, google testimonials, and listings through a website.

Being the part of google and free for everyone make this tool a very important when it comes to SEO and growth of the small business.

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2. Google Search Console

This tool previously known as google webmaster tools is best to monitor click-through rates and what google thinks about your website from backend. This tool is best used tool to index your website.

The main features of this tool are to provide you with google alerts for the errors on your website it includes backlinks, crawl errors, indexing error, 404s, a record of clicks and impression associated with the website for the growth. It also helps to study keyword stats that is the rank of your keyword over the most used server (google). you can even link search

console with analytics to unlock many other features this information will help you to improve your website and performance for its users.

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3. Google Analytics

If you are planning or have a website you might be knowing about clicks, traffic, bounce rate, organic traffic, and much more analytics terms use to analyze your site. If not then also no problem this tool will help you totally. Google Analytics by Google is one of the best tools with a number of features that provide you with the exact data of how many people viewed your site? For how much time visitors send on your site? How many people revisited your site? How many people just view and get back? This platform is really amazing to know the real traffic, insights, and engagement of your site.

You can also use this tool to know your ROI so that you can leverage analytics to boost your website. This tool really needs to be installed properly on your website to complete your SEO.

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4. Moz Local

Moz is the best tool available to audit your citations and rankings on the other business directories. Although you can use its free version or its pro account which has more additional features. Pro account is suggested as you need to pay a little but it works better than the free version.

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Moz is the best tool for building links, opportunities, and tracking the backlinks available on your website. If you don’t know what a backlink is it is an indirect link on your website which helps you in domain growth that is domain authority. Moz also helps you to check domain authority and page authority.

It also provides you an additional tool “MozBar” that can be added on the chrome extension. You can easily link your browser and retrieve the important spam score and domain authority. There are many other tools provided by Moz for the small business owners.

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5. Google Keyword Planner

Choosing keywords to make your business rank higher is so important. You can’t just write whatever you want and ca go on top of google, google is really choosy while indexing your website. Google keyword planner is one of the best free tools for small businesses as it helps you choose the right keyword with the highest ranking to make your business succeed. You can find all the keyword related to your niche with its rating on google. this tool is really helpful for SEO. This tool suggests you the best keyword depending on its keyword competitiveness and search volume. What keyword you need to choose is on the basis of low competitiveness but high search volume.

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Although there are many other SEO tools also available for the same features for your business. But these are the best tools to examine most of the things you need including real- time data, latest trends, and metrics of your website. With these, you can compare your business and take steps to improve and grow over your competitors. These tools are best as there is a product of Google and Google is the main server involve for indexing your business. So, it will help you reach the result and rank of your desire on the top of Google.

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