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What are best SEO tools?

Nowadays so many people are choosing writing as a career. One can even earn a good amount from writing in free time. But some criteria must be followed during writing an article or blog. So, the first criteria are SEO. SEO stands for search optimization engine. It is an engine that is going to decide the quality of the written article. SEO only approves those articles which are well researched, plagiarism-free, grammatical mistakes free, suitable keyword density, etc. Maintaining all these things in your article can be quite difficult if you are a newcomer in writing. But this problem has a solution. You can use many SEO tools that are going to improve your writing skills.

In this article, we will tell you about different SEO tools. These tools are related to every concept like tools for keyword density, tools for plagiarism checking, etc. Let’s start with our main section now:

What are best SEO tools?

1. Tools to maintain the keyword density

Keyword plays an important role in the article. Because when the article will be published on any website, keywords are going to decide how many people will view that article. If you maintained the density of keyword then the article might come on the first page. Below are given some tools which can maintain the proper keyword density of your article and you can also find the best keywords for your articles from these tools.

  • Answer the public

Answer the public is a very important tool. It gives you all the related keywords to any topic. Answer the public comes in both paid as well as the free version. But if you are a newcomer you can use the free version.

It is very easy to use. You just need to fill the topic on which you want the best keyword. After that press on the search and answer the public will visualize all the keywords in sections. Like all the keywords will be separated based on questions, prepositions, alphabets, etc. You should go for this tool if you want the exact keyword related to your article.

  • Ahref’s Keyword generator

This tool is again a keyword searching tool. This shows all the keywords in the most simplified terms. Ahref’s keyword generator only gives the top 100 keywords related to the topic. It chooses the top 100 keywords out of 17 billion keywords for any given topic. You don’t have to do hard work to select the best tools from 17 billion. You can easily find the appropriate keywords from the given top 100 keywords.

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It also shows the keyword difficulty for the first 10 keywords. In case if you want keywords in question form then it will also show the top 50 keywords in question form related to the given topic. Also, the volume of any particular keyword as well as the updated time both are shown with the keyword. This one is the best tool for those who don’t want to waste their time in choosing the best keyword among many.

  • Also

Also, is a very interesting SEO tool. Whenever you search anything on google, you may find a section of people also ask section in the result page. In this section all the possibilities that what else people can ask apart from the given article. So Also
scrapes all the questions from people also asks section of the given topic. Therefore, when you search for the keywords for any topic, this tool with scrape all the questions of people also ask along with the keywords for the given topic.

The people also ask section is to get the idea of subheadings. You can add the asked questions as a subheading in your article. Thus, in this way, this is also a very important SEO tool for keyword optimization.

2. On-page SEO tools

This tool helps to rank the individual web page and also to collect traffic of viewers on the individual website. HTML source code and content both come under the On-page SEO tools. Top On-page SEO tools are given below:

  • Rank Math

It is an SEO tool for WordPress. Whenever you create a blog there are so many terms technical as well as non-technical which you must take care of. Rank Math helps to organize all the technical terms and it also helps to add many technical terms to your blog. It adds title, Og tags, meta tags, and meta description to both posts as well as your page. Rich snippets is a very important term and it adds structured data markup for it. It helps to redirect URLs and also find as well as fix the dead links on the site.

  • SERPSim

The structure of your article is very important like how does your article will look like on google. SERPSim is the deciding factor of the structure of your article on the goggle. You have to do nothing in this tool but only add the title of the article and URL also. After that SERPSim itself does everything to represent the best structure of your article on the google search page.

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This tool is also very helpful because in case if you have chosen the wrong title with a larger length, it will show an error. And hence, you can change the title of the article before uploading it on your website.

  • Ahrefs’ SEO toolbar

It is a firefox and chrome extension. Whenever you fill an article in it, it is going to show you the On-page report of the article. Also, it gives all the important information like meta description, meta-pages, headers, word count, etc. The specialty of this tool is that it also checks for broken lines, and trace the redirect chains and highlight nofollow link. Thus it is a very useful On-page SEO tool.

3. Google research tool

This tool is an offer by Google. It is free of cost. It also helps to monitor the website in the search result of google. It also helps to reduce technical problems. It fixes technical errors like submit sitemaps, see the structured data, and many more. It has its two own versions. Bing and index are their versions.

4. Que test

This is the most important tool to write any article. Because this tool is going to detect whether your article s plagiarised or not. It also gives the percentage of the copied portion. Along with it, it shows all the copied lines with a red underscore. So if you find your article plagiarised, you can change it.

At starting it offers 4-5 free trials but after then one has to take the subscription for this.

5. Screaming frog

It goes to your page internally and finds all the internal links of your page. It creates a list of all the internal links. It also keeps a record of all the things.

So these are some of the SEO tools which can improve the quality of your article and also of your website. Use all these tools for better results.

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