Can you tell if someone declines your Instagram message

Instagram is a great social media platform. The procedure of using Instagram is quite easy and interesting at the same time. It allows us to share videos, photos, and put stories. One can also interact with each other by sending messages. You can find two types of accounts on Instagram. The first is a public account and the second is a private account. In a public account, you can directly see the content of the users. And private accounts are meant to restrict the viewers. You need to send a request to the private account holder first. Then only you can see the content of the user. However, there is a common thing between two of the accounts. Whatever message you send to any users, it appears as a message request to him/her. It depends on the user whether he/she will accept your message on Instagram request or decline it.

How to tell if someone declines your Instagram message?

There is no direct way to see whether someone declines your message or not. Instagram doesn’t have this kind of feature. But there are some indicators for this. You can check these indicators and know whether your DM on Instagram for someone has been approved or declined.

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If you open the sent message and find seen written below the message, then your request has been approved. But in case if its been days and you haven’t received any kind of reply as well as seen on the messages then it means that the user has declined your request. This is a predicted method. One cannot say surely about this. Therefore, you can only take an idea from this method that if someone has declined your request. There is no direct possible way.

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