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Top 5 Free Carfax alternatives to Check your vehicle history

If you are looking for the used car or looking for more information about the car. There are many things that are looked at while purchasing a vehicle like accident history, years used, and much basic information about the car. Although you might be knowing that there are many online services and resources. Which allows you to check everything about the vehicle just by the registration or vehicle number. However, Carfax is the most famous web-based service providing vehicle reports to individuals and businesses.

Carfax is working for American and Canadian vehicles only. Carfax has many competitors that are providing much more information about the vehicle. If you are dealing with old used vehicles these apps are a really useful resource. But some of the apps are paid including Carfax. Let’s discuss the best Free Carfax alternatives one can use for checking on a regular basis for dealing.

While Carfax has always been the favorite in the industry, it’s not the only service provider available in the Canadian and American markets. Besides from the Carfax, here are many other excellently amazing alternatives you should try. Let’s dive deeper to check for free Carfax alternatives. Here is a list of top 5 websites that allow you to get free history reports of used vehicles.

Top 5 Free Apps and Sites like Carfax 

1. ClearVin

Carfax alternatives

It is almost similar to Carfax in providing vehicle history. This web-based service is loved just because of the detailed vehicle report. Which includes a history of theft, repair, note, ownership, insurance, and title changes. They have been tied up with government agencies to ensure that their data is reliable. So there is the surety that ClearVin provides genuine and accurate data. Being partnered with the government the company is committed to its buyer.

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2. InstaVIN

InstaVIN is one of the best vehicle base service provided for old vehicles. It allows you to check the details of the and frame a report about all the information about old cars before it is sold out to the buyer. It provides with accurate up to date report. These all provide the same feature of providing the report but the difference is that some provide an accurate report and sometimes some of the sites provide a fake report.

So beware of them. This is one of the best carfax alternatives. They provide the exact data about the car to its buyer. It’s important and their right for buyers to know about everything as they are spending money on that particular car.

3. VinAudit

Carfax alternatives

Carfax alternative, VinAudit is one of the good options you can look at. It allows its buyers and users to look up the real- time history of the used cars. This web-based server provides all the information about the vehicle before you purchase it. You can generate a complete report of the specific vehicle by entering its VIN number. You can know all the details about its sales, theft, accidents, owners, and other important details you are required to know. Other than report it also facilitates accurate resources about vehicle safety for free.

These companies ensure that their data are verified from the government agencies. This includes the National Motor Traffic Safety Information, National Insurance Crime Bureau, and other government agency. All the reports generated from these servers consist of a title, salvage, insurance, odometer, theft, impound records, and lien.

4. Driving Tests

Driving Tests is the easiest way you can check all the details about a vehicle through its VIN. It is not the same as others it also offers VIN decoder and lookup for free. All the results of this site are from the official data of the NGTSA and up to date. Most of the sites don’t show current data but this site is a perfect Carfax alternative you can choose for. This site also offers other facilities related to license too. But it is a great app for getting a vehicle report from the government’s official database.

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5. VIN

This is best because it not only provides its users with the vehicle report but it also offers vehicle specifications. It allows you to check its complete sale history, theft check, and many more facilities. This server provides a lot of facilities than other sites. Making it the best Carfax alternative. All its reports and a data are sourced from NMVTIS that means all the data collected in this site is also from government’s resources.

So, there can be no fraud. It provides all the premium features provided by other sites for free. Plus, it also provides inspection checklist to perform a self-inspection of the vehicle. You can personally check each and every aspect from the exterior, tires, brakes, steering, engine, suspension, and many more. Another feature it provides is a free license plate lookup and a long list of best-selling cars in each of its categories.


So, this was the list of top 5 best Carfax alternatives you can check without investing. These will help you buying or selling your old car and getting each and every detail about its history. These are the best apps you can check if you are a vehicle dealer. You can just directly check everything about the vehicle without asking and can easily check it out if the seller is lying to you. You just have to ask for the vehicle identification number (VIN).

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