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What does deadass mean and How to use?

Deadass is a slang used for “seriously“. Which can be also said as no kidding, for real, we are not lying to you etc.
Slang is/are something that has been added in human life from centuries. From the days of slang such as bae to SMH as local dialects and vocabularies organically evolve. With the increasing use of the internet, slang is adapting faster than ever before. Slang is often used at a dizzy place that’s impossible to keep up with.

“Deadass” is a word that originated in Brooklyn and has now become quite popular especially on Twitter. However, it was first included in the Urban Dictionary in 2003. It can also be used to describe numb feelings by sitting for too long. It can be said that a person’s butt has gone to sleep or died or someone who died and cannot be revived.


It is a term that can also be used for a person who has partied too much and no longer wants to have fun. It can also be used instead of the word ” dumbass” for a bad decision. As well as can also be used for some bad smell. It is a slang that surfaces in the New City slang late 1990-2000s.

Earlier it also included slang for a boring person in the 1960s, as a general intensifier in 1950- 60. It was also used as a word/slang for “extremely serious”. Dead means “completely” and ass is an intensifying suffix example can be said as “My broke- ass roommate.” It is a term that can also be used as a short form for expressions. It can be used for expressions such as deadass seriously and can be also grown out to completely.

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In 2016, Deadass was spread on the subreddit r/BlackPeopleTwitter. It can be used as a question, reaction and confirmation. There are various popular posts discussing it the word/term as a slang. One of them has defined the term as a “question, reaction and confirmation in NY”. The same subreddit also began satirizing a specific type of the Black New Yorker. It was done with a series of image macros featuring the term deadass, my guy and Timbs can be also said as Timberland boots. Various memes migrated from Reddit to social media more broadly giving more attention to the word/term.

“Deadass” as a term is also used by many rappers. Rappers such as Drake, 2 Chainz, Vince Staples, City Girls, Gucci Mane, Torey Lanez, T.I and many more have used it in their raps. According to an inquiry on the r/OutOfTheLoop post by someone, it is a term that is heard in various entertainment shows as well.

How to use Deadass?

As mentioned Deadass is a slang that is used to emphasise or intensify a statement that functions as the word seriously. It can also be used as slang for real. For example, deadass met Beyoncé at that concert or Dude, deadass?!. By which it can be said that the word is also an adverb.

Overuse of the word/term may get made fun of by some people in the internet culture. As a meme makes fun of some New Yorkers, featuring Yankees Hats, Timberland boots etc. Phrases like deadass straight facts my guy, all apparently associated with some self-styled hip- forward residents of the Big Apple are also made fun of.

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Few more examples:

I deadass don't know how to respond

  • I deadass don’t know how to respond to this situation.
  • I deadass purchased a Mercedes Benz.
  • I deadass want to go home.

Some more slang, terms and words related:

  • Fr (For Real)
  • Legit
  • Not Messing
  • Dead-S
  • Literally
  • Fu**ing idiot
  • No lie
  • No joke
  • Very
  • Severely
  • Extremely
  • (S) – Seriously
  • SRS – Serious
  • SRSLY – Seriously
  • Roadkill
  • Crisp
  • Critter
  • Floater
  • Stiff
  • Straight
  • Sing
  • True do
  • Rep
  • Swear
  • Down
  • Be ugly
  • On baby
  • Real talk
  • For real
  • Though
  • Be straight up
  • Fess
  • Eye-opener
  • Be real
  • Squawk
  • Keep it real
  • All over
  • Ass-poopin (AP)
  • Backwards
  • Blast
  • Breath
  • Cable
  • Can
  • Clown
  • Crack
  • Crack of down
  • Dough
  • Beat a dead horse
  • Be dead meat
  • Brain-dead
  • Cut somebody dead
  • Drop Dead Gorgeous (DDG)
  • Dead air
  • Dead cracked
  • Dead drunk
  • Deaded
  • Dead end
  • Dead log
  • Dead meat
  • Dead nuts
  • Dead presidents


The first online record of the term Deadass actually dates back to a 2003 Urban Dictionary entry. It is a slang and not a formal word or a term. Due to which it doesn’t have any formal meaning or any formal definition. As it is an informal word to the summary to touch upon the key aspects of the meaning. Usage of the same can help the users to expand their word mystery.

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