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Do Airpods work with Android?

Do you want to buy that stylish pair of white AirPods and do not want to lose your android device? If yes, then don’t worry you can easily pair the AirPods with your android device. You must be amazed after reading this but yes, AirPods and android device makes a perfect pair. Now the question arrives, do Airpods work with Android? We also have a solution to your answer. Follow the given steps to pair your AirPods with an android device:

Do Airpods work with Android?

  • Go to the setting of your android device

The very first step is to open the setting panel of the android device. Now find the connections option there and click on it. Go to devices than Bluetooth and turn it on. If the Bluetooth is already on then leave the setting panel without doing anything.

  • Open the AirPods case

The next thing you need to do is open the AirPods case and find a white button in its back. Tap that button and place the case near your android device.

  • Tap the AirPods from the connected device

Now the name of the AirPods will appear on the screen of the connected device in your android. Choose and click the AirPods from the list and you are ready to go. If the name of the AirPods doesn’t appear on the screen then you might be doing something wrong while switching on the Bluetooth of both the devices.

  • Excluded features and their backup

Airpods are specially made for IOS devices. Therefore when you connect it with android devices some features may be excluded or at the same time, it may show some fluctuation. The features that are excluded from pairing with android devices are given below:

  • Battery display of the AirPods will not appear on your android devices.
  • There will be no Siri to answer your questions.
  • You can download the assistant trigger app in your android, it will display the battery of AirPods in your device.
  • You can use google assistant by double-tapping on one of the earbuds.
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This is the correct method of connecting AirPods with android devices. The excluded features and their backups are also given above. Now pair your device and enjoy the music.

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