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Top Gnome Names for Your D&D Character

Gnomes were created as a substitute for other races that were already in existence in the Dungeons and Dragons Universe. These other races are dwarves, halflings, and elves. Their peculiarity, curiosity and a penchant for tinkering make them prominent developers. With this in mind, here are a few unique gnome names for your DnD character.

These creatures are skilled swindlers who do not hesitate to use their minute body structure and witty nature to con anyone. They are curious and impulsive and delight in the small joys of life. We have come up with names that will give insight into the identity of your game character.

D&D Character character name

D&D Gnome Names

Male Gnome names

  1. Begnym
  2. Jinzic
  3. Borwass
  4. Snaanbag
  5. Labkost
  6. Jennkig
  7. Clamdor
  8. Bitty
  9. Breana
  10. Amorette
  11. Sarug
  12. Nimin
  13. Sarug
  14. Jorhim
  15. Salmorn
  16. Vorbar
  17. Davdri
  18. Valmin
  19. Nigrim
  20. Davkas

Female Gnome names 

  1. Tayra
  2. Tawyn
  3. Rena
  4. Zanitina
  5. Lifapine
  6. Lyda
  7. Satra
  8. Lorifi
  9. Zindira
  10. Qiroe
  11. Tifaceli
  12. Folxi
  13. Grentina
  14. Heshana
  15. Tifamyn
  16. Myna
  17. Cartra
  • Gnomes have changed a lot throughout the history of Dungeons and Dragons. At times they’ve been monsters. At times they’ve been fey.
  • In general DnD has always had trouble pinning down gnomes thematically in a way that distinguishes them from halflings, but I think 5th edition may have done the best job of any prior edition.
  • Gnomes have subraces which are very disting from one another, and their traits offer some unique an interesting options.
  • The Gnome’s biggest challenge is their ability score increases. All gnomes share an Intelligence increase which predisposes them to being artificers and wizard, but generally you’ll only have one or two viable subraces for any other class.
  • Gnomes are generally a niche option that works well in specific builds, but the Gnome simply doesn’t have the right ability score increases to fill a broad range of character options.
  • A constant hum of busy activity pervades the warrens and neighborhoods where gnomes form their close-knit communities.
  • Louder sounds punctuate the hum: a crunch of grinding gears here, a minor explosion there, a yelp of surprise or triumph, and especially bursts of laughter.
  • Though gnomes love jokes of all kinds, particularly puns and pranks, they’re just as dedicated to the more serious tasks they undertake. Many gnomes are skilled engineers, alchemists, tinkers, and inventors.
  • They’re willing to make mistakes and laugh at themselves in the process of perfecting what they do, taking bold (sometimes foolhardy) risks and dreaming large.
  • Curious and impulsive, gnomes might take up adventuring as a way to see the world or for the love of exploring.
  • As lovers of gems and other fine items, some gnomes take to adventuring as a quick, if dangerous, path to wealth.
  • Regardless of what spurs them to adventure, gnomes who adopt this way of life eke as much enjoyment out of it as they do out of any other activity they undertake, sometimes to the great annoyance of their adventuring companions.
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This all gnomes creature helps you to choose the best name for your dnd gnomes character. With the selection of these gnome names male and female , you will enjoy playing the game to a great extent.

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