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How do online classes work?

No collages and schools are allowed to open until the situation becomes normal from the coronavirus. This virus has lead all the students toward online classes. Whether you talk about the government school or a private university, no teaching institute is allowed to open. But the government can’t compromise with the study of students.

After all students are going to decide the future of India. Therefore, the government decided that all the classes will be held online. Now, many of you don’t understand the meaning of online classes and how it works? We are going to tell you the whole procedure of online classes, its pros and cons, and everything. So let’s start with the definition and meaning of online classes.

What is an online class?

Taking an online class means, teaching virtually. Teach will teach every single thing related to the syllabus but in online mode. Online mode means in computers or mobile phones. The teacher can students can interact with each other, they can talk, they can see each other’s photos and students can also ask the queries. The student will also have to submit the assignment. Therefore, taking regular classes in mobile phones, laptops, computers, etc., is known as online classes.

How do online classes work?

Now the question arises here, how do online classes work. Like what is the medium of conducting online classes. How a teacher can join so many students at a time?

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The answer to all these questions is technology. Technology has improved so much that now it is possible to do call to as many as students at once. Various apps allow video calls to many students at once. Microsoft teams are one of them. This app is specially made for online classes. It allows us to send assignments, notes, and take attendance automatically. The teacher can make a private classroom in this app.

There is a various app for this purpose like google meet, jio meet, etc. Zoom was the highest used video call app since lockdown but now some technical errors occur in it.

What are the benefits of online classes?

Now everything has its pros and cons. Online classes have some benefits and disadvantages too. So firstly let’s talk about its benefits first.

1. Beneficial for students

Beneficial for students

Online classes are somehow very beneficial to students. They can attend online classes even in their pajamas. They can eat, sleep or even play during the classes. There are very few teachers who ask for a camera on. But many of the teachers take classes while offing the cameras of students. Therefore, students can attend the classes right after waking up. It also decreases the stress and load of students. One has to run the whole day from college to home and then from one class to another in offline classes. But in online classes, students are enjoying studies from their bedroom.

Many apps also allow chatting privately. Therefore, anyone can chat with each other without letting the teacher know. They can even gossip with each other during the online classes.

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2. Beneficial to teachers

Online classes teachers

Teachers also get benefits from online classes. They don’t have the hard work that they used to do in offline classes. Also, they don’t have to look after each student whether they are making their notes or not. They can simply ask the student to send their notes in the group after online classes.

Teachers don’t have to dress up properly to teach. They can even teach students in their night suits while doing household works. Teachers don’t have to take weekly tests. In case if they take weekly tests in online classes then it will in the form of google sheets. Therefore, working from home is quite comfortable and easy for teachers.

Disadvantages of online classes

  • If online classes have some benefits then, of course, it will have some disadvantages also. Online classes have some major disadvantages.
  • An internet connection is a must for online classes. As its name is online therefore everything must be online and required connections.
  • Online classes can be held only with computers, laptops, tabs, and mobile phones. Therefore, it is very difficult for the poor to afford their classes.
  • The teacher cannot keep an eye on every student. What if students are playing while keeping online classes on.
  • You need to charge your device again and again.
  • It is very difficult to sit in from of digital devices the whole day long. It affects the eye health of students.

The meaning of online classes, procedure as well as disadvantages and benefits are given above. I hope you found this article helpful.

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