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Shocking Story of Model Kelsey Turner

Kelsey Nichole Turner is an American playboy model who has been arrested for the murder of a 71 year old psychiatrists in California who was found bludgeoned to death in a car that had been left in the desert outside Las Vegas. In the first time an show the Kelsey Turner nude on a beach.

Kelsey Turner Model’s Crime Story

The Model and the Murder

When a body is found in the Las Vegas desert, a complex story unravels around the victim.

For a week Kelsey Turner nude model, waited to hear what she already knew. Finally, she heard from the police: Dr. Thomas Burchard, her 71-year-old partner of 17 years, had been found dead. His body had been stuffed into the trunk of a car and abandoned in the Nevada desert. Earp wanted to fly to Vegas to be sure it was really him, to see for herself what is she’d been imagining since he disappeared.

The funeral home told her not to come. “They couldn’t do any restoration on his face,” she says. “They told me he was green and blue. They strongly discouraged it, so I didn’t go.” She didn’t need the coroner to tell her that he’d been “tortured,” she says—that his death had not been quick. She knew that, too.

A respected psychiatrist paid a Playboy model’s rent. Then he turned up dead in the desert.

  • The blue Mercedes-Benz sat empty in the desert east of Las Vegas, miles away from a two-lane road surrounded on either side by barren mountains and pink-tinted sand. On the morning of March 7, a man who had been passing through the remote terrain near Lake Mead National Recreation Area with his children spotted the two-door coupe amid the creosote and sagebrush and called the police.

It was unclear how long the car had been baking under the Nevada sun, but when
the patrol officers got there, they noticed the smell.

Kelsey Turner murder case

  • Searching the abandoned luxury sports car, they made a grotesque discovery. An older-looking white man had been stuffed in the trunk, with piles of clothes and bedding covering his dead body, according to court records released Wednesday and obtained by KSNV. Blood spattered the driver’s seat headrest and back seat.
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Spairs of latex gloves were on the passenger’s seat, along with evidence that someone had lit a small fire. A coroner’s report would later reveal that the man had died of blunt force trauma after being struck in the head multiple times with an unidentified object.

  • The trail of clues that were left behind in the desert ultimately led investigators to Kelsey Nichole Turner, an aspiring Maxim cover girl who had appeared in magazines such as Playboy Italia and DreamVixens. The 25-year-old was arrested on March 21 and charged with the murder of Thomas Burchard, 71, who had paid her rent just days before he was found dead, according to police.
  • Burchard grew up in Boston, where his late father taught architecture at Harvard, then moved to Virginia when his dad took a job as the founding dean of Virginia Tech’s College of Architecture and Urban Studies. After attending medical school, and realizing he wanted to be a child psychiatrist, Burchard had residencies at some of the country’s top hospitals—Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Massachusetts General, UCLA—before landing at the Community Hospital of

the Monterey Peninsula, where he stayed for 40 years. He worked there for so long that he’d begun seeing the children of children he’d once treated.

Police Believe Playboy Model Kelsey Turner Accused Of Killing Psychiatrist Had Accomplices ;

Kelsey Turner nude model, a 25-year-old model who has appeared in Playboy and Maxim, was arrested on March 21, two weeks after the body of 71-year-old child psychiatrist Thomas Burchard was found in the trunk of an abandoned car in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 7. Police ruled his death a homicide and named Turner, a woman whose rent Burchard had a history of paying, as a suspect in the case.

She has been charged with murder, but new reports suggest that she may not have been working alone.

Jon Logan Kennison, Turner’s boyfriend, and Diana Pena, Turner’s roommate, are also considered suspects in the case, The Californian reports, citing an arrest warrant filed on April 5. Pena was arrested on Saturday and charged with conspiracy of murder and open murder with the use of a deadly weapon or tear gas, according to Las Vegas’ KLAS.

  • Apart from all these On 18 September, 2018 In Europe the American eyes first saw Kelsey Turner nude on a beach .
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FINAL VERDICT ABOUT KELSEY TURNER , who was accused of murder ;

  • In comments to The Californian, she said that the couple had been in Las Vegas the month prior to his death for an annual psycho-pharmacology conference. Citing the ongoing investigation, Earp declined to say why her late boyfriend returned to Nevada in early March. Earp did say that she knew about Turner and the lease but said she never met the model herself.

“He was always helping people,” Earp told the outlet. “Anybody with a sad story, you know. Some people took advantage of that.”

  • As it turns out, Burchard had known Turner for roughly two years and been paying the model’s rent for nearly a year. Somewhere near Salinas, the relationship slipped away. Burchard abruptly stopped paying Turner’s $3,200 rent per-month sometime in the early fall of 2018. Three months later, Turner, her two children and her mother were evicted for not paying rent.
  • Details on how exactly the lapsed lease led investigators to assume Turner committed the crime have not yet been released, but LVMPD homicide detectives made that conclusion soon after learning about the connection and reached out to the FBI Stockton Task Force on March 21. Turner was arrested in California by a joint group of LVMPD detectives and FBI agents on Thursday.

Turner’s family insist that she has been falsely accused of the murder.

  • “She’s great,” her father Christopher Ingram told the outlet on Friday. “She’s a wonderful, loving mom and a good kid.”

“All her life Kelsey Turner Nude model has gone out of her way to help others,” Ingram wrote on a GoFundMe page to raise funds for her legal defense. “Now she needs our help. She is being accused of a crime she could not possibly commit.”

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