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Marianas Web: Biggest Mystery of Internet

The use of the internet has grown a lot in the past year and till now there are more than 4 billion users who are using the internet and the rate of an internet user is growing so rapidly that we can’t think about it. If you are a computer geek or passionate in computer science than. I am sure that you have heard the names of Dark Web, Deep Web, and Mariana’s web.

Apart from this, there are many things going on in this web which you don’t have knowledge or idea about it. The surface web contributes only 4% total web and the remaining 96 percent is contributed by deep, dark, and Marianas Web. These days Deep web the purpose of the Deep web has changed for illegal purposes which include Human Trafficking, Illegal hunting of animals, and so on.

Besides this, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Google use Dark web for storing the credentials of users. If you are a user of a popular website or app likes Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Bing than. I am sure your data is also stored in a deep or dark web to keep secure from the hacker. In this article, we are going to discuss all four different types of web.

How does this web work?

There are mainly three different types of the web which include Surface web, Deep web, Dark web, and Mariana web. These are the different levels of the internet that need special links or special proxies to use it. It is not so much straight forward to access them and the Mariana web is one of the biggest mysteries up to now. Reports tell that till now no one is able to access this web up to now.

You need a special computer to access Mariana’s web till now we don’t have an advanced computer to access Mariana’s web in the future we might get access to it. Coming straight to the point Deep and dark web mainly works in a link and it is contributed by so many things like database and illegal things. We can access it through a link as the website is host by common people like us. There are two types of a link from which you browse the web which is mention below:

Indexed Link: Indexed Link is that link that can easily access through our browser by using a popular search engine like Yahoo, Google, and Bing. You can easily access such a site using links and sometimes with proxies if it has an onion domain.

Non-Indexed Link: It is such types of the link which are not indexed in a search engine and need links to open it. To access such types of No Index website you need to have a connection to the website owner or some popular website where you can get the link of it.

What is Tor Browser?

tor browser

The Tor browser is a special type of browser in which you can easily access the different levels of the Internet except for the Marianas web. As I have mentioned earlier you need special types of computer and knowledge to access the Mariana’s web. The Tor browser is a special type of browser from where you can browse your internet anonymously.

Till now the researcher is unable to improve the Anonymity features from it. So, this gives full opportunity to browse anonymously where government and private agencies are spying to their users. You don’t need special knowledge and expertise to browse this site all you need is just download the browser and that’s it. You can use it as a common web browser like Google and Facebook.

People mainly used Tor for browsing the deep and dark web is its IP slicing features. This will flip your IP address from one country to other countries in a specific time period. The downside with this feature is

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that it creates different layers of IP which slows down your internet connection. As the data need to travel through many different IPs.

Different Levels of Internet

In this paragraph, we are going to discuss the different levels which include the Surface web, Deep web, Dark Web, and Mariana’s web. It explains in detail in the below paragraph:

Surface web

The common types of the web which are open for every people and don’t have restrictions in most of the sites. These types of the web you can easily access with your login credentials or sometimes you don’t need the login credentials as well. The surface web contributes only 4% of the total web which means that the remaining total web is covered by Deep, Dark ad Mariana’s web.

The main reason for this is most of our databases like login credentials and personal information are kept on the dark web without our knowledge. At some point is gives full benefit to the company like Facebook and Google because they don’t have to pour so much money on security. They store most of the database in deep and dark web because it is secure their ad no one can access it without any link.


  1. We don’t need any Kinds of special proxies or links to access the site on the surface web. We can easily access it through a search engine where they are indexed.
  2. You don’t have to pay money for browsing the surface web.
  3. You can also be anonymous while browsing the surface web using VPN and Fake Information.
  4. There are lots of applications that encrypt the message of their use so that no third party users can read this message while transferring to another user.


  1. There is a lot of hackers on the surface web who can easily hack your personal information without your knowledge.
  2. Due to of development of encryption technology many people are using it for bad purposes like Money Laundering and many bad things.
  3. The government may have the user personal data and they can use it for their own profit.

Deep web

deep web

It is the second level of the internet which is also a deep web. The deep web contributes only 20% of the total internet leaving the Dark web and Mariana’s web. To access the deep web you need a special browser Tor to access the onion site. To access such a site sometime you also need proxies and there are different ways from where you can easily access the site. Most of the sites in the deep web are not index so you need special links to access it.

If you don’t have proper knowledge then don’t go for such a site. In some countries, it is a ban and if you found surfing it. You will. So make sure that there is no restriction for browsing deep web. There are many upsides as well which will discuss in the below Paragraph:


  1. You can keep your data safe and there is no such problem as hacking if you have the proper knowledge.
  2. It gives you full anonymity while browsing the site.
  3. The governments also use this web to keep sensitive information safe from hacker.
  4. You can easily make a website and host the website on your personal computer.


1. It gives a hacker to become anonymous and they can easily sell and buy the illegal item.
2. If you don’t have proper knowledge then you may infect your computer or phone by malware easily.
3. There is government surveillance on the dark web.
4. A problem like hacking if you don’t have the proper knowledge.

Dark web

The third level of the internet is the dark web. The dark web contributes around 30 to 40 percent of the total web. However, there is no exact number for this and researchers are trying to figure it out. To access the dark web you need special knowledge and software to access the site. This includes TOR and I2P which gives you complete anonymity while browsing.

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It is mainly used by the government bodies to keep political information secret from other countries. Besides this, they are consisting of so many illegal things like Social violence, Weapons dealing, Hacking, Pornography, and so on. It is so much secure and very much deep that you can’t access the dark web without any links. Nowadays it is getting popular in a business organization that deals with large data.


  1.  If you are a business owner who wants to keep data safe from hackers. It is the best solution for them.
  2. We can also use it for business dealing like buying and selling sensitive data like a code of the software.
  3. Many big companies like Google and Facebook use it to keep their upcoming project secret from other companies.
  4. You can hire hackers who would help you to find vulnerabilities of software.


  1. Government can’t track their people who are browsing the dark web.
  2. It gives a better market place for people buying illegal things like weapons and one laundering.
  3. You need special software to access the dark web.
  4. It is dangerous to browse such a web without any knowledge in it.

Marianas web


Marianas web is another popular web that has remained a mystery, for now, there is no information regarding this web. It was named from the deepest point on the earth Mariana’s trench. Many of you are thinking that you can also access the Mariana’s web by the TOR browser. It is not so much straight forward as you think. Many researchers are trying to access the Mariana’s web but no one is able to successfully reach to reach inside.

To access the Mariana’s web you need a link and password to access it. There is no such technology which can detect such links and password. Maybe in the future after the development of Quantum computing, we can surf the Marianas web. Some theories say that it was developed by an advanced civilization that is monitoring us through the Mariana’s web. So, for now, it has remained as a hoax. However, some people or governments can also have access to it but o one has ever disclosed the mystery of Mariana’s web.


I hope that the above article has helped a lot regarding the different types of web and many more things about it. Now you know different levels of the internet including Deep web, Dark web and Marianas web. Only a few people know about such things regarding the internet. As most of the people are unknown from this fact because they think that the internet which they are using is everything. But there are lots of thing going behind the scene which many people doesn’t know. I request everyone not to access the deep and dark web without any knowledge of it.


What is Marianas web?

Mariana’s web is the third level of the internet’s that can’t be accessed by any browser or proxies and need a special code and link to access it form a common computer.

Is it illegal to be on the deep web?

It is illegal also and it is not illegal it is both. Most of the government doesn’t allow the user to visit the deep web because there are many bad things is going on breaking rules. SO, most of the government doesn’t allow you to be on the Deep web. However, there are some companies that are using it for securing data and using it positively and doesn’t seem illegal and offensive.

What is character web?

Character web are those web that requires TOR to access the site and any Services.

How many Levels of Internet are there?

There are mainly four different types of the internet which include Surface web, Deep web, Dark web, and Marianas web.

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