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Most Expensive Laptop in the world

In the 21st century, millions of technology innovations are done every day. In the past three decades, technology has gone so forward that we even can’t dream off. Without technology and innovation, our life is incomplete these days. There are many new  technology being developed every day. Some are expensive and some are not. Not all the gadget and technology are cheaper as well. You have heard most expensive house and car but today in this article. We have brought you world most expensive laptop.

Yeah, you heard the right there are some laptop which cost millions of dollar as well. There are many brand which make world most expensive laptop in the world which includes Acer and Apple. These laptop are specially designed and equipped with powerful hardware. Besides this some of them are equipped with expensive jewelry as well. These laptops are mainly designed for professional and rich people and you won’t get these laptop on local shop you have to order this laptop directly from the company.

Most Expensive Laptop in the world

Almost every people are connected with technology directly or indirectly and it has also become a part of our life too. There are millions of innovations and discoveries done up to now. Devices like Smartphone, laptops, and Portable PC and so on are some of the example of innovation and technology. It has advanced so much in recent years that we can’t even dream off. In this article we have brought you a list of these top 10 world most expensive laptops which are listed below:

10. Lenovo ThinkPad W540

Lenovo ThinkPad is one of the awesome laptops that come with all the features and hardware that it needs to have. It is an engineer’s most-loved laptop because of its performance. However, the laptop comes with cutting edge technology with an ergonomic laptop which makes it one of the most expensive laptops in the World.

most expensive laptop

The laptop comes with 15 inch IPS and full HD display. It has 16 GB of RAM and 1 Terabyte of storage and besides this; the laptop comes with 2 GB GPU. Its battery can last for more than 6 hours. The downside with the laptop is its processor which is Intel 7 th 4 th generation laptop.

Price: $2,300

9. Acer Ferrari 1100

Acer Ferrari is one of the game-changing laptops mainly for Ferrari owner the laptop comes to all kinds of features and hardware that every professional user seeks. The laptop comes with awesome features and design which attract the views of every Laptop users.

most expensive laptop

Someone who owns Ferrari must-have wishlist this device on their list. The laptop comes with a carbon cover which makes them expensive. It has 13 inches IPS display and 8 GB of RAM. The laptop comes with more than 6 hours of battery life and has a processor of AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile technology TL-66/ 2.3 GHz.

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Price: $3300

8. Alienware Area51 and Rock Xtreme SL8

This laptop mainly designed for gaming purposes and has beast looks with awesome design. Besides this, it is one of the favorite gaming laptops of all the gamers around the world. If you are true gamers than I am sure that this laptop is in your Wish list. The latest version of the laptop comes with 1 terabyte of hard drive and 1 GB of graphics memory. It has a graphics card of Nvidia

most expensive laptop

Geforce 9800 GT in Dual SLI Configuration.  The laptop comes with 8GB of ram and 2 Quad-core processors. There are no doubts regarding its gaming experience it will give you first-class gaming experience.

Price: $3600

7. Dell mobile precision M6800

If you are a computer lover or tech geek than I am sure that you have the name of Dell Mobile Precision M6800. It is one of the popular laptops which comes with first-class security features. The laptop comes with 15 inches display with Intel 7th gen processor which delivers awesome gaming experience and high-level video editing.

most expensive laptop

Besides this, it has 8 GB of Quadro graphics. Its latest version of Laptop comes with 1 Terabyte of storage. The laptop gives you 8 hours of battery life which is enough for any professional work and it also has a touch display which gives more awesome features to the designer.

Price: $3800

6. MacBook Pro (Gold 24 carat Gold)

Apple MacBook laptops are expensive than any of the normal laptop. If you buy a Normal MacBook than it will cost you more than $1500 so you can expect how much will it cost for MacBook. The laptop comes with 24-carat gold coating on its cover. Besides this, it has a diamond on its logo.

most expensive laptop

The laptop comes with Intel 5 gen processor with 256 GB of Storage. The laptops come with 15 inches display and guarantee you 4 hours of
battery life. Besides this, it has 8 GB of RAM. So here are no doubts regarding its performance as it is designed by apple. You can expect an awesome experience in the latest version of the Laptop. This makes it one of the most expensive laptops in the world.

Price: $6000


VOODOO envy laptop is one of the most expensive laptops in the world. The Laptop is far different from the ordinary Laptop. The laptop comes with awesome design with 17 inches display with an impressive red cover. It has 4 GB of RAM and ives you Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 processor which delivers impressive performance and speed.

most expensive laptop

It is one of the favorite choices of engineers and designers as it has every kind of feature. Besides this, it has 250 GB of hard disk and Nvidia Quadro FX Go 2500m Graphics Chipset. In addition to this, it has touched display with 1900 * 1200 resolutions. If you are a designer and engineer want world-class level technology and speed than you can go
for it.

Price: $6800

4. Ego For Bentley

Ego is one of the famous car brands which has introduced a laptop matching with their car. The laptop is best for those who own a Bentley car. There is no way good performance in the laptop it is mainly owned by rich people to showcase their worth for people. It has white gold and leather used as a cover of a laptop which makes them attractive from other laptops.

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ego for benetly most expensive laptop

However, it is a premium edition laptop and the company has issued only 250 laptops. There is no such great hardware and features in software. It has 160 GB storage with AMD Turion four Mobile processors and has 12 shortcut keys for running a specific program on the laptop.

Price: $20,000

3. Tulip Ego Diamond

Tulip ego diamond is one of the third most expensive laptops in the world. The laptop is mainly designed for typical users who rarely used laptop. If you are professional users than this

Tulip Ego Diamond most expensive laptop

laptop isn’t a good choice there are no such features to use if for professional purposes. Aside from this, it is made an 80-carat diamond and gold plating.

The logo of a tulip is also made using a ruby which makes them different and expensive from ordinary PC. The laptop comes with 10 inches displays with 2 GB RAM and there is no such touch like features on it. The laptop is mainly suitable for ladies because of its design.

Price: $3, 55,000

2. Luvaglio

Luvaglio is another world’s most expensive laptop. The laptop is designed. The laptop comes with both metal and wood designed. The laptop is equipped with a diamond on its cover and besides this is a fully customizable laptop you can easily customize it’s according to your requirement. It also comes with a diamond power button which gives an impressive and vintage look.

most expensive laptop

Besides this, it comes with 17 inches display with a fingerprint sensor on it which gives you full protection in security. The laptop comes with a full 10 years of warranty. In its original version, you will get 128 GB of storage and 2 GB of Ram with AMD or Intel processor. It doesn’t have any features for graphics it has inbuilt graphics in its processor.

Price: $1 million

1. MJ’s Swarovski & Diamond Studded Notebook

most expensive laptop

MJ’s Swarovski is one of the most expensive laptops in the world. The laptop comes with a world-class perfect design that is equipped with an expensive jeweler. The main reason behind its cost is that its body is coated with gold and plated by diamonds. It’s black and shining diamond looks makes awesome to anyone. However, it is not developed for professional purpose and it has a limited number of the piece in the world. The laptop comes with 2 GB of graphics with 13 inches display and 256 GB of storage. There is no graphics on this laptop.

Price: $3.5 million

These are the list of world’s most expensive laptops ranging from world-class Performance to fashioned laptops. Some of the laptops are limited edition laptops which you may not get in the local market you have to order it from the company. Some of the laptops are overpriced while we compare to these days laptop it is because.

Most of the laptops are old versioned and released couples year before which makes them expensive in those days. I hope that this article has cleared all of your doubts regarding the world’s most expensive laptop. Besides, there are many such expensive laptops in the market but these laptops are popularly used and known by the people around the world.

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