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How can I know if My WhatsApp Video call is Recording or not ?

WhatsApp is personally my favorite chatting app. It requires almost no internet to chat. Anyone can send a message even at the lowest range of the network. When it was started, it used to be a very simple chatting app. But later on, so many amazing features are introduced to WhatsApp. Video calling is one of them.

Anyone can video call each other with a very low range of networks and with good clarity. But everything good things has its consequences also. Video calling has also one of them. Everyone have a doubt that my WhatsApp video call is recording or not? You cannot predict whether one is recording the video call or not. In many stages of life, you have to video call a stranger. And one cannot trust any stranger. So what to do?

How can I know if My WhatsApp Video call is Recording or not

WhatsApp video call is recording or not

In simple words, there is no such method, which can predict the recording of the video call. But you can do the following things for your safety.

  • Try to avoid to video call any stranger. If you have to do for some reasons make sure you behave and dressed well.
  • In case you have any doubt, ask the person directly.
  • You can also ask for the screenshot of the photo gallery of person

These are some ways that can help you in the case of WhatsApp video calling. But the best way does not call with a suspicious person. Stay safe.

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