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Newgrounds: How it Works, Categories and more

NewGrounds is one of the popular American online video game websites where you can play online games and generate content including audio video and gaming. It was founded by Tom Fulkp in 1995 in his own house and later on, the company began growing rapidly. Currently, the website receives 30 million active traffic every month. It was also featured in times magazine for the 39 best websites in 2010. Now it is one of the popular sites among PC and mobile gaming uses.

These days we can see the craze of gaming on many internet platforms. Among them, Newgrounds is also one of the popular online gaming platforms on the Internet. On this website, there are many content creators who upload things like games, movies, audio, and art which include meme and anime.

The best part with this website is that if you are a gamer or game developer than you will get a lot of helpful tips and reviews from your video or game for free. Besides this, it also has a large audience base that you show your skills among 30 million users on this site. They have a score-based system that will determine your game is helpful or good among the user base or not if it is not then your game will be deleted from the site.

How it works?

It  has mainly four different categories which include Games, Movie, Audio, and art. On this site, you will only get these three different kinds of content on this platform. On this site, any uses can upload their content depending upon the three different categories. The content needs to go through a star-based submission process where it will be judge by the user by a star. The average score that the website has set which every content needs to get.

If you didn’t get the average score determined by the website then your content will be deleted from this site. The best part with this site is that you can share with you among the bigger audience for free so that you can discover a bug and increase player in your game. Apart from the game you can also put audio or video as well and can increase subscribers in your channel if you are a video creator or gamer. Besides this, you can do so many things with this platform. If you are new and don’t have knowledge of using it that you can easily ask anything in their forum.


Newground is an American online gaming company which mainly focuses on gaming-related activities. The website was founded for the very first time on July 12, 1995, and till now the company is running well. It was developed by Tom Fulp. In the beginning, the website has only 100 members where they used to review online games. Later on, Newground adult games also began getting popular on this website.

He began testing the website with Macromedia flash which was introduced to his secondary site. In the beginning, he used to manage two sites later he merged both the site and made Newgrounds.

Later on, he merged both the site because he was unable to afford the hosting cost for both the site. So, in 1999 he introduced banner ads on the site which helps him to pay money for hosting. Later on, he got an offer from the hosting provider that will give him a free hosting service for which he has to put their banner ads. Since then he began adding features with hosting money.

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He began adding more features since then which include a chat room, profile, and voting based system. In 2000 the website began facing problems due to the dotcom bubble crash. The hosting provider stopped providing hosting services and the website has to change their hosting provider.

How Newground make money?

Most of you have queries regarding how this website runs providing free services to its users. If you have such queries then in this paragraph we are going to clear your queries. The website mainly makes money. Currently, they have introduced new features from where you can experience the platform without any ads. In these features, you need to upgrade the account on the premium one and then you will get a lot of facility for free and you don’t have to pay a penny for it.

The pricing starts at $2.95 and it goes up to $9.99. It is the main source of their website and besides this; they also generate some revenue from premium plans and donations. Most of the user donates their money in this platform because it is giving us a platform to showcase our skills among their large audience base for which people donate them. You can also donate them because they also need to pay for the hosting and cost of running the sites.


Newgrounds has mainly four different kinds of category on their which include Games, Art, Community, and video. In this paragraph, we are going to explain it in detail regarding their category and what you expect from their site. The lists of four different categories are as follow:


Games: It is the first category you will find on their site. In this section, you will find the Collection of different games that you play online and offline. There are lots of games shown on the first page where you will find the popular games of the week months and the latest game released on the site. Besides this, you can also search the game on the basis of the star. As I have mentioned earlier, they have star-based ranking system for games which help us to search for proper games according to the star. They also sort games according to the genre like action, Adventure, NewGrounds 18 plus games, and so on.

Movies: In the movies section you will find the animated video which includes gaming video. You will also find a gaming video that will teach you how to play a particular game animation designed in the popular platform. Most of the users showcase their animated video and sell them on Patreon through the link as well. There are many users on the internet that are searching for such animation videos to purchase. Besides this, you can also work as a freelancer for the people. All you need to do is just released some games and video and you can mention your email. Later people can contact you through the email.

Audio: It is a third feature that is listed in their category section. In this section, you will find the audio of games and intro for the games. You can also release your own audio of games or Intro for the games. On this website, you can find the background music, Intro for music videos, and sound for games. To upload your music you need to get a proper star tan only you are allowed to release your own music. Some time the Audio and game on the site may not be appropriate for every user because of Newgrounds adult content. So, make sure to take parental guidance before you visit this site.

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Art: In this category, you will find the design of the images by the designer and for the games as well. If you are a graphic designer then this website will help you to learn new ideas and design for your work. You can also get anime images and the images you see on this website are HD quality you don’t have to worry about their quality. Most of the image son this section are games images digital art and pencil art and so on.

You are looking for a freelancer you can also hire them from here as well. On this website, there is a chat box section where you talk with particular users. Before you do so make sure that there are scammers as well.


Community: In this section, you will find the community section where you discuss anything about the platform or regarding their games. You can also ask anything about the website to learn more about the site. You can find a lot of forums where people discuss a particular topic and you can join on the forum based on your interest and on your needs at some time. You can ask anything related to your queries depending upon the forums. If you are game developer than you can ask queries related to game. There are many programming language forums where you can ask your queries to programming expert.


Newgrounds is an online platform for share art, games, and audio. It is an American based company where you can find a lot of like-minded people. I hope that the above article has helped a lot to know more about the side. Before you visit the site make sure to have parental guidance because on this site you may see the 18+ content which may not be suitable for every user. So, make sure about that and don’t try to share you credential among the people on the forums.


What is Newgrounds?

It is an online platform for sharing games and art-related work. The website mainly works on the basis of a voting based system where users need to vote any content uploaded on the website then only the game is allowed to upload on the site else the game will be deleted from the site.

Is Newgrounds dead?

No, it is not dead up to now. It is still running and it was one of the largest websites to name in Time magazine in 2010. There is no such information that it will be dead. It is still running you can easily check it from the there official site either it is shutdown or not.

Is Newgrounds safe?

No, Newground is not safe for every user. If you don’t have proper knowledge of computers and about the website then it is one of the most dangerous websites for you.

Will Newgrounds Shutdown?

No, it is not shut down for now. The admin of this site will redirect their users to another site. So, you don’t have to worry about that.

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