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October Kingsley: All details that you want to know

October Kingsley, not everyone would have heard this name. There are a lot of people who want to be mysterious, Ms. Kingsley is one of them. She either fits in this mold or doesn’t like to give her private information to the public. This is understandable and easy to respect. But when it comes to showing business, it tends to limit one’s upward mobility since the more people know about you. By then the more likely you get recognized by work, get famous and want to be seen more.

But it is easy to understand and assume that some folks aren’t really into being famous and just want to earn money. There are a lot of writers in the world who want to get paid. They don’t want to deal with hassle or individuals trying to know about their personal life and work. Some people like to be known and some don’t as understand October is one who doesn’t like.

October Kingsley is an actress, producer, director and a writer in Los Angeles, California. She has been rated as one of the top emerging Hollywood actresses and film producers. Ms. Kingsley made her acting and directorial career with the feature film of Cult-Favorite independent “The Seduction of Dr Fugazzi”. The film was released worldwide by Troma Entertainment. The film is about a strange, psycho-sexual, twisted thriller.

She has portrayed a mad and depressed woman in this film. The film was screened, praised and reviewed at the Cannes Film Festival. In this film, she has co-starred opposite Hollywood legend and Oscar winner Faye Dunaway. Acting and directorial skills of Ms. Kingsley are shown in this film, she has done a phenomenal job in this film.

Ms. Kingsley

She has made her literary debut with the release of her new book “Primodorium Poetry”. “Primordium Poetry” is a beautiful collection of deep, intense, spiritual, naughty and playful erotic poetry and quotes. It is available exclusively in all digital ebook formats.

Other than acting, producing and directing films October is also a successful commercial and music video director. Ms Kingsley has worked with some of the most reputable artists, musicians, companies and fashion designers all over the world.

There is not much information available about Ms. Kingsley’s background and education. But according to sources, she has graduated from UCLA with a double major in Philosophy and Psychology. Ms. Kinsley has also attended the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco (California).

Ms. Kinsley is well known for portraying very powerful, disturbed female characters in her movies. Her skills include creative & artistic specialties, Directing, Producing, Acting, (Screen) Writing, and if necessary, being one of the primary Executives In Charge Of Production. October Kingsley is currently working on several upcoming feature films and television show projects.

Some unknown and interesting facts about October Kingsley are

Tends To Play Very Powerful As Well As Very Disturbed Characters

movie scene

Ms. October Kingsley prefers to play various powerful and disturbing characters. Many actors run away from playing powerful and disturbed characters. As these characters take a huge amount of energy to sustain. Actors playing such characters are powerful. But do have a big flaw somewhere in the characters that take them away and torment them at the same time.

An Actress and Also A Director, Producer

As mentioned earlier Ms. Kingsley is a well-known actress, director and producer. Many people like to do one or two or many things at the same time but this also seems a difficult task to be done by one person.

Procedure To Gain Fame and Gain A Solid Reputation Has Been Slow

Ms. October Kingsley has been around the film industry since 2009. But it is seen that her rise to fame and reputation has been a bit slow and meandering. There is no doubt about Ms. Kingsley being talented and hard-working. But as the film industry is always growing, for actors not showcasing their talent takes time to grow.

Favors Staying Out Of Limelight

Ms. Kingsley likes to stay out of the limelight due to various reasons. An actor/actress does not want to be in the limelight is a bit strange. But Ms. Kingsley is one of them.

Not A Lot of Information About Being On The Internet

Nowadays, every person could be easily found on the Internet, various details about every person is provided on the Internet. But it is seen that Ms. Kingsley is not much active on the internet. A lot of information about her is not provided on the internet.

Starred Opposite Faye Dunaway In One Film

The Seduction of Dr Fugazzi is the debut film of Ms. Kingsley. It is a dark and terrifying film in which she and Faye Dunaway were in that many people might not even know about. Ms. Kingsley wanted to make the movie but it has not been by any other than those who are genuinely interested.

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Likes To Be Proactive

October likes to push her limits, do multitasking and be proactive. This is eye-catching and is recognized by everyone easily without promoting anything.

Indicates Herself To Be A Dark Persons

October likes to be indicated as a dark persona. She wears dark makeup, has dark hair and also wears clothes according to dark persona. She makes her look like a true dark sided person. This is something she likes and nothing to be disputed.

Information About Ms. October’s Movie “The Seduction of Dr Fugazzi” On The Internet

The Seduction of Dr Fugazzi
The Seduction of Dr Fugazzi

There is not much information available about Ms. October Kingsley on the Internet. But much information about her movie “The Seduction of Dr Fugazzi can be found on the internet easily. Various articles, pictures, video clips are available on the internet about her movie.

Not A Single Way To Know About Real Social Media Accounts Of MS October Kingsley

Ms Kingsley has kept herself away from various social media platforms. Still, there are some social media accounts of her name but there is no confirmation about those accounts being real or fake.

Connected To Ben Kingsley

October does not share any relation with the Oscar-winning actor Ben Kingsley. Nevertheless, they both share an identical surname.

Some quotes wrote by October Kingsley are

As mentioned earlier, Ms. Kingsley is also a writer. She has written various quotes and poems, some of those quotes are:

  • “Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to.”
  • “All great battles are capable of being won with a single, solitary smile.”
  • “I’ve got a one-way ticket to hell, and I’m gonna raise hell just getting there.”


October Kingsley is known as a very private person. It is seen that it is really difficult to collect all the information about her life. She has kept herself away from the world the reason for the same is unknown. It is really difficult to know about the exact age, height, weight, body, boyfriend and much more of October.

Other than this the information which is available about October about her movies, quotes and other facts. Her educational background work and role depict her as a strong, bold and strangely beautiful person.

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