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Top 6 Rabbit Alternatives to watch videos together

Among the most popular platforms for consumers to watch movies online with family members and friends, without so much as sitting together. It is not the only website that allows us to watch videos, movies, stream and interact together without even sitting together. On the other hand, the Rabbit stopped its operations, sold all of its resources to because of lack of funds. Then everybody attempting to locate top Rabbit alternatives.

The Rabbit had a massive user base and after quitting its operations its million-plus users are isolated and have been at a weak place.  Although promised to be the best Rabbit alternative with all its feature on its platform. They added some of its features, but that was totally not successful. So for the users, it’s important to seek out the best websites like so they can enjoy watching movies together. So here in this article, we’ve listed top Rabbit streaming alternatives you may use to watch videos together with no virtually collectively.

We’ve researched and recorded all of the ideal alternatives to with nearly similar features and performance of this rabbit. It is possible to go through the list to pick out a suitable choice according to you. From the next listed alternatives, all of the programs have good synchronized playback. Therefore, you may have a wonderful time with your family and friends to view content from some of this program.

Top 6 Rabbit Alternatives ( to watch videos together

1. Two seven

Though Two seven isn’t entirely the same as the Rabbit App. As it turned out to be a full service app with live aid for the audio commentary. Two seven it a excellent program you may try with superb amazing performance with no latency. The only thing it lacks in sound service it doesn’t support sound messages. This program also provides chrome Extension to get a live stream in any site. It’s a good choice it is possible to add it to a listing as the ideal replacement.


Similar features to Rabbit

  • Supports almost all of the video streaming solutions such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and much more
  • It provides real time expertise. So, which you can observe content with your loved ones members and friends, chat and socialize even with no digital contact.
  • It provides one to have contacted within the webcam or over discussion. So you can see each other’s dwell response.
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2. Meta stream

Meta stream is picked up to be in this list simply because it provides almost all of the features of this Rabbit app. But it does not offer popular features including streaming downloaded websites, webcam, and sound support. If it’s possible to proceed without webcam and audio support than the Meta stream is a great decision to select as Rabbit alternatives.


Similar features to Rabbit

  • It is superior in live synchronization playback
  • Meta stream looks great with on-screen chat, video queuing, and quick user management.
  • Supports major streaming services including Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, etc.
  • This app has enhanced live streaming with multiple people and with almost no latency just like Rabbit.
  • It has a great and easy interface to be used by a common man.

3. Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a co-watching system exactly like the Rabbit app. It’s among the very best website like Rabbit since it supplies nearly all of the attributes but it’s restricted simply to flow Netflix content.. The very best thing about this app is that you don’t require installing heavy software to run as you can directly run as possible run it on an internet browser. Additionally, it supports chat feature to ensure it is a great app like emojis, GIFs, and typing indicator. In conclusion, it’s among the greatest apps you’ll be able to select whether you’re able to handle with no webcam, audio commentary, and restricted to Netflix.


Similar features to Rabbit

  • It allows you to view Netflix with your nearest and dearest in synchronized video playback.
  • It permits you to get group chat which you may use for interaction whilst watching shows and movies in real-time.

4. Airtime

It is just one of the best streaming website like Rabbit  which work literally amazing about smartphones. It allows you to instantly stream from your mobile phones and watch parties. The only thing it lacks is simply speed. All other variables and features are amazing like Rabbit.


Similar features to Rabbit

  • You are able to view YouTube videos, listen to music, group chat using animated stickers, send sound reactions, GIFs, and a lot more together while streaming.
  • This app lets you make room and it supports up to 10 users in a single room in order that ought to be more than sufficient.
  • Additionally, it supports audio commentary and media playback simultaneously. It turned out to be a favorite feature of the Rabbit app.
  • You could also send photos, short video clips, texts all while watching videos.

5. Sync play

Sync play is among those exceptional in this listing because and permits you to co-play downloaded content on your computer.  Sync play is one of the greatest programs like rabbit. It is available in just about all of the operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. Sync play is virtually like Rabbit but it doesn’t have any interactive or chat capabilities. In conclusion, if you’re searching for a very simple application like Rabbit to maintain your media player in sync. Subsequently Sync play is an excellent alternatives to rabbit.

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Similar features to Rabbit

  • Play any offline media using VLC, Media Player Classic, or MPV.
  • It allows you to sync the media player across users and devices.
  • It allows us to have contact with chat or audio message.
  • This application is ideal for watching downloaded content together
  • It enables among the greatest characteristics of the Rabbit. You can create and share the private room with your friends and family to watch the content together.

6. Rave

Rave includes all of the standard and very good features very similar to Rabbit. All things considered, rave is a fantastic program and the very best solution for smartphones. This is rated one of the top site like rabbit but it does not support video chat while watching any content.


Similar features to Rabbit

  • With this application you can watch content from Google Drive, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and more.
  • Rave allows you to watch Netflix together and interact with friends and family at the same time.
  • Exactly like Rabbit, sync playback is one of the very best feature and functions without any difficulties.
  • There is also an option for voice chat, but this app doesn’t allow you to have a video chat while watching the video content.
  • The best part about Rave is that you can play music on powerful speakers by just syncing with other smartphones.
  • It’s possible to View video content from web servers like Netflix, YouTube, Google Drive, and more together with your family and friends.


Even though there are lots more apps presented with the same features. However, these would be the top chosen alternatives you can use as per your requirement of features. These are chosen according to the most common features present in the apps. Each of apps and site have their own fantastic attribute. The choice is dependent on your demand which all attributes you desire. Although you cannot get the completely same app yes, has obtained Rabbit and is trying to come up with all the same features of the Rabbit app.

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