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Secret WhatsApp Tricks you should try

Although we regularly use WhatsApp for are daily messaging, calling, and many other features. But do we know all the tricks or features of WhatsApp? Not really there are loads of tricks that make this app more useful than other apps. There is no wonder why WhatsApp hit billions of users. WhatsApp after being the world’s most engaging instant messaging app it is still steady and growing, with a long list of updates and features for every device. We have got some of the selective best WhatsApp tricks that you must try at least once.

Secret WhatsApp Tricks you should try

1. Creating bold, italics, or strikethrough text on your WhatsApp

Although this feature is from time but there are lots of people who don’t even know about it and how it is applicable in normal chats. This feature is mostly used to change the font without even using the third party application or when you want to send some highlighted message or a piece of important information.

  • How to bold a text? Put an asterisk (*) at the beginning and end of the sentence or a word.
  • How to italicized a text? Put an underscore (_) before and after the text.
  • How to strike off a text? Put a tilde (~) before and after the text.

2. Quote a message you want to respond

When we talk in a group there are lots of messages and people so just to save from the confusion whom you are replying WhatsApp has created this feature to quote or select the message you are replying to.

How? To quote someone what you have to do is just swipe right to the text you want to reply or select the message than on top you will see the option to reply. Then attach your quoted text or any image you want to reply and just send.

3. Request your account information

Just like other apps WhatsApp has also updated and now allows you to request a ZIP file of your account information.

How to download: Click on three dots or menu tab > Settings > Account > Request account info, then tap on Request report and its done, the report will be delivered to you within the specified time mentioned.

4. Add contacts through QR code

You can now share your code with your friends also you can add someone from their code also. Whatsapp now gives you a defined code to represent your WhatsApp no just like Instagram and Snapchat.

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How to scan or send your code: click on the three dots or menu tab > Setting > just beside your name you will see a symbol of QR code > open you will get your code in my code and from the top right corner you can share by clicking on the share button beside the three dots click and share with whom you want to. > to scan others code, click on the tap on scan code beside you code and just scan the code by placing their code in the view of the camera.

5. Place shortcuts of Conversation on home screen

This feature can only be used for android users. You can place a shortcut of your important chat at your home screen which you need to open frequently so that you don’t have to open WhatsApp and then open chat from the home screen you can directly open it.

How to place a shortcut: Tap and hold on the chat you want on your home screen > Click on the three dots > Add chat shortcut > and tap allow.

6. Engage in WhatsApp groups through links

You can now easily engage in groups and can share the link to your friends you want to join but for that, you need to be the admin, only admins can have the access to the group link.

  • How to join the group through the link? By just clicking on the link you have > it will ask you Click on join > And it’s done you will now have the access to the group.
  • How to share the link of the group? To share the link you need to be the admin or the creator of that group. Tap and open the group settings thereafter add participant you will see “invite via the link” > tap on “invite via the link” and just share with all those you want to join.

7. Default greeting message

Although this setting is applicable only in business WhatsApp. But with this feature, WhatsApp chatbots send greeting to everyone when they message you without asking for permission.

How to apply? Click on the three dots > business tools > greeting message > setup by allowing to send greeting message and then by typing the message you want to send like “good to see you!” or “how are you?” then add the recipients or customers you want to send the message when they text you. After completing just save and you are done.

8. Pre-set quick replies

This feature is applicable only on business WhatsApp you can prefix the reply with a shortcut. Like if you type that shortcut the complete message will be displayed that you want to send.

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How to use it? Click on the three dots > business tools > Quick replies > click on the “+” button on the bottom right corner add the message, its shortcut, and keywords if you want so that you can get the message when you type. How to get the message from the shortcut in normal chat? To use in chat you have to type “/” and choose shortcuts from the quick replies list without any other text before or after. The text will be displayed to you that you have prefixed and just send.

9. Away messages

This feature provides you a chatbot who can reply automatically on your behalf when you are not using your WhatsApp.

How to use it? Click on the three dots > business tools > Away message > switch on the send away message, then you will be asked to edit the away message. After adding the text edit the time when you want to send the message you can custom your own start and end time or add the time to business hours like the message will be sent outside the business time like night or early morning or whatever time you chose as business hours. Then add the recipients you want to add you can select everyone or select those you don’t want. Then just save and it’s done.

The chatbot will automatically send messages according to your instruction given.

10. WhatsApp labels to organize chats

The feature of WhatsApp business allows you to categorize between your family friends or other categories according to your choice.

How does it work? Click on the three dots > business tools > labels > click on the “+” button to create a new label enter the heading and press, ok the label will be added. For placing the label on chats go to the home screen. Tap and hold the chat on the top you will see the label icon chose the appropriate label from the list and then save. You will see the label color beside the chat.

11. Draw your Pics from the chats draw

if you lost a pic and that is available in your WhatsApp chats with the one you have shared you can get the pic back into your gallery.

How: Go the chats and open the image and there chose to open with camera roll or gallery. In the gallery you have the option to save the image it can be under the three dots or on the screen only, it depends on the operating system.

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