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Top Sites Like Omegle

Omegle is a popular online chat website where you can easily talk with strangers around the world. It was found in 2009 and since after the launch of the site. The website began receiving thousands of traffic every single day and after one month’s it begins receiving 150k traffic every day. Later on, in 2010 looking at the popularity and interest of the people it develops video chat features. Since then the craze for online video call began and now there are many sites like Omegle.

The best part of this website is that it offers you talk with strangers without mentioning the name. Besides this, there are many different features in this site that you can easily find on their site. There are different alternatives to the Omegle website on the site but most of them are bad and filled with so many irritating ads. These days many sites like Omegle are promoting adult content which is making a bad impression on sites like Omegle.

The website has brought a lot of updates over time which makes many users engaging in this website. In 2011 this website brought the Spy option in which you can ask the stranger question like survey and another option to ask single users. You can create a poll among the stranger of anything.

Nowadays many users create such polls among the users and do a survey with them. The downside with this app is that uses can end the survey at any time. Nowadays this website receives traffic in millions every day. It is getting popular in almost every county and you can also talk person near to you which is an interesting feature in it.

Is it safe to go in Omegle site?

Nowadays this website is getting so much controversy for its Nudity content. Though, the website does not promote any kind of adult and Nudity related content. Most of the people reported that some people show Nudity and Sexually related content on this site. However, the website is unable to take proper action against such activities. In 2013 it introduces video chat monitored features so that they can filter the video chat and show relevant people who are junior.

Most of the users on this site are adult but this day it is also getting popular among children to talk with the strange around the world. If you are under 18 then I don’t recommend using this website because of its censored content. There are different sites like Omegle from where you can avoid such people.

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Besides this, if you are thinking of making friends and talking with them then most of the people on this website come for different purposes rather than making friends so I don’t prefer you to use this app. If you still want to use this app then there are two features monitored video chat and unmonitored video chat. You can choose monitored features so that the website will filter your partner and show the proper call.

Best Sites like Omegle?

There are different sites like Omegle where you can easily hang out with a stranger around the world. In this article, we have brought you different sites like Omegle. If you are tired with censored content and adult video on Omegle this article is for you. The lists of different sites like Omegle are listed below:

1. DirtyRoulette


DirtyRoulette is another popular site where you can meet up with a stranger and talk adult-related things with it. As the name, it tells you dirty. So, don’t expect anything good from this site if you want anything more than making frie4nds than this website is for you. Most of the people on this site came to fulfilling sexual pleasure. The website has active use of more than 5k at a time. This website receives more than 4 million traffic in a month.

2. OmeTV


It is another popular site where you can hang with a stranger around the world. If you are young or teenage than this app is for you. To use this app you have to download this app from the play store and app store. You can’t use this app form the web version. The best part with this app is you can use this app even if you are young you don’t have to worry about their censored problem. This website receives more than 4 million traffic every month.

3. ChatRandom


ChatRandom is another site like Omegle where you can talk and hang out with a stranger online easily. On this site, you can talk with more than 4 people at a time. Besides this, it also has paid features from where you can apply gender filter and can experience ads-free experience. This website receives more than 3 million traffic every single month. Most of the users on this app are from counties like the US, Brazil, and Germany.

4. Shagle


Shagle is another popular site like ChatRandom where you Chat and make calls with a stranger around the world. This website has an awesome UI interface which makes it popular among youngster users. The website receives more than 2 million traffic on every single month. This website also has a paid and a free version where you can experience ads-free experience and also you can apply a filter like males and females.

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5. ChatHub


ChatHub is another popular site like Omegle which offers all the features that you will get in the Omegle. This website is mainly popular among users from Italy, India, Canada, and the UK. The best part with this app is it doesn’t match the same user multiple times. To use this app you have to make an account on this website and then only you can use this website and talk with a stranger. This website has more than 1 million traffic every month. Besides this, you can also apply filters while using this app.

6. Chatroulette


It is another popular app where you can talk with a stranger around the world. There are no features like paid and premium features in this site. This comes with ads which is the earning source for this site. Besides this, I don’t recommend using this site if you are junior and under 18. Though they have a filter on their site which didn’t work properly on un moderate chat. So, I don’t recommend you to use this app.

7. EmeraldChat


This is another popular site for hanging out with a stranger around the world. It is similar to Omegle website and receive more than 500k visitor every single month. Most of the users on this site come from western country including Europe and the USA. The website lets you chat in both moderate and un moderate chat features. This helps you to filter nudity calls and a message over time.

8. Gayconnect


Gayconnect is another popular site where you can meet with gay around the world. This site is mainly popular among gay. On this site, you can find the stranger from around the world. Most of the users on this site are from Brazil, India, Germany, and the UK. The website receives more than 300k visitors every single month. In this site most of the stranger is in search of sexual pleasure so don’ expect anything good from this site as well.


The above are some of the popular sites like Omegle where you can make friends around the world. Some of them are and contain things like sexually related material. So, I don’t prefer you to use those apps if you are junior or under 18. Though the website has features like a moderated chat it doesn’t work well. Besides this, there are also popular sites where you can find good strangers who are there for learning the language and culture of countries. So, make sure to read the review and info before you use that website.

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