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Top 6 Smallest Smart TV in 2021

A thousand dollars you can spend on TVs but don’t find the best option TVs for your small locations. If you are also looking for a smallest smart TV with features that supports your small space, saves money, and reliable for quality. If you want to save money also but are not ready to compromise with quality. Here in this article, we have listed the Best picks for Smallest Smart TVs you can choose in 2020.

All the decisions are based on the study of the US television market. Although there a number of well-known brands today which are emerging with good quality, sound, and smart TV functions for less than $1000. If you are looking for these similar sets to upgrade your space you can go for the latest smart and audio technology. To give it a great experience of watching TV, many companies have to bring up smart TV with 32-inches display panel and Full HD(1080p) and regular HD (720p). But if you want more clarity you can go for slightly bigger television with 4K resolution and HDR.

List of Selected Best Smallest Smart TVs

We have researched a lot to list these best options available, whether you’re in the US or UK. While we haven’t tested all the models in it. But the list has been prepared using our knowledge of the current TV market. And most important compared on the basis of money invested and its features. Read the most favorite and most reliable small TV picks that fit nearly in every space of your home.

1. TCL 32S327 Roku LED TV

TCL 32S327 Roku LED TV

This is one of the solid choices on the list with the best in small TVs. This TV not only offers HD picture with 1080p display but best in the smartest technology. It is packed with three HDMI jacks, while most of the other TVs in the same range have only two jacks.

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Best features of this product

  • Price: $236.90
  • Brand: TCL 32S327
  • Model with sleek smallest smart design
  • Screen size: 32-inch(81cms)
  • Display: 1080p LED display panel
  • Inbuilt with Roku streaming player.
  • This TV allows you to stream content on popular servers including Amazon, HBO, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and ESPN.
  • This model of TCL plays media files from a USB stick.
  • It allows users to connect with Wi-Fi.
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2. TCL 32S325 Roku LED TV

TCL 32S325 Roku LED TV

This is currently Wirecutter’s top small TV pics offered by TCL. Although it was a great television offered but didn’t cam up much in the market just because of the one feature that is it provides owers resolution ie. 720p. if you are ok with the picture resolution than you can buy this cheapest television.

Best features of this product

  • Price: $129.99
  • Brand: TCL 32S325
  • Screen size: 32-inch(81cms)
  • Display: 720p resolution
  • A model with the cheapest, smallest smart TV you can choose.
  • This model runs on the Roku platform and provides you with three HDMI ports which is only present in these new models.
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3. VIZIO D-Series D24f-F1 TV

VIZIO D-Series D24f-F1 TV

Vizio D-Series, D24f-F1 TV is one of the best in all its features but a little less in size that is 24 inches. All the other features are really amazing. If you want a compact you can go with this, with its amazing features. You can even go with its 32-inch variant if you want a little bigger.

Best Features of this product

  • Price: $139.99
  • Brand: Vizio D-Series, D24f-F1
  • Screen size: 24-inch(61cms)
  • Display: 1080p LED display panel and DTS studio sound support inbuilt.
  • This model is the best Smallest smart TV with smart speakers and other smart features.
  • This model allows you to watch content, music, video from your favorite streaming apps and servers from your mobile device.
  • You can control the TV by using your own voice through your Google Assistant-powered smart speaker.
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4. LG 24LM520D-WU TV


This is worth buying if you want the smallest smart TV. It is almost the same as the VIZIO D-Series TV mentioned in 24- inches at the same price. But that model lacks in the image quality and this model has a higher resolution to make the image quality better.

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Best Features of this product

  • Price: $145.00
  • Brand: LG 24LM520D-WU
  • Screen size: 24-inches(61 cms)
  • Display: full HD resolution display panel
  • This model provides all the basic functionality from the HDMI port and its silver variant.
  • It also creates stunning lifelike image quality just because of the TV’s Triple XD Engine.
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5. Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA TV

Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA TV

If you want to buy the best in looks and class, then this option of Samsung is best for you. This model is one of the best with the best picture quality in the smallest smart TV and worth spending money on. This is not only best in looks but best with all its features as well, but it is a little expensive than others. If it is out of your budget then you can opt for other smallest smart TVs.

Best Features of this product

  • Price: $497.99
  • Brand: Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA
  • Screen size: 32-inches(81 cms)
  • Display: QLED 4K, HDR smart TV.
  • This model is amazing in the picture and stellar audio quality
  • It packs up with all of your favorite streaming apps so that you can watch the content of your smartphone on your TV screen. It also supports AirPlay 2 to cast your content.
  • It has amazing voice controls
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6. Samsung The Frame QLED TV

Samsung The Frame QLED TV

As its name suggests, the TV looks like a frame when mounted on the wall. Users also have the option to change the TV’s wood frame to better match their home decor. The Frame also comes bundled with Samsung’s brand-new, no- gap wall mount, so it sits flush against your wall. The Frame, which doubles as a gorgeous art exhibition when you’re not watching your favorite shows,

Best Features of this product

  • Price: $597.99
  • Brand: Samsung The Frame QLED
  • Screen size: 32-inches(81 cms)
  • Display: full HD resolution
  • This model is a fresh smart TV by Samsung.
  • It has an amazing feature of “art mode”. This allows and makes your display more beautiful and gorgeous.
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These are the top 6 best smallest smart TVs you can choose from as per the need and requirement of their features listed in the US television market.

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