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Best Tabaxi Names

Tabaxis are the humanoids that look like a cat. Their face is showing a face like a cat. Tabaxi is one of the D&D characters which attain various skills. Tabaxi loves to collect things like artifacts and also likes to gather stories. They rarely find each other in a single place for a long time. This character of the D&D role-playing game is expertise to protect their treasure and legends from the enemy.

Tabaxi names are a type of humanoid that has good height with great speed. Tabaxi is stealthy and agile in nature. They do not hesitate to share anything with anyone. Then share anything with others in normal conversation. Basically, if you want a character who hasm the ability with a mysterious personality then you can choose to play Tabaxi to play your D&D role-playing game.

Now, let’s talk about some features of tabaxi which helps to identify the abilities of Tabaxi.

Features of Tabaxi

Age:- Tabaxi has a good life span. Tabaxi life is equal to the age of a normal human.

Speed:- The walking speed of Tabaxi is about 30 feet

Size:- Tabaxi are good in height and they have an equal height of a human.

Score increase ability:– If you’re choosing a Tabaxi in your D&D role-playing game then it will increase your score by 2 points (Dexterity) and your Charisma score will increase by 1 point.

Language:- While playing the character of Tabaxi you can write and speak the Common language and you can choose one other language which you like to choose.

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Claws:- Tabaxi has a climbing speed of 20 feet. Their claws are also their natural weapons. It has the skills of perception and having a stealthy nature.

So, these are some basic features which help you to get more information about tabaxi. Now, we’re going to discuss the Tabaxi names.

Tabaxi names

Tabaxi names are poetic and descriptive also. They also have some nicknames which are mostly used by their friends. Tabaxi can be identified with their own names or from their clan names.


Top Funny D&D Tabaxi Names for Male and Female

  1. Call of the Owl (Owl)
  2. Steady Rock (Rock)
  3. Silent Thrill (Silent)
  4. Ancient Sea (Ancient)
  5. Lightning After Thunder (Lightning)
  6. Tranquil Berry (Berry)
  7. Wing of an Angel (Angel)
  8. Smoking Mirror (Smoke)
  9. The skirt of Snakes (Snake)
  10. Seven Thundercloud (Thunder)
  11. Belly of a Beast (Beast)
  12. The peak of Mountains (Peak)
  13. Six Thunder (Six)
  14. Flame of Passion (Passion)
  15. The beauty of Summer (Summer)
  16. Jewel of the Mountain (Jewel)
  17. Left-Handed Hummingbird (Bird)
  18. The wonder of the World (Wonder)
  19. Defiant Wish (Defiant)
  20. Golf thee Sun (Sun)
  21. Autumn Harvest (Autumn)
  22. Blos oms in Summer (Blossom)
  23. Hearty Snowflake (Hearty)
  24. Defiant Shore (Shore)
  25. Bird Feather (Bird)
  26. Sleeps Too Much (Sleeps)
  27. Roars Like a Lion (Roars)

Tabaxi names which we discussed above are most popular names. As I say that you can identify a Tabaxi by its clan name so, let’s discuss the clan names of tabaxi.

Tabaxi names (Clan names)

  1. Snoring Mountain
  2. Distant Rain
  3. Mountain Tree
  4. Rumbling River
  5. Bright Cliffs, etc.


Tabaxi is a great D&D character. A majority of D&D players like this character. The stealthiness and mysterious nature make this character more impressive. Here we discussed the Tabaxi names in D&D role-playing games.

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