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Thozhil Nedam become the No.1 Job Portal in Kerala

Thozhil Nedam is the no.1 job portal in Kerala. Here you can find an overseas job, government jobs, and all the abroad jobs. It is one of the popular for Job searching portal in India. The site has made it very easy for people to search for abroad jobs in the country. All we need to do is just open Google and search the company and we can find the latest vacancy announcement of the company.

In addition to this, we can even apply for the job in the meantime. This gives us huge benefits to search and apply for the job in a short period of time. There are a lot of job sites like Thozhil Nedam but most of them are fraud and scam sites. So, be aware of such sites and try to apply for vacancies from genuine sites.

thozhil nedam logo
thozhil nedam logo

If you are searching for overseas jobs or inside country jobs then the Thozhil Nedam site is for you. The site mainly posts job-related posts including overseas jobs and even many recruitment agencies have also posted their latest vacancy announcement in this site as well. You will find detailed information about the job, position, and requirements on this site. You will get a category section where you can browse the job as per your interest and skill.

Where is Thozhil Nedam Located?

Thozhil Nedam is an Indian based job searching portal. It was founded in Angamoozhy, Kerala, India, and its headquarter also located in Kerala, India. It was founded by brothers Subeesh Bose and Subash Bose. Till now they have served in various country including India, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and so on.

Till now they have sent thousands of people overseas for employment and job and on the regular basis. Besides, you can find the update of new jobs on tier site and social media. Thozhil Nedam has become one of the largest online companies in Kerala and it also has branches over different parts of South India. Currently, they are targeting people of the South Indian region. Very soon they expand it to a different place of the countries.

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Why Thozhil Nedam?

thozhil nedam

Thozhil Nedam is one of the large and popular portals for peoples seeking jobs abroad including Gulf countries, North-East Asian countries, Europe and Africa. However, it is mainly popular in the south Indian region including Kerala, Tami Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh.

The sites mainly focus on the people of this region for the vacancy announcements. You will get a bunch of vacancy announcements every single day and the best part is that you don’t have to pay money for it. You can visit this site and apply for the job for free of cost.

Till now many people has got a job from this site and some of them has also found highest paying packages as well. Besides this, many large and big companies post their vacancy announcement. This will let you direct contact with the company with getting involved with a middleman.

Types of job in Thozhil Nedam

Thozhil Nedam site has a lot of different types of the job listed on it. The most popular jobs include cleaning, Security, Hospitality, and Construction. Most of the jobs listed on this site are from Gulf countries and a lot jobs are available from other countries. Besides this, they also post the latest government jobs vacancy as well. However, you will get the latest Government job vacancy in Kerala as the sites mainly focus on people around that region.

Thozhil Nedam has contracted over large multinational companies and overseas recruitment agencies also so you can also find a job in the multinational company as well. They have a collab with various overseas companies up to now. So, they have remained as one of the largest overseas job portals in Kerala. If you are from the south Indian region then make sure to visit the site and know 7about the latest job vacancy announcement.

How to apply for the job in Thozhil Nedam sites?

Applying for a job is easy than you think all you need to do is find the right job as per your qualification and experience. Then, make an awesome CV and add everything about your qualification, experience, and skills.

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Now, send your CV through the company Email or manpower email. If you are selected and your skills match as per the company requirements you will receive a phone call about that. Then you need to visit the nearest manpower branches where they will help you to manage all paper documents. There you need to submit your passport and they will also interview your skill and knowledge on the job to which you are applying.

Before you apply for the visa you also need to show your medical report and police report which you will know after going there. Then you also have to pay some amount to apply for a visa as well. If you have some prior knowledge of the language of that country where you are going. It will also increase the chance of getting more salary packages and jobs going there. After all the necessary documents you have to wait a couple of months to get Visa. However, most people get Visa within months. After you receive your visa then all you need to do is plan a flight and you are good to go.

Job packages

While talking about the job packages it differs from jobs to place. You will also find detailed information about the packages on the website. Else you have to visit the nearest branch or manpower to know more about the packages.

Most of the jobs come with accommodation and free food while some jobs only offer you facility for accommodation only. The more package you receive the less you will be paid for but it is not the same for every job if you are well skilled and has years of hands-on experience then you will also receive good packages as well.


I hope that you have got the detailed information about the website and its information. If you are from India then you can find a lot of overseas jobs on this site.

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