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Top 27 Tumblr Nude Accounts

Tumblr nude accounts are accounts that contain various types of adult content. These accounts contain sex content such as sex photos, sex videos, nude selfies and much more. For people who don’t know what Tumblr is. Tumblr is an American microblogging and a social networking website. Tumblr was founded by David Karp in 2007 and is currently owned by Automatic. Tumblr is a platform that allows its users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Its users can also follow other users’ blogs and can also make blogs in private.

When it comes to Tumblr nude accounts. There are various Tumblr nude accounts present on Tumblr. But as there are many nude accounts and various other Tumblr accounts present on Tumblr. It is seen that people get confused in selecting some accounts from them. To take that confusion away, the top Tumblr nude accounts are mentioned below.

Top Tumblr nude accounts

1. Nude Beach Tumblr

Nude Beach Tumblr

“Nude Beach Tumblr” is a well-known Tumblr nude account. It is dedicated to the lifestyle of living in harmony with nature and others expressed through social nudity. It is one of the best pages for nude beach Tumblr videos, 2020 beach sex videos and images. “Nude Beach Tumblr” contains the most beautiful and natural images one would have ever seen from a Nude Beach photographer.

2. Female Boner

Female Boner is one of the best Tumblr nude accounts. Female Boner is well-known to provide free access to some of the best Tumblr female porn videos. Lady Boner is known as a female/lady equivalent of a boner for an “erection” dating back in the 1960s. Women/Females can experience a clitoral erection, which occurs when blood rushes to the clitoris, causing it to swell.

3. Indifferent Cats In Amateur Porn

“Indifferent Cats In Amateur Porn” is a Tumblr account for people who want to see cats ignoring people who are having sex. It provides photos and videos of cats ignoring sex going on around them. “Indifferent Cats in Amateur Porn” is the quirkiest and weirdest Tumblr page.

4. Boobs Are Cool

“Boobs Are Cool” it is hard to argue, as it is self-explanatory that this is one of the best Tumblr nude accounts. It is even harder to look away from the Tumblr blog “Boobs Are Cool”. Images and videos showing boobs can be seen in this account.

5. Hey, It’s April

Hey, It’s April is a Tumblr account known for images and videos of a well-known actress and pornstar April O’Neil. It is known for April O’Neil and its community. Initially, April O’Neil used to have its own Tumblr account. But after 2008 she started posting her porn stuff at various other platforms as well.

6. Erotic Storybook Saturday

“Erotic Storybook Saturday” is a Tumblr nude account where people can read the best sex and erotic stories online. These stories are only available for adults to read and not for under 18’s. Readers can also re-blog if they enjoy the stories.

7. Orgasmic Tips/Strategies For Girls

“Orgasmic Tips/Strategies For Girls” is a Tumblr account that contains orgasmic, masturbation, sex tips, erotic stories and videos for girls. If a person is looking to jerk “Orgasmic Tips/Strategies For Girls” can be said as one of the best accounts to watch.

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8. Art Or Porn

“Art Or Porn” is a Tumblr account that contains various types of porn content. It contains GIFs of curvy legs and coitus shots of planets, galaxies and artwork. It is a combination of art and erotica and nice books. “Art Or Porn” is a RedBled approved account.

9. How To Make Me Come

“How To Make Me Come” is a Tumblr nude account that has been set up by a 27-year-old writer. This anonymous Tumblr account is to teach How To Take Her All The Way There. It is an account that contains the mysteriousness of female orgasm, to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. The female orgasm is framed as some complex, finicky and complicated in this Tumblr account.

10. Wonderland

Wonderland is one of the best Tumblr and sexy Tumblr accounts. Wonderland is known as the much-vaunted sexy nude accounts. The content present on Wonderland is only for adults and not for under 18. It contains various types of sex photos, videos, posts and blogs.

11. Flavor The Kitty

“Flavor The Kitty” provides access to its valued users to some of the best Taste The Kitty Tumblr porn videos. It is one of the sexy nude Tumblr accounts once reigned. It is known as an account to embrace thirst with Taste This Kitty’s delectable buffet of boning and sex.

12. The Gifer

The Gifer is a perfect place/Tumblr account for people who are crazy about porn gifs. It also provides links to follow various blogs separately as well. The Gifer is a platform to not only watch gifs but also to download the same. It also provides celebrity nudes and non-nude gifs.

13. Always Horny

“Always Horny” is a Tumblr nude account that provides access to nude and sexy videos, photos etc. It comes with always horny features such as lots of blowjobs and rough sex. “Always Horny” provides a collection of nude and sexy female photos, selfies and gifs.

14. Speak To Me Personally

“Speak To Me Personally” is one of the best Tumblr porn accounts. It provides various types of porn Tumblrs, featuring articles, videos, photos and much more. “Speak To Me Personally” is known for its erotic talk, imagery sex content for adults and language to phish. Many frustrated and sad people have become happy using “Speak To Me Personally”.

15. Partners Goals

“Partners Goals” is one of the sexy Tumblrs and public Tumblr nude accounts. It provides a lot of images that depict partners getting down, sometimes with the help of a partner or two. It makes a person understand how different everyone is. Also how much a person needs to listen to his/her partner and their body as well. “Partners Goals” is not a sex blog but is a beautiful combination of couples and friends.

16. Leggy Babes

Leggy Babes is a sexy Tumblr porn blog known for taking that sentiment to heart, offering nary a nipple to be found. It is a sexy, nudity-free space for people who would leave something to the imagination. This account focuses on women with great legs, whether in leggings, short skirts, swimsuits, or any configuration a person could imagine. It provides all from professional pin-ups to amateur models with equal enthusiasm.

17. Hooked On Fucking And Intercourse

“Hooked On Fucking And Intercourse” is one-stop for people addicted to fucking and sex. It is also known as the one-stop for a digital porn shop, boasting and much more. It is known to provide free access to some of the best Tumblr addicted to fucking and sex.

18. Romantic Pornography

Various people don’t have a platform to go for porn. For them, Romantic Pornography is the best and one-stop. Romantic Pornography aims pornography to be at the heart of people. Romantic Pornography is easy to use platform for porn images, blogs, videos, gifs and much more.

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19. Lady Cheeky

Lady Cheeky is known as something more than a Tumblr nude account, by its blog hosted there. It provides curated porn at its finest and even includes sex toy reviews. It also includes an NSFW coloring book that’s delightfully naughty for just $16.45. Lady Cheeky is known as a great resource for high-brow hotties and body positivity. This is said by its dedicated sections for BBW lovers and sapiosexuals.

20. Couple Goals

Couple Goals tumblr

“Couple Goals” is not a traditional Tumblr nude account or a traditional Tumblr porn site. It is known as one of the best destinations for lusting hearts. It is a place for people to express themselves, discover themselves and bond over the stuff they want to. It gives access to porn and sex photos, videos, quotes, links, chat, text and much more.

21. Addicted To Fucking And Sex

“Addicted To Fucking And Sex” is known as the one-stop for digital porn shop. Also known for boasting an impressive archive and a button for longer videos. If a person is unbiased about his/her lovemaking love then “Addicted To Fucking And Sex” is the best.

22. Let’s Get Naked And Party

“Let’s Get Naked And Party” is known to feature a buffet of blowjobs and penetration. “Let’s Get Naked And Party” is managed by two females and another fella. The same that a person comes to expect from the best porn Tumblr blog. It is a sort of porn Tumblr which makes a person think before he/she will get on an Erotica Tumblr site. It is known to provide day-to-day adult stories with a brand.

23. The Art Of Porn

“The Art Of Porn” is one of the best Tumblr nude and sexy Tumblr accounts. It is an account that provides various sex photos, videos, gifs, nude selfies and much more. It is well known to post adult content including nudity and pornography. “The Art Of Porn” is one of the top Tumblr accounts of 2020.

24. Dirty Berd

Dirty Berd was originally started as a person’s outlet for an anonymous author’s sexual exploration. After some time, Dirty Berd evolved into one of the best sex-positive spaces on sexy Tumblr. Various things such as sex advice, GIFs from porn, clips from Lana Del Rey video can be found on Dirty Berd.

25. Melbournebator

“Melbournebator” is a well-known Tumblr nude account for sexy GIFs. It also provides the best sexy Tumblr porn blogs for a person to get started. “Melbournebator” is a sexy and public nude Tumblr account once reigned. It is famous to provide black and white sex and elegant images.

26. Kawaii BDSM

Kawaii BDSM

“Kawaii BDSM” is one of the best porn Tumblr accounts around. “Kawaii BDSM” is known as a heaven for BDSM porn. It is a free service which can be used by anyone without any subscription. “Kawaii BDSM” includes everything for everyone. It includes things for Little Princess or Prince, Kitten, Pet and General BDSM! DDLG, Kinky & Sex-Positive affordable Items.

27. Erotic Beauty And BDSM

“Erotic Beauty And BDSM” is a Tumblr nude account with artful images, amateur sex blogs, BDSM aficionados and an impressive curation. It is available for free without any signup, membership, registration or subscription required. It uploads photos, selfies, videos, and erotic BDSM GIFs daily.


Tumblr declared to ban the content featuring nudity in 2018 to make it a better and a positive place. This decision went into effect starting from 17 December 2018. This decision was met with a lot of backlash from users who viewed the site as a safe place. Especially for users who used Tumblr to explore their identity and sexuality. Tumblr then made a new policy for Tumblr nude accounts. According to this policy it deleted content portraying “real-life human genitals or female-presenting nipples.”

The above mentioned Tumblr nude accounts are accounts according to the new policy of Tumblr. These accounts do not contain any content banned according to the new policy.

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