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What is Superfetch? And how to disable?

Superfetch is a technology that is used in windows to operate the RAM (Random Access Memory) of the computer. Superfetch is one of the most major programs for every Windows computer. Basically, it is a part of Windows memory which is used for proper utilization of the memory of the computer. Superfetch also contains a less effective version which is called Prefetch.

This version is used in Windows XP. When Windows 10 was introduced to the general public it faced some complaints of low quality and slow performance. Well, let me tell you that Superfetch is one of the ways to solve the problem of the slow and sluggish nature of windows 10. In this article, we’re going to discuss how to What is superfetch? And how to disable.

What is superfetch? (Introduction of Superfetch)

superfetch windows

Superfetch is introduced by Windows to boost up their performance more than before. According to the officials of the Superfetch “It improves the overtime performance of the computer memory”.

The option of super-rich clearly appears in the option of the Windows task manager. It analyzes the apps which you’re using frequently and stores its data in itself. It also shows the working time of apps that you use. Due to this system, you can easily analyze the apps used by you. Superfetch stores the data of the application which you use. So, when you reopen the app then superfetch instantly opens the app and increases the performance because it has the data of the app when you used it previously. Let me tell you one more thing that superfetch is different from Prefetch. Prefetch doesn’t analyze the usage of patterns over time and it (Prefetch) works on Windows XP.

So, here we discuss the introduction of Superfetch. Now, to proceed to our main topic which is What is superfetch? And how to disable it but before it I want to introduce some problems with Superfetch.

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Problems of Superfetch

  • Superfetch always runs in the background and this service takes the help of CPU and RAM to run properly.
  • It doesn’t eliminate the need for the apps which are loaded in the RAM. So, when you open an app without superfetch then it automatically slows down the performance of the application.
  • If you’re a heavy gamer then the super-rich can create some problems for you.
  • This makes your system sluggish because it preloads your data from HDD and RAM. It fulfills the empty space of HDD and this will lead to making your system sluggish.

There are many other minor problems which you have to face when you enable superfetch. Yes, it is true that it can increase the speed of the application but also increase some minor problems. Now, a question must arise: Is it safe to disable superfetch?

Yes, you can easily disable this super-rich without any worry. The disabling process of Superfetch doesn’t contain any risk of side-effects. I suggest that your system is running well then leave it but if your system generates a problem then you can disable it. Now, let’s discuss how to disable superfetch?

How to disable Superfetch?

To disable super-rich, there are 2 ways by which you can easily disable it.

  1. By the use of Services app and
  2. By using the registry editor

So, let’s discuss one by one about the methods and how you can disable the superfetch from these methods.

Disable superfetch with the use of services app

  • Firstly, open and desktop and find the option and find the option of the Start menu. Click on it and search for the option of services. This will easily appear in the middle of your screen. Click on the services menu. If you want to do it quickly then you have to click the Windows+R key and after that, you have to search the option of services.msc. at the last click on ok to confirm your command.
  • A new menu will open in front of you, find the option of superfetch. Once you find this option then do a right-click on it. Now, an option to stop superfetch will appear on your screen. Click on it and the superfetch is disabled now.
  • Now, right-click on the option of superfetch again and go to the option of Properties to disable the running services of superfetch. Find the option of ” Startup type” and click to disable it.
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So, in this way you can disable the function if superfetch with the use of services app. Now, discuss the 2nd method which is helpful to disable the superfetch from your desktop.

Disable superfetch with the use of registry editor

  • Open your desktop and click on the Start menu option. Now, search for the regedit option on the search bar of the start menu. If you want to do a shortcut process for this then you can easily do this by pressing windows+R. When a search bar opens then type Regedit on this option.
  • Click the OK option to confirm your search. A menu will open in front of you where you have to find the option of Superfetch. Right-click on it and wait.
  • Once you click on the option, this will open a panel in front of you. Here, you see the option of the value name where “Enable superfetch” will appear. A box which contains the option of “Value data”. Right-click on it to modify this. Now, place it to the 0 number. Hence your superfetch is disabled.

In this way, you can easily disable the superfetch with the use of a registry editor.

So, here we discussed all the information about What is superfetch? And how to disable. I am sure that now you can easily disable superfetch. Let me remind you again that if your system is running properly then don’t try to disable superfetch. Disable superfetch only when you’re facing some problem with this. Hope you like it.

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