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Yiff Party: How to use and Its Alternatives

These days piracy has increased so much that content creator is unable to stop it. Yiff.Party is a piracy website where you can get access to free content of popular sites like Fantia, Fanbox, and Patreon. They use Web Scraper tools to crawl the campaign form every popular site o the internet. You can find the work of almost every sues from Patreon and Fantia and Fanbox. Due to its piracy features, it is often ignored by many content creators. It was created in 2015 and since now it is running and has more millions of content from different contributors.

It was created by 8kun (8chan) name anonymous user and till now there no such information regarding his location and info. The website receives millions of traffic every month and it has become a privacy hub where you can easily download the contribution of any people. Till now the website like Patreon is unable to do anything regarding its piracy. In the first months after the creation of the website much popular content creators request to remove their work from the site. However, the content wasn’t removed and was criticized by many people on their posts and also got bad comments as well.

There are many creators who come on this website and request to remove their work form the site. At last they creator get bad comments and disrespectful comment and their post will be deleting after few months. There are many complaint files against this site but one is able to remove this site from the search engine. This site you can mainly found the content like drawing and 3D drawing for games and movies.

What is Yiff party?

Yiff Party is a popular website where you can found the content of Patreon, Fanbox, and so on. The upside with this website is you can easily download the wok of other content creators for free. You don’t have to pay a little penny for it as well. Apart from this, if you are a content creator in Patreon or other popular sites then your content might be on this site and people can use it for free as well. You can see many content creators requesting to delete their posts from the site. They get bad comments and disrespectful messages and in the end.

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In 2016 Patreon introduce its features so that the website like Yiff can scrap its content on its website. However, the Yiff website bypasses the access of content to new features. In 2017 Yiff  website introduces account registration features that allow users to leeching from outside of accounts were only people who contribute to the website.

How to use Yiff party?

Yiffparty easily accesses to anyone all you need to do is search Yiff party in Google or any search engine you have. Then search the people whose content you want to download from the search tab. At you can fund all most every content creator from Patreon, Fanbox, and Fantia. You can download anything from a premium project to games and software easily from the Yiff website.

Many sites and popular content creators have criticized this site and took legal action to prevent their content from piracy but nothing occurs. But, nobody can be successful in it. Now, Yiff also has a contribution to its website that uploads the content from other sites like Apart from this, there are many alternatives to the Yiff  Partywebsite from where you can easily get the content likes images, software, and videos.


There are many popular sites like Yiff on the internet where you can easily found pirated content easily. However, downloading and using pirated content without the permission of the content creators is illegal. The alternatives to the Yiff website are mentioned below:

1. F95zone


It is another popular website that is similar to the Yiff,party website. In this website, you will get all kinds of adult games and comics. On this website, you can get every kind of adult game all you need to do is just click on their category section and click on the adult games tab. While downloading anything from such a site make sure that they also contain the virus and steal your information. So, make sure about that while downloading anything from it.

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2. Thothub


Thothub is a popular website where you can download free adult videos from popular premium sites like YouTube, Twitch, Discord, and Patreon. You can download free adult videos and photos. This website is a ban in many countries as well because of its piracy. The website receives millions of traffic every month and it has become a hub for pirated adult content.

3. e-hentai


It is another popular adult content sharing site where you get millions of videos and photos easily. The website receives millions of traffic every month and it also has a large number of content creators which helps the user to engage more on this site. It is one of the largest free websites for adult galleries.

4. Dirtyship


Dirtyship is another popular site that is mainly known for its adult gallery and games. On this website you can get any kinds of adult games and pictures. The website uploads photos form twitch, Instagram, and Patreon. You can also download cosplay videos as well. Dirtyship has become a popular site for sharing adult related content.


I hope that you have got every related to the Yiff Party website the website ahs start getting its popularities these days for its pirated content. The website receives more than 7 million traffic every month and 95k daily new users. It was created by 8kun (8chan) users who are unknown up to now over the time this website has received a lot of controversy for its piracy content. The website getting so much popular these days and as also got many new contributors for its website as well. Besides this, it has received so many warnings and legal action but the website is still operating and sharing content from many popular sites like Discord, Patreon, and Fanbox.

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