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Young Nudism is a lifestyle of Young Nudist professes that with the absence of clothing one can socialize in non-sexual ways. Examples of nudist behavior include, skinny dipping, nude resort activities, as well as clothing optional beaches. Although Naturism is the modem day term for Young Nudist , both are used interchangeably. One might ask, what is the difference between nudity and nudism? According to Fred llfeld Jr. and Roger Lauer, nudity, in general, refers to ‘ he absence of clothing,” whereas young nudism itself is a social activity comprised of organized groups of people.

The term used in modem society today is Naturist. According to young nudist is: “The practice of going nude socially: that is in mixed groups of both sexes and all ages, for the sake of health and recreation or other circumstances which makes it convenient and pleasant to do so; always provided that those who are nude do not expose themselves to view of those who are not nudists or who would be offended thereby.”

In the United States, there are Young Nudist currently exists varying perceptions about Social Young Nudist. Some consider it a form of expression, while others find the behavior deviant . The article focuses on a specific group known as the Young Naturists, the present day term for Nudists, a social culture that engages in complete nudity in a community setting. I chose this topic in an effort to increase awareness of this culture and to expel some of the misconceptions which have existed for many years. I have always been curious about this lifestyle so when the opportunity arose for me to attend a Naturist resort, I couldn’t resist.

Naturists claim the many benefits of nudity enhance their overall health and therefore are conducive to a wholesome way of living, positively affecting one’s mental, spiritual, and physical well being. Though they find their attempts at existence and acceptance being challenged by influential, pre- existing, negative ideals about the naked human body, this culture continues to attract new members. This has resulted in the need for more resorts and other activities to support this lifestyle. Included in my paper are scholarly studies, interviews, and personal observations and experiences regarding Social Nudism as it exists in the United States today.

Young Nudist


When it comes to studying of Young  Nudist photography of Young Nudist there definitely seems to be a preference for shooting in black and white over color. It is perhaps because the former allows the artists to better engage with the great contrasts and beauty of the human body. It isn’t a monopoly though, and there are some wonderful artists who explore nudity in color, as you shall see in this article.

A Young Nudist art model poses for any visual artist as part of the creative process, providing a visual reference for the human figure in a work of art. However, more than being simply the subject of art, models are often thought of as muses, a source of inspiration without whom the art would not exist.  The most common types of art works that use models are figure drawing, figure painting, sculpture and photography of Young Nudist , but almost any medium may be used like ramp walk.

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Some top model names of Young Nudist ;

John Galliano

A model walked the runway in a sheer slip dress that exposed her breasts.Yves Saint Laurent a model wore a draped one-shoulder dress on the Saint Laurent runway, exposing more than just her shoulder.

Chanel Fall

Young Nudist

Brazilian model Gisele Zelauy walked the Chanel runway with the fashion house’s signature camellia flower covering both of her breasts.

Helena Christensen


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Modeled another fishnet-dominated look during the Chanel runway. Her ensemble was decked out with old chain details and layered pearl and beaded necklaces.

Sonia Rykiel

Tyra Banks appeared on the catwalk wearing a relaxed suit and a sheer mesh top, accessorized with a coordinating beret and a belt bag.

Chanel Haute Couture

Naomi Campbell wore a fluid silk dress on the Chanel Haute Couture runway with one strap slipped from her shoulder.


The Young Nudist Society is an organization that promotes clothing-optional recreation for the benefit
of gaining a better understanding and acceptance of one’s body. It strongly opposes the idea of exploiting the naked human body for entertainment or sexual purposes. According to the Society’s handbook: ”Naturism is a way of life characterized by the practice of social nudity, with the aim of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment.” Founded by TNS Lee Baxandall,

young nudist

The Naturist Society began in the 1970’s with what became known as the free beach movement. Today enrollment surpasses 27,000 members. Its quarterly magazine, called Nude & Natural, formerly named Clothed with the Sun, continues to be the authority on socially responsible and adventurous social nudity. Nude & Natural is the leading publication on Naturism in America, and serves as a source of information about nude recreation, travel resorts, as well as up-to-date legislation.

Membership in The Young Nudist Society includes many benefits such as discount rates to clubs and resorts worldwide, the ability to participate in annual events held throughout the U.S., and voting privileges in the election of directors for two affiliated organizations, the

Individuals Who Engage in Young Nudist/Naturism

What types of people engage in young Nudist /Naturism? The answer to this question is rather simple. All types of people, including married couples, families and singles, from various backgrounds, social classes (white collar, blue collar), and professions (Physicians, bankers, teachers, lawyers, postal workers etc.), enjoy social nudism. Most Naturists are well-educated, registered voters and have strong religious views. Although all Naturists

Share the common beliefs in Young Nudist that the human body is dignified and worthy of respect, the benefits of nudism varies from person to person. For some, nudism is a form of relaxation and stress relief in a natural state in a natural surrounding allowing for a deeper connection with the earth. Others experience improvement in self-esteem and body image and discover that social relationships are more significant because they are based on character instead of wealth, social status, or physical appearance. Whatever the reasons for becoming a Young Nudist all agree that they have the right to be nude at appropriate times and places, whether in private or public settings.

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young nudist 2

To date, participation in social nudism seems to have attracted more men then women as measured by most surveys concerning social nudity. In most cases, naked men currently outnumber naked women on clothing optional beaches, and, as previously stated in the 2000NEF/Roper Poll conducted by the Naturist Education Society, the approval for nude beaches still ranks higher among males then females.


Although there are several elements influencing social Young Nudist , one cannot assume that these elements are solely responsible for each individuals views. During the course of our lives we encounter many people and experiences which contributes to our awareness in life thereby modifying our old beliefs from childhood. Often times, our earliest religious teachings contributes to our attitudes regarding Young Nudist and the naked human body, referring to the “fall” of Adam and Eve, whereby sin, guilt, and shame, were first cast upon humans.

Being Catholic, I can say that I have had my share of experiences regarding, sin, guilt, and shame. I can recall, throughout my childhood and teenage years, going to confession every week in an attempt to free my conscience from guilt and what I thought at the time were sins. Since then, thank goodness, I learned that I am not a bad person andcan actually laugh about some of my reasons feeling the need to confess. However, negative attitudes about the naked human body still exist today because of some religious teachings.

For example, in most religions, premarital sex still carries the stigma of being “wrong, and dirty” resulting in shame and guilt for many people choosing to cross over boundaries by engaging in the act. The message being conveyed here is that nudity and sex go hand and hand, and is something to be ashamed of, while ignoring the positive emotional an spiritual bonds so many couples base their relationships on

I felt emotionally disturbed after I left the Young Nudist camp, for about two days. I needed to talk about it and process it verbally to try to understand what I was feeling. Many of my friends were surprised to learn that I, who has been a life drawing model for 25 years and recently returned to the job after a 20 year hiatus, had a challenging time. Why? What was going on?

There is a huge difference between taking off my clothing and sitting on the modeling stand (enables artists to learn how to draw the human form) and hanging out with a shit ton of naked people. I am the only one nude on the modeling stand. I look out onto completely clothed people and I observe them. They certainly look at me, but they are looking at the shadow the light makes on my skin, the way my hip curves, the shape of my eye. I don’t dwell on the fact that I am clothed and they are not. So someone said, “Oh, so you have a difficult time with everyone ELSE being naked? “ Yes I suppose I did.

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