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Best Android apps to Make Money

We use a plethora of apps in our daily life. According to a survey an average person spends 4 hours on their phone per day. Out of 4 hours, we spent 90% time using any app. But very few people know that they can earn money from android apps. Are to curious to know about these apps? If yes then all you need to do is read the article till the end to know about the best android apps that can make money and increase your income.

Best Android apps to Make Money

1) YouTube

I think YouTube comes first on the list. Many people made it their full- time job to earn money. People are earning tons of money from YouTube. You can also earn from it. All you need to do is make a YouTube account first. Then start uploading creative and unique videos. Once you get traffic of people on your channel, YouTube will pay your per view and per like on your videos. The more views and likes you get on your video the more money you get from YouTube.

2) Meesho

Meesho is a shopping app that welcomes the resellers. It is an app which provides clothes and daily need things at a very low cost. You can purchase these clothes at a low price and resell them after adding your commission to the price. Most housewives are earning a good amount of money from this app. You can also earn if you have good skills for shopkeepers.

3) MPL

MPL is launched about one year ago. And it is becoming the fastest growing money earning app. Also, it is very simple and easy to use. It is basically a game app. Many games are combined in this app. You need

to place a small bit of money before playing a game. If you won you can win double amount. You can also play games without placing bits, to practice. Once you get good command on a game you can place a bit on that game and earn tons of money.

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4) Google opinion rewards

Goggle opinion rewards is a survey app. It provides your survey. You need to fill those surveys. It could be on hotel review, product review, or related to anything. It provides you very short surveys. You can even fill those surveys while waiting in a queue. You will be paid for each time you answer a question in the survey. You can withdraw the money once you reach the withdraw limit. It is the simplest way to earn money from android apps.

5) Slidejoy

Slidejoy is an advertisement app. You can earn a good amount from it. Firstly download the app and signup. After that, it will show various ads on the lock screen of your phone. You can swipe left to know more about the ad and you can swipe right to go to your home screen. Each time you swipe you will get Carats in your account.

1000 Carats are considered as $1. You can withdraw money from it using PayPal or it provide gift services like amazon gift card, goggle pay gift card etc. From a small child to older adults everyone can do this to earn money.

6) Swagbucks

Swagbucks is considered as leader of the survey apps. It paid about one million dollars to its users so far. You can earn from swagbucks by doing online shopping, participating on surveys and answering simplest questions. This is one of the highest money making apps.

7) Hago

Hago is very similar to MPL. It is also a game app. You need to play games in it to earn money. The only difference between hago and MPL is that you do not need to place any bit to play games or to earn money. It has a money plant option. You need to plant that tree and it will give you coins. You can redeem those coins as money. You have to play games to collect water. Also, it has many games like spinning wheels. Hago is a good app to make money and gifts as well.

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8) Like

We have so many like users. But very few of them know that you van use like to earn money. For the people who don’t know about it. It is basically a video calling app where you have to post the videos. And other users will like your videos and follow you. Once you got 1000 followers you can come live on like. When you will be live on like people will send you gifts and coins. You have to collect those coins and you can redeem these coins via PayPal or any other given method.

9) Pact

It is a health app. By using this app you can stay healthy and get paid also. Download it on your device. It can be downloaded for both Android and IOs. You have to select a goal or task according to your capacity. You will be paid when you achieve your goal. But you have to give money to other users in case you fail to achieve the goals. This is quite a fair app.

10) Scoopshot

This is the best app for photogenic persons. You will get a payment fir clicking pictures. All you need to do is click photos of any nearby event. And upload it on Scoopshot. You will receive your payment each time you click a picture. Actually, these photos were used by media and journalists to print them in newspapers or magazines. Try this app it is very easy to use. But make sure you upload photos of real events not fake ones in order to make money.

11) Freelancer

As its name suggests it is an app that provides work to freelancers. Login into it and you will find work related to every field like writing, marketing, business, teaching, sales, and about everything. If you think you are capable of doing these things you must try freelancer since.

There were the top 11 android apps that can make money. You can download any according to your ease.

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