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What are the most profitable and popular niches on YouTube?

YouTube is an online platform where one can find videos related to almost every topic. It is the fastest growing social media app. About 1.3 billion made a channel on YouTube so far and out of them, about 30 million people visit YouTube daily. About 5 billion people watch videos on YouTube every single day. And about 3 hours of video content uploaded every single minute. These are some of the amazing and surprising facts about YouTube.

Today there are so many people who are earning a huge amount of money from YouTube. In fact, many people made it their full-time job. All you need to do is make a YouTube channel and post creative and unique videos on it. But this is the most difficult part of earning money from YouTube.

Many YouTubers get confused about what niches they should choose to make money? Or you can say what are the most profitable niches on YouTube? In this article, you are going to find out what are the most popular and profitable niches on YouTube and how you can earn money from YouTube.

How to earn money from YouTube?

You can earn money from YouTube by creating your own channel. Start posting videos on your channel. You will be paid for each like and views you got on your YouTube channel. You can also join the YouTube partner program. You need a minimum of 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months. You can make an AdSense account to earn money. But the different task is how to choose the best and profitable niches to make videos on YouTube?

Most profitable and popular niches on YouTube

1. Beauty and fashion

This is the highest paid niche on YouTube. You can find every second YouTuber making videos on beauty and fashion. Nowadays every single person is possessed with beauty and fashion. Mainly girls love to do skincare and try new dresses. Therefore everyone likes to watch this kind of video.

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You can do skincare videos or you can go for different kinds of hauls. You can make videos on clothing haul, beauty products haul, shoe haul, skincare routine, best shopping app, or anything you find related to beauty and fashion.

2. Gaming

The craze of gaming in youth in increasing day by day. People used to post videos on gaming before but it becomes very popular recently. If you are a pro gamer you can Livestream your gaming. This is one of the most profitable niches on YouTube. Nowadays people are so crazy about gaming that they are watching every single video related to gaming. You can Livestream your game or you can give advice related to every game.

3. Health and fitness

Every single people want a healthy life and a fit body. Many of them join the gym or they will hire a dietician to plan their diet. But many people cannot afford the fees or they don’t have time to go to the gym. Hence You Tube become the last option for them. Therefore you can earn a lot of money by posting videos related to health and fitness. You can post videos of doing exercises, giving advice, planning a healthy diet, or what you think will fit into health and fitness.

4. Food and cooking

You can earn money by posting videos about food or cooking recipes. You can become a food blogger also. People like to eat different kinds

of foods in different places. This is also the highest-earning niches on YouTube because Coronavirus is spreading everywhere and people afraid of going to restaurants. Therefore everyone is trying to cook different kinds of food at home. Therefore they will search for different recipes on YouTube on different can post about different recipes on YouTube and earn a lot of money.

5. Travel

90% of people are traveling lover. Everyone wants to travel the whole world. There are so many people who search for the places they are going to visit. Therefore if you have good knowledge of places then you can post videos about traveling. You can become a travel blogger. People love to watch and explore new places digitally.

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6. Vlog

If you have a huge fan base then you can start vlogging. Your fans love to know about your lifestyle and your daily activities or anything related to you. Therefore you can vlog about your house tour, room tour, closet tour, doing your favorite activity, your daily routine, or anything that you like to blog.

7. Entertainment

Entertainment is something everyone wants after a long busy day. Many people open their YouTube in search of entertainment. You can earn tonsils of money by posting entertainment videos. You can post videos related to dance, singing, acting, and vines. Vines are very popular on YouTube.

8. Funny videos

Who doesn’t like to watch funny videos on YouTube channel after a long busy day? You can either collect funny videos from the internet or
you can make your own. Make compilations of many funny videos and the most it on your YouTube tube channel. It also channels the great niches to earn money on YouTube.

9. Pets and animals

Make funny videos of pets and animals or collect from your tube and make compilations and post it on your channel. People especially girls love this kind of video. This is also one of the most profitable niches on YouTube.

These were the most profitable and most popular niches on YouTube. You can earn money by posting videos on these niches. Before trying all these niches you must remember one thing that good things always take time. You must be know how to be patience in this field. It is not possible that people will love your first video and give you thousands of likes. Keep on posting creative and unique videos from the above niche and one day you are going to make a great fan base. Good luck with your future posts on YouTube.

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