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Sell photos online: Best Ideas for your photographs

Nowadays, the world has become fully digital. In today’s time, we can do most of our work online. This internet revolution is very beneficial for the economy of every country because people can each communicate with each other no matter where they are living. This will also generate lots of new career options for the people. Lots of people are earning passive income through the internet. Many multinaftional companies also exist only because of the Internet. People can buy or sell whatever they want at a reasonable price.

The Internet also gives a big blast in the field of photo selling. Now, people can easily sell their captured photos on the internet. A question must arise: who bought these photos? Well, plenty of companies are ready to buy your photos. You just have to click the photos and offer them to buy your photos. Because of the internet, many new types of photographers got the chance to promote their work globally. Let me notify you that online photo selling is a great business and you can earn a tremendous income from selling your photos online. Most of the people do photo selling business as their part-time work but some of them are working as a full-time photo seller.

The Internet increases the scope of photography. It opens many new opportunities for photographers to work and earn tremendous income through photography. Before starting photography you have knowledge about the equipment which is used in photography. So, let’s discuss the equipment needed in photography.

Photography equipment

The main equipment which is used in photography is the Camera. It is not necessary that you can sell photos only when you have a DSLR camera. The availability of a DSLR camera only increases the options to sell your photos. If you have a smartphone that has a good camera quality then you can sell photos . So, the first requirement of online photo selling is a camera with an internet connection.

The second most important equipment for online photo selling is good quality editing software. This equipment is the second most important equipment of photography because without editing software you’re not able to make your photo unique and attractive. 1. Faststone Image Viewer, 2. PIXLR and GIMP are some of the best editing software which you can use to edit your photos.

Now, Let’s discuss the types of photographers who are selling their photos online.

Types of photographers who are selling their photos online.

The availability of photographers has increased after the presence of the internet. Various types of new photographers who are doing very good work on the internet and earn tremendous amounts of money.

Featured photographers

These types of photographers are specialized in providing photos that tell something to others. Featured photographers mostly provide photos of travel and wildlife. They’re not wildlife photographers because they don’t have any specific work. They can sell photos of anything which relates to the world.

Commercial photographers

These types of photographers are also called industrial photographers. They mostly captured photos like machines, merchandise, and also took photos from events. They sell the photos of new machines. These photographers are always in demand.

Advertising photographers

These photographers earn the maximum income among all the other photographers. We all know that the advertising media is the highest running media and the need for Advertising photographers is needed to advertise the products.

Freelance photographers

Freelance photographers are one of the highest demanded photographers in the photography industry. They mostly deal with foreign clients. They got their work from some freelancing platforms and work in return for money.

There are some other photographers like Fashion photographers and scientific photographers who are earning a great income from selling their photos online. I hope that now you understand the future scope and current opportunities for photographers. Now, let’s discuss how you can sell photos online. We’re going to cover the topic through the old and new ways of selling photos online.

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How to sell photos online?

If you have your personal website then you can sell your photos through your website. This is the best way to sell photos because here you don’t need to pay any commission to any party. The difficult part is to build your website as a good online photo selling platform. Well, if you don’t have any personal website then you can go for the other ways of selling photos online. There are two ways by which you can sell your photos online with the help of your third party platform. The 2 ways are described as the Old way and Modern way of selling photos online.

The traditional way of selling photos online

People who are using the traditional way to sell the photos have to give an application to any microstock website. If the executives of microstock websites give approval to you then only you can post your photos in their gallery. This method was not favorable from the point of view of the photographer because microstock companies provide only a 30% commission to the photographer. The remaining income was retained by the company.

The modern way of selling photos online

In traditional photo selling people sell their photos in microstock but in a modern way the power to promote photos shifted from microstock to Visual society. Visual society is the best and easiest way for selling photos online. Visual Society is a favorable platform for photographers which offers 70% of the total income to photographers and retains only 30% as their commission.

The visual society also offers a feature for photographers so that they can select the price of their photos. This makes the work of photographers easier and reliable. If you want to sell your photos on Visual society then you can take a 14 days free trial for experiencing the working process of Visual Society. So, we discussed what are the ways by which photographers sell their photos online. Now, we’re going to discuss how you can sell your photographs online as stock photography.

How to sell photos as stock photography.

Stock image photography has taken a high bounce in the past 5 years. The demand for the photos who are in stock is very high. Most businessmen always want to buy photos according to their requirements in bulk. Let me tell you one more thing that many microstock websites are offering a good amount to the photographers in the exchange of stock photos.

People like businessmen, bloggers, authors, and designers are always searching for stock photos on an online photo selling platform. They need photos on a specific subject that’s why they always choose stock photography. You have to offer your photos in bulk and on a specific topic suppose Machinery. People who are searching for the content related to your content contact you to buy your photos. This is how you can sell your stock photos online.

Many people do not prefer to sell their photos on stock photography due to their own reasons. So, you can go for another option which is WordPress. Let’s discuss how you can sell photos on the WordPress website.

How to sell photos through the WordPress website

If you’re not comfortable selling your photos on visual photos or in stock then WordPress Website can be your next choice. You can build your own website on WordPress and sell your photos. This method is the most profitable method which gives you the opportunity to earn maximum income from your product (photos).

Well, selling photos through your WordPress website is not easy work because this method only works if you have a community that connects you through your website. Some people think that to make a good WordPress website the availability of heavy investment is necessary but it was true in the past. Now, everyone can make their website good through their content. So, you can create a good WordPress website without any investment.

My suggestion:–  I personally suggest you search for the criteria in which people had a great interest and they wanted to buy those kinds of photos. Provide those content to them and after some time your website will automatically become famous.

So, we discussed how you can sell your photos through various mediums like stock photography, WordPress website, Microstock platforms. Now, we’re going to discuss the platforms which offer you to promote your photos and help you to sell them out.

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Platforms where you can sell your photos

There are many third-party platforms that promote the photographers to sell their photos on their platform. The best of the websites are mentioned below.

1. Picfair


Picfair is one of the leading websites for online photo selling. This website offers you to select the price of your photo. You can use this feature to promote your photos. To keep the price of your photos low can attract more customers to buy your photo instead of
others. The company adds 20% of your selecting price of the photo but the photographer gets its estimated price of the photo.

2. 500px


500px is a marketplace where you can sell your photos easily. This website provides the feature of analysis and comparison facility so that the photographer can analyze its data and compare the fare to other photographers. To join this marketplace of online photo selling you just have to make your free account on the website and start posting the photos.

3. Alamy


If you’re new in photography then I personally recommend you to join Alamy. This is one of the best places where you can easily sell your photos online. This website is the best website for new photographers because it offers a plan not to charge any commission for 2 years. It means that in your starting time you got 100% of the selling price of your photo. This offer is available only for students or for new photographers. If you have experience in photography then this company doesn’t give you many benefits. In this case, the photographer gets only 50% of the selling price of the photo.

4. TourPhotos


TourPhotos are also a great platform where you can sell your photos online. This website mostly promotes photos of tourism. If you want photos in the niche of travel then this website is the best website for you. Tour photos are one of the best companies for providing the best quality photos at reliable prices related to travel and natural beauty.

5. Shutterstock


This is also a good platform for online photo selling. In shutter stock, all the price you earn depends upon the membership you take with Shutterstock. If you want to earn the maximum amount of your photo then you have to take lifetime membership with Shutterstock. This website is a great website for providing featured photos at a reliable price.

So, these are some of the best online platforms which offer you the service to use their platform to sell your photographs online. By working with these websites millions of peoples are earning a good income and you can be next. Now, we’re going to discuss some frequently asked questions to keep your doubts clear.

Frequently asked question (FAQs)

The most asked questions about How to sell your photos online? are listed below.

Q. If I want to sell the photos in stock then how many photos should I upload at a time?

Ans. If you’re a stock seller photographer then you should post at least 50 photos at a time. The more options you provide the more sales you earn. Make sure that your photos must be in good quality.

Q. Can I post my photos in more than one platform for selling?

Ans. Of course, you can easily post your photo for selling in more them one platform. This will help you to enhance your sales.

Q. Tell me that when I get paid for my photos?

Ans. Well, it depends on the policy of the company which you choose to sell your photos. Some companies offer to pay at the end of the month. Some companies initially make payments to you once the transaction between the company and the client completed.


So, here we discussed all the information related to How to sell your photos online? I am sure that you properly understand the concepts regarding online photo selling. I personally want to suggest that you want to do photography or you are a photographer then you must sell your photos on an online platform. This will definitely increase your earning and it can be your part-time source of income. Hope you like.

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