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Where to sell short stories for money ?

Many of us write short stories to express our thoughts and imaginations. Most people do this just as a hobby or as a time pass. But do you know you can make money from short stories? You must be amazed and curious to know further, after reading this. There are various magazines and websites that pay you for your short stories. Some of them, pay more than $500 for a single short story. In this article, you are going to find out the platforms where to sell short stories for money.

Where to sell short stories for money ?

1) Black Warrior Review

Black Warrior Review

Black Warrior Review is a literary magazine of the University of Alabama. It is founded in 1974 in America. It was awarded as Whiting Literary Magazine in 2019. Graduate students of the United State-run this magazine by publishing journals in it. It welcomes all the newcomers to publish their material in it. You can publish poetry, some critical essays, short stories, and other stuff. It also accepts novels and narratives. Black Warrior Review publishes two magazines per year, one after every 6 months. And it publishes other fiction online every week.

How to join the Black Warrior Review?

It accepts the submitted fiction from December 1- March 1 and June 1- September 1. Once you subscribe to their website you need to pay $3 each time you submit a story or any other fiction to them. They used this amount to pay to the contributors. You will surely get a response by the Black Warriors Review between 6 months. You can check the status of submitting in Submittable in case you do not receive the response even after 6 months.

Earning – It gives you a ne-year subscription and pays you a lump sum amount. They didn’t public the amount paid by them but you can surely earn a huge amount of money by publishing your short stories in Black Warrior Review.

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2) Carve


It is a magazine that publishes a variety of amazing literature. It promotes both newcomers and experienced authors. The literature published in Carve reached tons of the audience because they publish their stories via a large number of methods. They publish literature through, online mediums, print, e-readers, and many more.

How to join Carve?

It is very simple to join Carve. Go to their website and subscribe to them. Once you subscribed to them you can submit your best work without paying a single amount of money. After that, they will read your story and if it is according to their guidelines or if they find your story very unique and honest. They will publish your story in Carve.

Earning – It only publishes literary fiction. Therefore, you cannot publish any horror, romantic, sci-fi, fantasy, etc. stories. Carve will pay you $100 each time your short story published in it.

3) Betty Fedora

Betty Fedora

Betty Fedora is a magazine, which publishes stories related to crime fiction, thrill, suspense, mystery, and procedural. It accepts short stories between 1000 to 6000 words. If you have a cool interesting short story that features women, then you must attempt to publish your story in Betty Fedora.

How to join Betty Fedora?

Its joining the procedure is the same as other magazines. You need to subscribe to the Betty Fedora and submit your short stories. Once they shortlisted you’re the story, they will publish it in Betty Fedora.

Earning – It gives a wide range of payment to its authors but Betty Fedora didn’t expose the exact amount of payment.

4) Clarkesworld

Clarkesworld magazine

It is an American based magazine that publishes content relates to science fiction and online fantasy. It was released on October 1, 2006. It is an award-winning magazine that publishes short stories, articles, interviews, and audio fiction. Clarkesworld is available as a print, Ebook, audio format, online, Amaon Kindle, EPUB, Mobipocket ebook.

How to join Clarke’s world?

It has some guidelines like the words of your short story must be between 1000 to 2200. No horror story is permitted. Stories must be well written, suitable for audio, suitable for on-screen reading. The story must be plagiarism free. It has an online procedure to submit your short story. You need to fill the submission form. They will approve your story if they like it. You cannot submit the story which is once rejected and submit another story after 7 days of the first rejection.

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Earning – Clarkesworld offers $10 per word, doesn’t matter if you are submitting a poem or story. Payment will be via pal or any other wire transfer.

5) Fantasy and science fiction

Fantasy and science fiction

It is another award-winning magazine. It was first published in 1949. Fantasy and science fiction published in a very different way from other magazines. No interior illustration, no letter column, and text in a single column are required for this magazine’s article. It publishes literary material are short stories.

How one can join fantasy and science fiction?

Science and fiction stories like to publish character-oriented short stories. If you are thinking of submitting two stories, then never submit both stories simultaneously. It prefers electronic submission but in case you are mailing them, make sure your name should be written on each page and send them with proper stamped envelop. Fantasy and science fiction take about 8 weeks to respond. You have to be patience in this case. Submit another story after 8 weeks, whether your first story is rejected or accepted. You will be notified if your short story is being selected to publish in fantasy and science fiction.

Earning – Fantast and science fiction gives payment according to per word. Payment will be 8-12 cents per word.

These are the top 5 platforms where to sell short stories for money and can earn tons of money. You only need to get a subscription from any magazine and then your story will be published in it. Next time you write a short story to express your feelings and imagination, make sure you make the best use if it.

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