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How to unseen accidentally viewed someone’s Instagram story

While watching stories we sometimes accidentally watch someone’s story we don’t want to. Sometimes the situation might be like this, you want to watch someone’s story but without letting them know. Yes, it is possible to remove the seen tag from their story. Your account won’t be listed in their story even after watching their story. Here in this article, Let’s check out How to unseen accidentally viewed someone’s Instagram story?

At times, we watch someone’s story but we don’t want the owner to see our name on the viewer’s list. Though Instagram does not officially allow you to un-see or un-view the story. But here is the only one way you can unseen Instagram story after viewing it. There is no direct way this is the only indirect trick to do it.

How to unseen accidentally viewed someone’s Instagram story

viewed someone’s Instagram story

How this trick works

Undoing or deleting seen from someone’s story is not that difficult. If you have viewed Instagram Story by mistake and don’t want the owner to know. For some reason, you want to hide you’re seen, use the following steps. This trick is done on the Instagram app and does not involve your device or operating system. Thus, these steps are the same and applicable to both operating systems be it android or

  • Step 1: Open the Instagram app from your app drawer. Go the profile of the owner whose story you have viewed by mistake.
  • Step 2: Now, just block the user from your side. To block, just tap on the ‘3 dots’ or menu icon on the top right corner of the owner’s profile. Tap on ‘Block’. For him, your profile will disappear till the time you unblock him.
  • Step 3: Instagram will ask you to confirm your decision. Tap on the block and confirm your decision.
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That’s It, now you are done. Blocking the profile will remove your profile from the owner’s account and hence removing seen from his story as well. This trick is only beneficial if you do it right away before his checking the view list.

Important notice

You and unfollow the person after the story gets removed or after completing the 24 hours of the story. But it important for you to know that you will get unfollowed. As you have blocked the owner’s profile. When you will unfollow him after 24 hours. The profile will automatically get unfollowed. So after unblocking the user you will need to follow him back again. So you must know that this way you will lose one of your followers.

Final words

You can use this trick. Its simple first block for 24 hours and then just unblock and give a follow if you don’t want to lose a follower. There is no other way to un view or hide your name from the view list of the store owner.

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