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How to block a number on Android?

Are you also tired of receiving calls from unknown numbers? If yes, then don’t worry there is an inbuilt feature in every single phone from which you can block any number. There is no limit of blocking numbers. You can block as many as numbers you want to block. Blocking of numbers in iPhones is very easy. But if we talk about android phones then, the process may vary. Almost every Android phone has different methods to block numbers. Some android phones have this feature in the contact list and some androids, the method is buried deep down in the setting panel.

But we are going to tell you a method which you may try because this method is quite applicable to every android phone. The method is given below:

How to block a number on Android?

  • Long press on the number

Firstly open the number from call history. Open that number which you want to block. Now, long press on the number.

  • Select block

Now plenty of option will appear on the screen, choose block number from them. Press confirm and the number has been blocked.

As I said before the method may vary with the device. If this method didn’t work on your device, go to the setting, and search for the block number list. This will surely be going to help you.

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