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How to bypass Facebook Verification Process

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the whole world. This platform contains billions of users and it’s an account on it. Many people make fake accounts for doing illegal activities. As we know that the process of making an account on Facebook is very easy. Everyone can create an account by adding their mobile number. People may add their mobile numbers and create many fake accounts to it.

This leads to an increasing number of online frauds and scams. To solve this problem, Facebook enrolls the function of identification which is called security checkpoints. People have to submit their photos and details to Facebook so that Facebook can recognize genuine accounts. Many people don’t want to provide their personal details for security reasons.

We’re here trying to cover how you can bypass every checkpoint of Facebook ID verification. So, let’s start.

How to bypass Facebook Photo ID and Phone number Verification Process

Facebook asks some personal details which make you a unique and genuine user of Facebook. This helps Facebook and the government to know the actual accounts and verified accounts of Facebook. Facebook asks to provide the photo, Government verified ID, and phone number. If the account holder is unable to provide these details then Facebook has the right to block that account.

Bypass Facebook Photo and government ID Verification

If you’re not comfortable to provide your photo and government ID for security purposes then you can easily bypass this verification checkpoints by following these steps given below:-

  • The first step is to download a VPN application on your mobile phone. I recommend you to download the HidemyAss application. This application is a very popular VPN application. This application is available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. So, you
    can easily use this application from any Application market app according to the preference of your operating system.
  • Open this application and buy one of its plans. Yes, it’s a paid application and you have to buy their plan if you want to proceed. I recommend you buy their Basic plan which costs you approx $9-$12 per month.
  • Create your account on it and open the application. Select the location of “Japan”. This application also allows you to select the server of Japan. Select one of them and proceed to the next.
  • Now, open your browser and search the website of Facebook on it.
  • Facebook will ask your date of birth and mobile number. This may take 4-6 days to authorize your account from Facebook.
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So, in this way, you can easily bypass the requirement of your photo and government verified ID. Make sure that you use a strong VPN network because many free VPN applications fail to bypass this requirement of Facebook.

Bypass Facebook phone number verification

facebook phone verification

Phone number verification becomes the most common instrument for most of the software companies to verify unique and genuine users. Most of the companies ask the phone number to verify the person. Well, Facebook exactly did this to verify the account holder. Phone member verification is said to be one of the best ways to avoid the case of online fraudulent. Once you add your phone number then Facebook sends you the OTP to confirm that the phone number is yours or not. Once you fill the OTP into the search bar then your phone number gets verified from Facebook.

If you don’t want to share your mobile number for Facebook verification then you can follow many ways to do this work.

Use of TextNow


  • Open your browser and visit the website of Complete your registration on this website.
  • Once your registration process is being completed then TextNow will give you a free phone number.
  • Now, open your Facebook and fill this number on the phone number section of Facebook.
  • Now, Facebook provides you the option of OTP or Call. Choose the option of Call and click to proceed.
  • You’ll receive a call on your TextNow account. Confirm your code into Facebook and hence your account is verified by Facebook.
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It’s an easy way to bypass the phone verification security checkpoint of Facebook. If you’re not comfortable with this method then you can use another method to bypass the phone number verification checkpoint of Facebook.



SMSPVA is a platform which provides the virtual phone numbers in various countries like the USA, UK, and Russia. This platform also receives the authentication codes from Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook, and many others. This platform can help you to bypass the phone number verification checkpoint on Facebook.

Follow these steps to prevent the phone verification checkpoint of Facebook to verify the account.

  • Go to the official website of SMSPVA( and complete your registration with the help of your email. Confirm your account from a verification code that is sent on your email.
  • Add some balance on it which helps you to receive the SMS from the company. You can go to the option of “Add Funds” to see the best prices according to the services. Select one of the services and pay the required amount.
  • Choose the name of the country to whom you want your phone number. Don’t forget to select the option of Facebook.
  • Click the “Get Number” option which will provide you with a number in seconds. Copy this number and open the Facebook login page. Fill the member provided by the SMSPVA and click to proceed.
  • Now, Facebook will send a confirmation code on your SMSPVA account. Fill this code into your Facebook log-in page and click to proceed.
  • Hence your Facebook account is verified and your account is created.

Note:- SMSPVA is also a paid website that takes charges according to the country. The price range of SMSPVA is $0.05 to $0.5 according to your country.

So, these are the ways by which you can bypass the Facebook verification checkpoints. I hope this data helped you to find the answer to How to bypass Facebook Verification Process?

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