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How can we complain on Facebook after ID disabled?

Whenever a user goes against the Facebook community guidelines, Facebook disables the account of the user. But in many cases, the intentions of users are not to go against the community guidelines or maybe because of some reasons Facebook disabled their account.

So if you are searching for the solution then you just have to complain about the Facebook help center to enable your ID again. In this article, we are going to tell you, how you can complain about the Facebook help center to enable your ID again. Simply follow the given steps:

How can we complain on Facebook after ID disabled?

  1. Login to your id first and when you open your account you will see nothing but only one column. In this column, Facebook will inform you that your id has been disabled. On the very last of the column, there is an option of ‘Go to help center’. Click on it.
  2. Now a page will appear with the reason of your account disabled. You find something like this “your account has been disabled because of violating our community guidelines”. If you are sure that you didn’t do anything wrong then you can click on ‘contact us’ option.
  3. A new page appears on the screen. Facebook will ask you to appeal to them that your id has been disabled by mistake. Now make sure you have an original Facebook account where you have submitted all the original information. Because Facebook will ask you for proof of the given information of your id.
  4. In the appeal page firstly fill the email column. Now upload any document with which your Facebook information matches. You can upload a driving license, voter id card, bank details, green card, or any card which is acceptable by Facebook. You can also check the list of cards in the rule section.
  5. Once you have uploaded the suitable document then type any message in the optional box. Once you have submitted everything you can click on the send button.
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You have successfully complaints to Facebook for disabling your account. Facebook will look into the matter and if they found everything right, they will enable your account again. But if they found anything wrong or any suspicious activity, they will never ever enable your account again. Therefore, appeal to them if you are very sure about your account.

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