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How To Change Facebook Password ?

Changing of the Facebook password is very easy. You can easily change the password of your Facebook account by following the given steps. But before jumping to the steps you need to know that there are two types from which you can change your password. The first type is valid only when you know the current password of your Facebook account needs to change it. You may find many situations in your life where you have to change your Facebook password even though you know the current password. The second type is when you completely forgot your current Facebook password and you need to change it and make a new password.

How To Change Facebook Password ?

1. When you know the current password

This type is very simple just follow the given steps below to change the password of your Facebook account from the logged-in password.

  • You will find the three lines made on the top left corner of your screen when you open your Facebook account click on those lines.
  • Scroll down and find the setting option. After you click the setting option you will find option security and login. Tap on it
  • After that, you will find an option on your screen with a change password. When you will click that option you have to enter your current password in a box. And if your current password matches with the exact password of your account, then you can enter the new password according to your desire. After that press confirms and you have successfully changed the Facebook password.
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2. When you lost and forgot the current Facebook password

This one is also a very easy method but you need to know the associated email id or phone number with your Facebook account. If you don’t know any of these then you may not be able to change your current Facebook password and if you know anyone of these two then follow the given steps.

  • When you open the Facebook account or the Facebook app then you will find an option of forgot password. Click on it.
  • After that Facebook will ask you to fill your email address or mobile phone number associated with your Facebook account.
  • Now the Facebook will send a link to your email address or your mobile phone number. To reset the password open that link and reset or change your password easily.

These steps may vary with the new versions of Facebook or with the type of mobile phone you are using. In some cases, Facebook directly sends the link to change the password or in some cases, it will send a code to your e-mail address or phone number for login purpose.

Due to some security issues, you will not use the same email or same phone number you used before to reset the password. You need a different email id or phone number next time in case you forgot your password again.

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