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How to Change Snapchat Username?

It happens with all of us. We all want to change our social media app’s username once in life. You are reading this article because you must be wanted to change the Snapchat username. Unfortunately, there is no possible way to change the username of Snapchat. You have to delete your account and make a new one with the desired username. But fortunately, you can change the name which will display to others. In other words, you can change the name of Snapchat, not the exact username if you want to know how to change Snapchat username. To change the display name follows the given steps:

How to change Snapchat username?

How to change Snapchat name

Snapchat Username

1. Open Snapchat

Snapchat login

The first and very obvious step is, open your Snapchat. Log in to your account. Now you will see a bitmoji or profile photo of yours. Click on it.

2. Click gear icon

You need to select the gear icon on the screen. After that select my account. You will find a name and username section there. You cant open the username section. But you can open and edit the name section.

3. Enter the desired name

After you press the name section. Fill the desired name and press okay. You have successfully changed the display name of your Snapchat. You can change the display name at any time. You can also change the name twice or more than twice a day. However, changing usernames is not possible yet. Let’s wait for the new update, maybe Snapchat will introduce this feature soon.

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