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How to create multiple Gmail account without phone verification?

Gmail is a very useful communication channel. It has made our life very easy. Almost all professional people use Gmail to communicate and send important information. Now a day all the online shopping apps and even the online transaction apps have started sending emails on Gmail. This is to control the frauds. Now many of you must want to create multiple Gmail account. But the only problem to do this is you need a different phone number associated with every Gmail.

We will tell you different ways like how to create multiple accounts with the same numbers, how to create a Gmail account with number etc. read the given content to know how to create multiple Gmail account without phone verification?

You cannot repeat the phone number you have been used once. You need a different phone number every time you make a new Gmail account. This is quite tough. You cannot buy a new sim every time for a new Gmail account. But there are some methods in which you can try to create multiple Gmail account without changing the numbers.

1. How to create multiple Gmail account without phone verification

To use this method you need to use the private mode of your web browser. We will tell you the method of two famous browsers, chrome, and Firefox. These browsers are present almost in every phone and laptop.

For chrome


Go to the chrome and on the top right corner of the screen, there will be three dots present. Press on those three dots. Noe selects ‘new incognito window’. Now on that page open

For Firefox


Click the firefox browser first and then find the hamburger menu on the top right corner of the screen. Press on it. Now press ‘new private window’. Now a new window will open on the screen. Search in it.

Now select one of the two browsers. After that set the Gmail as given above. Once you ate
done now you need to follow the given steps. You can follow these steps after choosing one of the given browsers.

  • Once you have open the Gmail in one browser then click on the create account button. If you don’t find this button then you can also click on the sign-in button.
  • The second step is to fill all the asked details. You may need to fill your first name, last name then username. You can only choose the allowed username. After that fill the password and then press on the next.
  • Now a new page will appear on the screen, where you have to fill your phone number and birth date. Ignore the phone number box and click on the skip this verification.
  • Now it may be possible that this doesn’t work in many cases. If it also happens in your case then you can try this whole procedure in the normal mode on your browser instead of the private mode. For this, you have to start the whole procedure again from starting.
  • If it works then you need to enter the given captcha on the next page. Now agree all the terms and conditions of the Gmail and press confirm.
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Your brand new Gmail account is all set to use without a phone number verification and even without a phone number.

2. How to create multiple verified Gmail account with a single phone number?

This is quite a different procedure from the previous one. Follow the given steps for this method:

gmail login

  • Go to the Gmail section of your pc or mobile phone. now log in to your current Gmail account.
  • On the top right corner of the screen, you will see your profile picture made. Tap on it and after that select the google account option.
  • Now a new section will appear on the screen. From that section click on the personal information. You will find this option in the lest panel.
  • Scroll down and find the contact information. Once you find it, you need to click on your mobile number.
  • Now next to your phone number three dots are made. Click on them and then you need
    to choose remove.
  • If asked then enter the Gmail credentials again. This is for the confirmation from Gmail.
  • After that click on the confirmation of removing number. Once you press to confirm your phone number had been removed from your current Gmail account.

As the number has been removed from your current Gmail account, now you can use this number to make a new Gmail account. You can repeat the same procedure to your next Gmail account. Once you have made another account on this number, then you can again remove the number by repeating this procedure. And then can again use this number for a new Gmail account. In this way, you can make multiple Gmail accounts from a single number.

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3. How to use an email address as a different email address?

This is a whole new concept. In this method, you can use a single Gmail account as a different Gmail account. To understand it in a better way follow the given instructions:

  • Open the Gmail address that you are using currently. In case you don’t have any Gmail address then make a new one with the same procedure of adding a phone number and then verification.
  • Now when you want to use your current email address as another Gmail address then you only need to add a single element in it. You can either ass a single dot or many dots in it.
  • Every time you add a dot to your same Gmail address, it will be treated as different Gmail addresses. But these all are considered to be originated from a single mail address.
  • If anyone sends any mail to any of these Gmail addresses then you will receive those emails in your original mail section. This all occurs because Gmail always ignores the difference in dots in addresses. But the website doesn’t ignore it.

This is the best way of how to create multiple Gmail account without phone verification. You can use this method in case you want to sign up for the same app or website you have signed up before. And now you have forgotten your password. This is a very good method of using a single Gmail address in every new or same place.

All these three methods of how to create multiple Gmail account without phone verification are legal and safe. You don’t have to worry about the consequences. There are other possible methods also like bluestack etc. But those methods are quite long and you have to enter a recovery mail and other stuff. Therefore, these three methods are considered as the best methods of creating Gmail account without phone verification. I hope now the concept is clear to you.

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