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Deslide Website: How to remove slideshow from a Webpage

Slides of internal linking or even ads on various websites are annoying and will make you frustrating. However, the internet is filled with these types of sides. For some sites, the number of slides might be less or for some, the number might be a little bigger. This would probably decrease your reading experience and might make you irritated. But on the other hand, these slides are beneficial for the publisher or the web owner.

This is the only source of revenue generation, increasing views and decreasing bounce rate over a webpage. But the sad reality is that most of the users hate slide shows. If you also one of the users who hate slides then congratulation. We have got you a solution to the deslide website or removing slides from the webpage for a better experience.

Although there are many methods, tools, and tricks available over the internet or even many services that allow you to deslide. These sites will help you in completely converting a webpage into a single document. So now you can enjoy reading without slide show disturbance or can copy a web page data without slideshows.

Moving to the details of these methods and tricks. From now you would not be required to skip adds or slides. These methods will surely save your time to deslide and read as many articles over the internet without any hustle.

Method 1: Using Web Application

There are many applications available over the internet that can be used to deslide the website or the desired page in just one single click. These applications can be accessed with easy steps by just copying the link and pasting. It does not require any technical knowledge to deslide website. Few of those sites are:-

  • ClusterFake
  • PrintFriendly
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Though there are many sites like PrintWhatYouLike, Slideshow Deslidefier (, and many more providing this service and almost all of them work the same way using the URL of the website you want to remove slides.

Let’s move deeper into each of these sites. Let’s look at how each of these sites works.


This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to deslide the website by following the following steps.


  • Step 1: Copy the URL of the webpage or website you want to deslide.
  • Step 2: Visit the site “” or refer to the link ( ).
  • Step 3: Paste the following URL over the screen shown over the Slideshow URL box.
  • Step 4: Choose the combination from the drop-down menu of the Display box. Select the ones you want to display.
  • Step 5: click on the deslide button! It’s done. Your result will be outputted over your screen.


The website PrintFrienly is one of the most easily usable of the four. It even allows you to save the file for your further reference in PDF format. You have to follow these simple steps to deslide any of the websites.


  • Step 1: Copy the URL of the webpage or website you want to deslide.
  • Step 2: visit “PrintFriendly” or refer the link ( )
  • Step 3: paste your URL in the box and just click on Preview to read the article. You can even convert into PDF to download or print from here for further reference.

Method 2 – Using chrome extension

Just like the above method through web application here is an extension you can use. PageZipper Deslide Extension can be used on your device to the Deslide website. This will remove all the slides from one different page and content on one different. Although it is available for Chrome and Firefox in Chrome will not Deslide website which uses JavaScript. For others, it works perfectly.

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How PageZipper works

  • Step 1: To begin, install the CRX PageZipper file for Chrome or Firefox extension on your device. As per your usage of Chrome or Firefox. You can refer this link
  • Step 2: Go to the PageZipper website add download and add it to your bookmarks or say extensions.
  • Step 3: Whenever you want to Deslide website, visit the site and from there click on the PageZipper in your bookmarks tab.
  • Step 4: It’s done and all your content and slides would be separated.

Method 3 or Alternate Method To Deslide website with just printing

Although some websites itself allows you to print their published content. Converting a published article into a printable version or say PDF makes you read easily and without any interruption of slides. You can convert into PDF by just pressing Ctrl + P, but only if the website allows this action. Print preview will appear if the site supports the action from there you can choose to save as PDF and then confirm the download. However, being the easiest method to deslide content on the website. But is not supported by many sites as they protect their content from getting copied.


These were the working and most efficient tricks you can use on the deslide website. All these methods are personally tried by us. So all of them will surely work and with utmost security. But if any of the methods does not work it will just be because of the JavaScript. You can try any other method.

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