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How to fix when discord stuck on connecting?

Discord is one of the popular apps mainly develop for instant messaging, VOIP, and digital distribution platforms. The app is mainly designed for Gamers, Teachers, and students. It is one of the popular apps where you can easily chat and give voice over in the video. Discord mainly specializes in text, audio, and video communication between users in a chat channel. Coming straight to the point in this article we are going to learn to fix discord stuck on connecting.


The app has been develop for every platform from android to Mac you can easily download this software from their official website. Sometimes we can see some error in Discord in which it stuck on connecting. If your software gets stuck in connecting than there may be any reason for this problem. However, in this article, we are going to look at all the solutions which can cause such problems. We have to check many things to get rid of this problem so in this article we are going to dig every possible solution.

If discord stuck connecting to the server than there are many troubleshooting guides that you can check to get rid of this? There may be any of the reasons for such problems. There are many solutions we’ll check each of the solutions in the article step wise step. At first, we’ll begin with easier steps and then we will dig more about its solution so make sure to follow every step wisely. So let’s begin on solving when discord stuck at connecting.

3 Different Methods to Fix Stuck while Connecting Discord 

Method 1: Outage method

Outage problem might be one of the reasons when discord stuck at connecting. What you can do with this problem is first to check whether and check if there is any problem in a current outage or not. If the discord server goes down then you won’t be able to get the previous screen. So, to know more about the server status what you can do is check their website.

If there is any such problem they mention on their website so check first their website. You can go to to see the server status. The page will show you the statistics of 90 days click on the red and yellow bar to see more info. If you have a red bar than it is an outage problem this may lead to an error while logging in to the app. sometime you may see a red bar far on statistics. In this time there might be a problem from the service and for more info, you can their twitter. If the problem is in maintenance than all you need to do is wait.

Method 2: Data and Time

Sometimes Date and time may be also another reason for discord to stuck on connecting. So, what we can do is just check the date and time and make sure either the time is correct or not. Besides what you do is just leave the automatic date and time option active which will help you to run the exact time on the pc. Check the discord if it is working properly or not. If it is not working properly than refresh the date and time Sometimes discord follows the old-time which might stuck the discord on connecting.

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Method 3: Turn off the proxies

discord stuck on connecting

Sometimes proxies also lead such problem so what you can do is just turn off the proxies and check either it is performing well or not. While you begin to turn off the proxies at first just close the discord completely from the PC. In the second step go to Window and just type internet options and then click on the connection tab and then click on the LAN. Look on the proxies’ server and make sure that it is Unchecked and then click on ok.  Open the discord app from the beginning and check either the discord is stuck on connecting or not.

Method 4: Scan Computer

Malware can also make discord stuck when it connecting. SO, what you can do is just scan the whole system with your antivirus. If you don’t have anyone of them then download malware byte antivirus which is free to download and then you can easily scan the malware on your system. It may take some time so be patient while the antivirus scans your system. If there is malware than remove it and restart your pc or desktop. Check the program either it is running properly or not.

Method 5: Use VPN

If you still get the connection issue after using all these methods then there might be a problem on your internet. So, download a VPN and
check it from different locations sometime this will also work on your PC.

Method 6: Clear cache of your PC

Sometimes removing the cache of your PC will also solve discord stuck on connecting. So make sure to clean them if you don’t know how to do than follow these steps.

windows RUN

  • Step 1: At first refresh your pc and go to window and search RUN.
  • Step 2: In the second step search %Temp% this will open all the cache files of your PC delete them all.
  • Step 3: Open run again and type Prefetch and search that folder this will also show you all the cache of your PC and delete them all.
  • Step 4: At last delete all the files of the recycle bin and then restart the PC and open the app again and check the app again.

Follow this steps and check either the problem is solved or not if not than check the method 7.

Method 7: Check the firewall

Sometime discord stuck on connecting because of windows firewall. There might be the problem with firewalls of windows which does not allow third party software to connect in the PC. So what you can do is just check either the firewall is allowing discord to connect or not. Follow the following wisely:

  • Step 1: Open the window bar and type Windows defender Firewall and click on the advanced window defender firewall.
  • Step 2: Click on the new rule button and the select on program and click on next.
  • Step 3: Right click on the discord and click on open file location and you will be redirected to the new tab and copy the file location of the app.
  • Step 4: Click on the program path and then paste the location which you have copied earlier.
  • Step 5: After this browse the update exe.
  • Step 6: Click on next and select on allow this connection option.
  • Step 7: In the next steps write the name of the App and click on the finish button.
  • Step 8: Click on the window button and again type window defender firewall.
  • Step 9: Click on allow an app or feature button and then it will show all the list of the in which there is no firewall is used.
  • Step 10: Scroll down the mouse pointer and search the app option and tick mark on it and make sure that you have also marked tick o both private and public buttons too.
  • Step 11: Click on the next and then restart you PC or Mac and run the program from the beginning and see either the discord stuck  or not.
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The following steps must fix the error if not then Antivirus may block the app from getting access to firewall. If you have antivirus on the pc than turn off the firewall too because sometimes antivirus also blocked the app from the firewall. So, if you have antivirus in your PC then make sure that it is allowing discord to go from the firewall of the computer and run the program and check either the problem is fixed or not.


The beyond steps should worked on your PC wile discord stuck connecting. Make sure that you have followed the steps wisely. There might be any of the reason for this problem we can’t tell you that which steps will work for you so check every solution properly. Even if it is not working then there might be a problem with the software. Sometimes discord stuck on connecting because of outdated application or old version software.

Check either you are using the latest version of an application or not and even if it is not working well than what you do us just contact the developer for support. Visit the official site of the discord and scroll down and you will see the contact us button and tell you all about your problem they might give you a working solution. You can contact them through email given on their site as well. I hope that the article has helped you a lot in solving the issue. I request you to read the article properly to solve the issue because you might miss little command mention in our post.

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