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How to download apps on Samsung Smart TV ?

Now technology has improved so much that all the social media apps and other entertainment apps can be downloaded on tv. One can watch all the webs series, online tv shows, new movies on their tv. Samsung smart tv is the best discovery for this purpose so far. But for this, you have to download these apps on Samsung tv. You need a SMART HUB on your tv for this. It is an inbuilt feature is Samsung tv which helps to download the apps. Before moving toward the procedure to download the apps, one must know the meaning of the smart hub as well as the use and features of it.

How to download apps on Samsung Smart TV ?

What is the SMART HUB?

SMART HUB is an advanced feature in Samsung tv which can change the game of watching TV. We can say that SMART HUB is a kind of mobile phone which can be used on Samsung TV. It allows you to browse, search movies, download apps also to chat with friends. A separate tab as Samsung apps is made in it. It consists of all the apps which are under Samsung also allows to search applications related to the game. One can even watch youtube videos in the SMART HUB.

A wifi connection must be required to see the SMART HUB feature in Samsung smart tv. You can use personal wifi or phone’s hotspot or maybe any wired internet connection. You don’t need to do anything if you have connected to the wifi. It will automatically appear on the screen.

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How to download the apps on the SMART HUB?

Follow the given steps to download the apps.

1. You will find a SMART HUB button on the remote. Press on it.
2. The next step is to search for the app from the search bar. Search for those apps which
you want to install. You can recognize the apps from the magnifying glass icon.
3. Once you find the app, press on it. After that select Done.
4. Now press download. Once the app will be downloaded, you can open the apps from
the OPEN option.

Once you have downloaded the apps now you need to sign in and enjoy the experience of a mobile phone on your Samsung TV.

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