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How to download Shutterstock free stock image?

Are you also owning a blog or website and want a good stock of images? Then Shutterstock is all you need. It is a platform that provides high-quality images, videos, and music. It is so versatile that almost every person can use it. It helps graphic designers, web developers, filmmakers, video editors, and other people related to these kinds of fields. It works in a very good way, users upload their high-quality images in this and then buyers buy these images. You can also download these images for free.

But there is a common problem faces by almost every buyer. All the free images contain the tag of shutter stock. It is near to impossible to remove this tag. But we have some methods from you which can help to download images from Shutterstock without the tag. You can follow these methods for some high-quality tag-free images. So in this article we discussing about How to download Shutterstock free stock image?

How to download the Shutterstock image?

Downloading high-quality images from Shutterstock is very easy. You need to long-press on the images and the option of download appears in the screen list. But if you download in this way then the watermark of Shutterstock will also appear in the images. To download images without a watermark you must need a subscription of this app. This is how the earning process of a photographer of Shutterstock works.

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You don’t have to worry about this problem because fortunately there is a possible way from which you can download the Shutterstock images without the watermark. The method is given below. The first method is for those people who just want to download the image for ideas. If you are looking for images to put in your blog or website then you must follow the second method.

How to download Shutterstock free stock images?

How to get Shutterstock images for free without watermark

Since there is no option to download the watermark free images from Shutterstock without paying a subscription amount. But we have some alternative options for this. We are going to tell you some websites and apps from which you can download high-quality images without the watermark. The quality of these images is as high as the quality of the images of Shutterstock. You can also search in the search panel for the required images. The apps are given below:

pexels is an alternative website for Shutterstock. You can download high-quality HD images from it. It also contains a CCO license. CCO license means that you can use any of the images for your personal use as well as professional use.



This site also contains CCO license images which you can download free of cost. Along with this you can also modify and distribute the images. You don’t have to ask anyone for doing these things.

Unconventional method to download images without watermark from Shutterstock

There is an unofficial way to download free images from Shutterstock. This one is given at last because this method is applied for very few images. So in case you follow this method and will not able yo remove the watermark then you don’t have to worry because this method is applied to very few images of Shutterstock

  • Go to the official site of Shutterstock and browse the desired topic.
  • Now choose the images you want to download.
  • Now the third step is to copy the URL of the given image and then open and paste the URL there.
  • After that press finds a images.
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the image will appear on that website only and only if the website contains the same image. All the images of Shutterstock are not given on the website. Therefore, this is an unconventional method of downloading free images from Shutterstock. If the image appears on the website then it is good for you. You can easily download it. but if it doesn’t appear then you need to download the same kind of images from the website mentioned above. I hope this article is helpful to you. If you have read the article carefully then you will find the solution for sure.

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