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How to fake GPS location?

Nowadays, the industry of technology in the whole world is continuously growing. We can easily know the news of every country in just one click. Social media generates the platform which entertains ourselves likewise online platforms like YouTube generate the scope for future generations to make their career more bright. In simple words, we can say that the internet is becoming the essence of life. We can do everything with the help of the internet. We can order food, we can book cabs and many more things.

When we search for something on the internet then the search engine tracks your activity. They have your complete data about what you searched on search engines (Google). The apps of our phones also ask for permission to assess data. Most people ignore these things because they just want to use the services of the application. This can be an issue and can become the reason for some future contingencies. Many hackers can access your location and personal data to fraudulent you.

To prevent the problem of tracking location people use an easy process by which no one can access their exact location. If you’re also wanting to learn this trick, then you’re in the right place. In this article, We’re here going to cover the step by step process to find the answer of How to change GPS location?

How to use fake GPS location

For Android users

If you’re an Android user then the steps of How to use fake GPS ? are explained below.

Download fake GPS location app

The first and most important step is to download a fake GPS  application. Download this app from google play store. If I suggest you then you can download GPS-Joystick. We’re also going to cover the top lists of Fake GPS location apps, so just stick to this article.

Install and open the app

Install the app and open the GPS-Joystick app on your mobile. The app can ask to enter your mobile number for registration but I suggest you ignore this option. When the app starts then find the option of Set location. After finding the options click on the option and follow the next step.

Click on the option of Open Map

Find the option of ‘Open Map’. This is the most important option because this option gives you the power to select the location where you wanted to show your GPS location. Select the location carefully because the coordinates of the map are working according to the Latitude, Longitude. So, select the location carefully.

Give permission to the app from settings

Once you select your fake location, the app shows the option of Draw Permission Required. This will prompt you to give permissions from your settings. Tap the option of ‘Go to setting’. Give permission to drawing over the apps.

Once you tap on the setting then your setting will open and the app asks you to give the permission of drawing over the app. Tap the Allow option and wait for the response. After allowing the permission of drawing over the app select the option ‘Start’. This will prompt you to enable the mock location.

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Create your build number

After completing the previous steps your mock location is open. Again visit your phone setting. Tap the option of ‘Go to setting’ this will directly lead you to find your build number(It’s not a complex process, you just have to select the option of build number. Which is already available on your phone’s screen). Now, your next target should be the assessment of the developer mode. This can be done after selecting the build number randomly. After completing this option you’re directly sent to the developer mode. Make sure to avoid any notification which disturbs you on your screen about developer mode.

Select Mock location app in phone setting

After the previous step finds the option of ‘Developer Options’ on your phone screen. After selecting the ‘Developers options’ a new option which is ‘Select mock location app’ is available on your screen. Click on this option and tap ‘GPS joystick’.

Open any app to check

Select the option of ‘Start’ and start any app like google maps. You can see that your current location becomes updated.

Wait for some time because it will take some time to show your fake location to the phones of others.

Note:- This option is only for Android smartphone users. People who are using Apple iOS follow the steps which are given below.

For Apple iOS

If you’re an Apple iOS user then this process is quite difficult for you to do because the downloading of GPS fake locations app is not easy. The step by step guidance for How to use fake GPS location? are discussed below. If you’re doing this process in a smartphone then this process becomes difficult as compared to android users. The easiest way to do this process is on the computer.

Download virtual location tool (iTools)

Firstly, connect your iPhone to your computer. After that, install iTools on your computer. iTools contains a feature which is called Virtual location feature. This feature is going to be the most important thing for our work because this feature is helpful to alter the phone’s location.

Open iTools and Find the option of Virtual Location tool

After installing the app (iTools) an interface will open on your screen. Find the option of Virtual location on the interface. You can easily find the option because this option is clearly shown on the screen. After finding the option, click on it and wait for a response.

Select your fake location

An option is shown on the top of the map. Select this option and choose your ideal location from where you want to make your fake address. After filling the address press Enter.

Make your location update

After pressing the Enter option your fake location takes the place of your original location. You can re-change your location by re-performing the mentioned steps. You just have to click the Move Here option to recharge your location.

Disconnect your iPhone from your computer.

After completing the process you can exit from the iTools app and also disconnect your phone from your computer. Keep in mind that the program can ask you the option of ‘Stop location stimulation’. If you want to disconnect this service then you can press Yes. Otherwise, No becomes your priority.

So, here are all the steps by which you can easily know How to use a fake location? Let me tell you one more thing that it is not compulsory to use the same apps which are suggested in the following steps (iTools for Apple iOS, GPS joystick for Android smartphones). There are many other apps that are working on systems. So, you can easily change your location without searching for a particular fake location app for your system. Now, we’re going to discuss the names of these apps.

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Fake GPS location apps for Android OS and Apple iOS.

There are plenty of applications that are performing fake GPS Spoofing services. The top 10 apps of Fake GPS services for Android OS and Apple iOS are listed below.

1. Fake GPS Location by Hola


This app is one of the best Fake GPS apps. This application is developed by the Hola company. This app is totally free which provides the service of unlimited change of location in your smartphone. By using this app you can easily make fools of your parents and friends to provide you a fake location to them. This application is only for Android users.

2. Fake GPS

Fake GPS is also a great Fake GPS  app. This app is developed by a map street company. This app serves you to change your location anywhere in the whole world. The best part about this application is that you can easily chat with random people. This application is only for Android users.

3. Fake GPS location changer

Fake GPS location changer is an amazing GPS location changer application. This application is working for Android users only. This app provides you to change your location to make fun of your friends and family. This application is a great and one of the most trusted apps for GPS location changer.

4. Fake GPS 360

Fake GPS 360

Fake GPS 360 is another GPS location changing app for android users. You can easily change your GPS location all over the world. You can easily hide your current location and share your fake location to your friends and family for making fun of them.

5. Location Faker

Location faker is a fake GPS changer app for Apple iOS users. This application offers you to check your current location and change your current location from your favorite fake location. This app has a feature to provide your location through Email, Facebook, and some other platforms.

6. Change My Location

This app is one of the best GPS location spoofer for Apple iOS users. You can easily change your location several times to your fake location for making fun of your friends. The interface of this application is easy to understand. So, you don’t have to face any problem while using the app.

7. True Location 360

True Location 360

True location 360 is one of the most popular fake GPS locator applications for Apple iOS users. You can also find the caller location with the name of the area and state. The best feature of this app is to provide location history to its user.

8. FGL pro

This application is another free and way to use applications for providing the service of fake GPS . This app also provides shared routes for walking and driving. This application works only on Android smartphones.

9. Super GeoGPS

This application is a GPS location spoofer app that runs only on iOS devices. This application also provides a fake address to make your fake location real. This is the best feature of this application.

10. My GPS coordinates

This app is the last application on our list. This is also a great application that offers the change of location several times at no cost.

My GPS coordinates are specially designed for iOS users.

So, here are the top 10 applications which you can download according to your system to create your fake location. I am sure that you got the answer to your question: How to use fake GPS location?

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