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How to find social media profiles by email address free?

Nowadays social media is not only limited to sending media and chats. People are using social media for their businesses and other professional work. Almost every businessman has made their business online. People are giving preference to online shopping now. Coronavirus is also the reason for this. People like to shop online instead of going to the stores. Shopping apps are also made for this purpose.

But many businessmen have put their business in social media. It would be good for buyers also. They can view the social media profile of any businessman through the provided email address. There is no direct way of doing this but there are several apps, which you can try. These apps are free of cost. Read the given content to know how to find social media profiles by email address free?

How to find social media profiles by email address free?

1. Lullar


Lullar is a site that you can also use as such an engine. It works quite similar to google. But it also provides all the information about the social media profiles of the given email addresses. You need to go to the official website of the lullar. You will find an email section on this site. Enter the mail address you want to know about. Then press the search icon. Within a fraction of seconds, it will give the list of all the social media profiles linked with the given email address. The best part about lullar is that it also gives the list of websites in each given mail is linked.

Now every best thing has some of the disadvantages also. However, lullar is the fastest site among the list. But sometimes it is not able to collect all the data about social media profiles from Gmail. But it is best for some reason. It gives the alternative sites which already consists of all the social media profile of the given mail address. Sometimes it also shows a little variation with the profiles. But in most cases, it gives an accurate result. Its speed and way of work are the criteria that placed this site on the top among the list of the best sites to find social media profiles of a given mail address.

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2. ManyContacts


ManyContacts is a kind of chrome extension. Chrome extension means either you have to download it or install it. After that, you don’t need to go to the separate site to check the Gmail address. You have to enter the mail in the chrome. We will tell you the whole procedure of doing this.

Firstly download or install the ManyContacts from chrome. Once you have downloaded it now, you will see a blue tick icon on the upper right corner of the chrome. Make sure you always refresh your chrome after downloading or installing ManyContacts. Without refreshing, you won’t be able to see the blue tick in the chrome. Once you have clicked in the blue tick, now find the Gmail book option there. Click on it. See if the required email address is already added or not. If the mails are already added then it is good for you, but if it is not added then add the required email address there.

Once you have added the email; address, now press the blue tick. After that ManyContacts will automatically sync all your contacts and within a few seconds or minutes, it will show all the social media profiles of the mail address in fro of them. The best part about this site is that you can check as many as mail addresses’ social media profiles as you want. You just have to add all the email addresses and then click on the blue tick. It will sync all the contacts together and shows all the social media profiles of all the email addresses in from of each of them.

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These are the two possible ways of how to find social media profiles from email address free. These are the top two methods because these are free of cost and show the most accurate result in most cases. If you don’t find these two methods helpful then you can also try the alternative methods. Either you can go for the alternative methods provided by the lullar or you can use other sites like supportive. You will find many more sites like this. But I suggest you use one of the above-given sites.

Whatever, the site you are using make sure you are searching the social media profiles for legal work. Do not use these methods for illegal works. If you do so it may lead you to a great punishment. Because doing illegal things with someone’s social media profiles comes under cybercrime. You may be caught by the police. Therefore, be careful and use these methods only for professional work. I hope the concept of how to find the social media profiles from the Gmail address free is clear yo you now.

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