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How to hide apps on Android?

We all come to this phase of life when we have to hide apps and files from our parents. Or maybe you have some other reasons to hide your apps. You are going to explore the different ways to hide the apps on android. Some devices have an inbuilt feature to hide apps but in some cases, you have to download apps from the play store. We will tell you all the possible ways to hide apps on android. You can also hide photos from the same procedure.

How to hide apps on Android?

1. Disable apps from setting

This is the first method to hide your apps from an android device. But this method has some drawbacks also. When you disable the apps from settings you won’t be able to use it until you enable the apps again. Also, you can only do this trick to those apps which are inbuilt in your phone. Or we can say those apps which cant be deleted from the phone. If you want to do this method then follow the given instructions:

  • Open the setting of your android device.
  • Scroll down and find apps and notifications. One you find, tap on it.
  • Now all the inbuilt apps will appear on your screen. Choose the one you want to hide, when you press it an option bar will appear to you. You need to press the disable option from it.
  • Once you disable the account, it will be removed from the home screen.
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You can only hide one app at once. You need to select another app you want to hide and then press disable again. You can also enable the hide apps by repeating the same process. This time you have to choose to enable instead of disabling.

2. Hide directly from the apps

This feature is available in very few android devices. It allows us to hide the apps directly from the home screen.

  • Firstly choose the app you want to hide.
  • Long press on the app.
  • Now many options will appear on the screen. Like for uninstall, hide, etc.
  • Choose the hide option.

After choosing the hide option. Press confirm and your app has been hiding. Whenever you hide any app, the location to reach the hidden app will appear on the screen. Some android devices also allow us to change the location. Therefore, you can easily place the hide apps in your desired places.

3. Download apps

There are different apps available in the play store to hide the apps. If your phone won’t have the inbuilt feature to hide apps then you can download these apps. Simply search the apps hiding app in the play store and you will find one. You only need to follow the instructions given on the app.

These are the three possible ways to hide apps in the android device. You can choose one according to the features of your phone.

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