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How to Secure your Pictures and Videos without using Storage

We are so lost in the generation of smartphones that we even forget to consider about security & privacy. We are totally unaware of how the other person can hack and misuse things on our phone. With the growing technology today, security is the main issue so that no one could steal anything from our phone.

Let’s talk about the most sensitive thing we had on our mobile phone our pictures and videos. We love to make memories and capture moments so that we can watch it when we need it. Everyone has some sensitive content like images of passcodes, love letters, medical records that need to be kept safe from strangers.

How to Secure your Pictures and Videos without using Storage

Keep your private data on online servers

While saving photos or videos, give instructions to your phone to save it to the cloud, and control your private data to be safe from prying eyes. Usually online servers like dropbox, google+, and iCloud upload your photo automatically to save your data if your phone gets wiped, destroyed, or stolen these servers save your photos online. If you delete photos from your phone these servers save your photos and videos online.

Although it can be devastating as if the data gets hacked there will be so much damage. The server doesn’t give the surety that they delete and remove all the copies of the file from their server. Keeping your digital life private isn’t that hard, but it requires a little extra effort. It is important to choose the right server and be aware of the device setting.

Encrypt your sensitive files

For safety encrypt your phone’s storage. Encryption gives the best protection to your photos and videos, there are many ways to encrypt and protect your private data. Some best ways to encrypt your data are 7-Zip and PGP.

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It is a quick way for encryption with format support AES 256-bit of file or file name in an archive using a passphrase.

How does it work?

Download the 7-Zip software on your windows from the project’s website. After installing you will have a 7-Zip sub menu added to the context menu of your windows. To encrypt select the file, right-click and then select 7-Zip > Add to archive, a dialog box will open, give the archive a name you want, and enter a passphrase to encrypt it. Once done click on OK and a 7-Zip will create an encrypted archive. Now you can put it in your email or the cloud.

When you will open 7-Zip will like you for a password. If you want to share the password with someone use an encrypted mail of directly tell them don’t use the internet.


Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), is the gold standard for encrypting with the GPG tool that is gpg4win to manage and create keys for the encrypted file.

How does it work?

PGP uses two keys, public key, and private key to encrypt files and messages. Like if a person wants to read a file of the other person then his public keys would be used to encrypt the data and if you want to use his then your public key would be used for encryption. This can encrypt any type of data or message.

Best Apps to keep data private in androids

For Android users, there are some best apps to save their photos and hide from their mobile phones also.

Keep-Safe Photo Vault

For androids, these apps are really the easiest way to hide. Keep-safe photo vault is one of the best apps to hide private photos and videos with PIN, pattern, or a figure print. The app has grown a lot over a year with easy usable and extra-functional software. It provides backup to the personal cloud space.

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Advanced features of keep safe provide you lots of security features like if they are fake login PINs it gives you the break-in alerts where a selfie of the person trying to break the lock along with date and time are captured. Even it provides a fake login by using a different password.

1 Gallery photo gallery app

It is one of the best gallery apps for managing secret photos and videos. There is much application on the play store that allows hiding your secret content but its premium feature provides with its ironclad vault that hides your content with strong encryption. This application also uses no media Extension to make your files non- scalable. Its main features are that it supports dark mode and the format which is used for its file management is RAW & SVG. If you are looking for one of the greatest apps to hide your photos and videos on your android phone then you can go for it. It has an amazing feature to save your data encrypted.

You can hide your vault with different password modes that are PIN, pattern, and fingerprint lock.

Lock My Pix Photo Vault

Lock My Pix is perfectly designed to provide the safest photo vault for protecting personal all types of media with AES encryption standard. But this app does not provide you with fingerprint lock it only provides two locks that are PIN & Pattern. You can easily lock the vault by just shaking.

One of the best features of it is that it does not even all you to capture a screenshot in an open vault providing you the privacy and security. The only drawback of it is that you cannot make any backup not even on cloud, if it gets deleted all the photos are just gone, so here this app lacks.

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