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How to backup Iphone?

Backup of all the important media of your phone is very important. You may need to change your device at any time because of any reason. Backup means that you can save the backed-up media to other devices at any time. But the process of backing up is quite difficult on the iPhone. Because it can be done from two methods. The first one is iCloud backups and the second one is backup from a computer. We will first tell you about these two methods because it is very important to know the basics first.

How to backup iPhone?

iCloud backup

This backup method stores all the media in iCloud. I hope if your own an iPhone then you know about what is Icloud? You can store about 2TB and the first 5 GB is free of cost. The best thing about iCloud is that it encrypts all the backups. It allows you to make a backup anytime, anywhere with the help of wifi. You only need your iPhone and a wifi connection or you can change the settings to cellular data.

Procedure of Clouds

  • Take your iPhone and connect to the Wi-Fi.
  • Move to the setting panel and select your name and then select iCloud.
  • You will find an option of iCloud back up there. Tap on it.
  • After that press back up now. Make sure you remain connected to your WIFI. Otherwise, the process may stop at any time.
  • Automatic backup from iCloud
  • Now there comes an option in the iPhone that backs up your media to Clouds, every single day. You don’t have to do anything. Just switch on your wifi and at the end of the day, all the media will be back up to your iCloud.
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Automatic back up

  • Switch on the WIFI.
  • Repeat the same process as given above.
  • Make sure you have locked your screen.

Now all the media will be backed up daily to your iCloud. Keep the backup option always on. The first 5GB storage of the Icloud is free of cost but in case if you want more space for your media then you can buy the space. iPhone offers 50 GB for only 0.99 dollars.

Backup from computer

This method stores all the media on Mac or any computer you are using. Storage depends on the space available on your PC. If the space is full then you need to delete some items from your PC to store or backup more items. It also gives encrypted backups but only by off default. You need your Mac book or computer to backup. Now as you know the basics of these two different methods. Let’s talk about their processes. You will be more clear about your choice.

Process of backup from computer

Follow the given steps:

  • The first thing you need to do is connect your device to your mac book or computer. You can connect it via macOS Catalina 10.15 or open finder.

macOS Catalina

  • Now open the iTunes.

iTunes microsoft store

  • Now it may be possible that the system will ask you to fill your password. In case you have forgotten your password you can take help by clicking on getting help.
  • Find your iPhone on the computer or MacBook and open it.
  • Now you need to choose to encrypt backup and also to create a new password. Keep in mind that this option is only for health and activity backup from the apple watch. If you don’t want to backup this and only want to backup media then simple press backup now.
  • You will get a notification of successfully backed up if your process completes. In case you don’t get this notification then check your wifi connection, secure it, and repeat the process.
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These are the two possible ways to backup from iPhone. The procedure as well as their key points are given above. Read them carefully and choose one accordingly. I hope you find this article helpful.

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