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How to be an Expert in Using Google Maps?

Google offers arguably the best navigation service in the world via its profound application Maps. Many have tried to mimic the success of Maps, but nothing comes close to this incredible app. It is literary transformed the entire navigation system from physical maps to digital navigation systems. Nowadays, giant cab services like Uber, Ola, Reddit, and many more solely rely on Google Maps to provide their services.

When it comes to common people, everybody who is travelling via roads use Google Maps. Business houses, Retail Stores, Restaurants, and almost every form of the business entity have registered themselves to Google so that their business name appears on Maps. So, in this article, we will discuss some of the efficient ways to use this incredible service more efficiently.

Seamless voice commands to navigate

Google Maps comes with a dedicated Voice Search option. So, if you are unsure how to spell out a location by typing them, using this feature can make your navigation experience effortless. All you need to do is to open up Google Maps, find the voice search, and tap on it. Then simply utter the phrase "navigate pizza hut."

Within seconds, Maps will display all the nearest Pizza Hut stores around you. You can then choose the desired one and ask the app to find the best route either on a private vehicle or using public transit. Voice search option not only saves time but also eliminates the chances of any confusion in finding an exact location.

Find nearby places with ease

Now once we know how to do voice searching using Google Maps, it is time we evolve ourselves a bit further. Sometimes, we are not sure of the place we want to go. Suppose you are in a motel and feeling hungry but not sure what is the best place to grab a snack.

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So, open the voice search option and utter "find nearby restaurants." Within seconds, Google Maps will come up with a list of nearby restaurants that you can go to. Along with that, you can check out the ratings and reviews of the customers and then decide where you want to go.

Built-in “Start Driving” feature

This is yet another useful feature the Google Maps is offering. While you are on a bike or a car, you can use Maps as your live navigation assistance, along with the traffic updates. Meaning, the app will find the best route for you, where the traffic level is minimal.

Now, to do that, open Google Assistant and utter the command "Ok Google, Start Driving." Soon, you will see Maps will open, and the voice assistant will ask you to set the destination. Open the voice search and say, "Ok Google, navigate to pizza hut." In a matter of seconds, the app will set a course for the nearest pizza hut.

Additionally, you can add any location on your on-going route as a stop. In that case, from the direction page menu, select "Add Stop." Then you can add as much as stops you want before you reach your final destination.

Advanced suggestion option

One of the best features of you carrying your phone and use Google Maps is the fact that it remembers all the places you went previously. So, if there comes a time when you forget where you went, suppose a night club or a restaurant, you can retrieve that information using Google Maps.

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There is a specific option on the main screen of the application if you swipe left, called ‘Your timeline.’; Using the option, you can quickly check out where on a particular date or a trip you have visited previously. It has all the data stored unless you delete them manually.

Label Location feature

We can rely on Google Maps for our everyday navigation as well. If there are multiple places that you go on a regular basis, then we suggest you use the marking or the Labelling feature of Maps. The idea is to mark all the places that you visit frequently and ask Google Assistance to navigate you promptly in each location.

It is simple to do, as well. Find the option "Your Places." Then add every address that you frequently go and label them carefully. Now, suppose you are in your home and want Google Maps to navigate you while you are going to your workplace. Simply open Google Assistance and say, "Ok Google, Navigate to workplace." The app will display the best route that consists of a minimum traffic level.

The Conclusion

Google has been a pinnacle service provider when it comes to accepting the global technological transition. With the app Maps, they have revolutionized the entire navigation system to a digital platform. That is why we choose to let the laymen understand the use of this incredible technology.

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