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How to block someone on Reddit

The good news is that Reddit provided its users with a block feature in 2016. The unfortunate news: it is not just a block function, it’s a silent feature. In this post, we will break down the points to show how someone is blocked. People often wonder how to block someone on Reddit. The answer is simple.

How to block someone on Reddit

Now, follow the three easy steps to block a Reddit user.

  • Step 1: Go to your posts

If you are not in your Reddit accounts, go to and press “log in” in your browser window’s upper right corner. Type your password and username, and then press “Log in

how to block someone on reddit

To get to your post, press the small icon on the upper right corner of the page.

  • Step 2: Find the user you want to block. You can even search for the contact or any information.

Remember, only people who interact with you can be blocked. Scroll through your messages until the person you want to block gets identified by you. In other words recognize the person you want to block.

  • Step 3: Under your contact press “block consumer”

Underneath the message press the words ‘block consumer.’ More text will ask you, “you are certain?’Click ‘yes’ or ‘no’ there are two options for you there.

If you click “yes,” the user blocks the message and all other contacts you have had and it becomes immediately invisible to you, whether in your own private inbox or elsewhere. Hence Reddit confirms the block.

Process of blocking someone on Reddit.

You can easily block the user using the Reddit application on Android or iPhone with the following steps:

  • Open your Android and iOS Reddit app (iPhone / iPad).
  • If you have not signed in, sign into your account.
  • At the bottom right corner of the form, press the Message button.
  • The Inbox will show up now. The person who annoys you with messages or comments will be found here.
  • Press the three-dot app notification icon in the top right corner.
  • Press User Block now.
  • Again tap on the Block User to confirm.
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All updates will be invisible to you from that particular person. You can search below method if you cannot find the person on your inbox:

  • Click on the “Quest” button on the Reddit homepage.
  • Find the username you want to block.
  • Click the “three dotted” icon on an individual profile.
  • Now pick the option “Block User.”
  • Continue to tap again on “Block Client.”

It is one of the ways to block the Reddit user.

Why does someone block Reddit website?

It is really easy to prevent anyone from replying to your post if you’re using Reddit on a Smartphone or laptop.

  • Open the tab and access the Reddit website on your machine.
  • If you have signed out, login to your account.
  • Switch the icon cursor and pick it.
  • Now, switch to user response and click on the User Block option to block the post.
  • Question of Reddit right away: “Are you certain? There will be two options. One is No and the other one is yes. Select yes now to block the app.

You can also search for a person you want to restrict and disable, as you do on the mobile app. You can also locate yourself. He won’t be able to comment on your posts. All this will happen by blocking an individual on Reddit. The person in question cannot tell you that too. If you like, you can unlock the one anytime. And you can easily block somebody on Reddit with the measures above mentioned.

Blocking an user on chat

Through blocking a chat user, the user would be blocked through the entire Reddit. To block a user, go to the chat settings screen that lists all chat members. You have the option of “profile view,” “article,” or “block” option and if you press the option then the user will no longer be able to disturb you anymore.

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Unwanted contact can be blocked

  • Any user that sends you messages, answers your comment or posts is liable of getting blocked for their unwanted communication. Hence, blocking is possible. It is achieved by showing the user’s message or by informing you of their response to the message in your reply / comment from your inbox.
  • Should you wish to hear no more from the user, then you can click on ‘Block’ below the message, but please first click on ‘Report’ if you want to report them to admits for violations of website rules, then you will also receive a request that asks you to block them.

The previous system of blocking

  • Reddit does not permit its users to blacklist people who did not communicate with them directly. Which means you cannot block them unless the person you choose to block has communicated with you in at least one of your messages.
  • No, you cannot stop anyone from seeing your Reddit messages. You can only prevent yourself from viewing their posts by blocking them. This means when you block them, they are not informed. They might keep communicating with your texts and calls. You would not have to see the questions, responses, comments, notes, or references of them.
  • Briefly, you won’t have to see any more users because you can’t resist blocking them. Therefore, you can always see blocked user posts inside the subreddit if you’re a Subreddit Admin or User. Your view is concealed from any posts outside.

To block a human, a Reddit user must simply click on the “Block User” button while viewing the response in their inbox from the user concerned. Once that is done, the consumer of Reddit does not see the person that they have just blocked and their posts, comments, or messages will not be available to them any longer. So, follow the above steps on how to block someone on Reddit to get rid of unwanted texts.

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